Tregolls School Nursery

"Children make a strong start to their education in the Nursery. Skilled leaders care and nurture children, as well as improving their vocabulary. Children from Nursery and Reception play together outside so children move seamlessly into Reception as they get older."

- Ofsted (2020)

 Our Nursery day consists of a balance between independent learning and adult led activities. Our learning is topic based and links to the EYFS . Children are encouraged to learn through play and exploration and to have fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

Tregolls Nursery is a purpose built pre-school for children aged 3 and 4 years old. We are situated within the main building of Tregolls School – An Academy, Chellew Road, Truro.

The Nursery is staffed by a fully qualified and caring team who are dedicated and very experienced at offering a high standard of Nursery provision

Nursery Places

We have some Nursery places available for this Spring Term and are starting enrolling children for Nursery places after Easter.

The Government has introduced up to 30 HOURS FREE NURSERY EDUCATION for families who are entitled and ALL 3 AND 4 YEAR OLD CHILDREN WILL STILL RECEIVE 15 HOURS FREE
If you know somebody that may be interested in a Nursery place for their child, or you would like more information about the 30 hours entitlement, please talk to a member of Staff or phone school to arrange a visit Tel: 01872 274020

Can we take this chance to remind everyone that the Nursery sessions start at 8.45a.m and finish at 11.45a.m.
Children are entitled to 15 hours free Nursery education i.e 5 sessions
Children may also stay for packed lunch (at a cost of £2) and afternoon wrap-around care (at a cost of £10)
Morning Session 8.45a.m– 11.45a.m
Lunch 11.45a.m–12.45p.m
Afternoon nursery/ wrap-around care 12.45p.m-3.15p.m

Stay and Play

Stay and Play sessions are open to all children age birth-4 years old. They take place in the Nursery room and are FREE OF CHARGE! These sessions offer the perfect opportunity to play alongside your child whilst also meeting other parents and carers. Just come along and join in the fun !

Sessions run from 1.30 – 3.00 every Monday and new families are always welcome.
Monday’s 1:30-3:00 during term time for all children up to 4.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design
Activities are planned to enable children to follow their interests and ideas and participate in a broad and balanced range of activities to develop their learning and understanding through their play.
Learning activities will include:

  • Re-telling and sequencing stories. Talking about characters. Predicting what will happen next and how a story might end
  • Dressing up and acting out stories
  • Counting, matching and solving problems
  • Recognise and begin to write numbers
  • Learning how to share take turns and cooperate with other people
  • Promoting independence in self care skills
  • Writing names
  • RWI daily reading and phonic sessions
  • Cooking and learning food preparation skills – chopping, mixing, grating, mashing
  • Craft activities using problem solving skills and joining techniques
  • Exploring different textured materials
  • Printing, painting, drawing and making collage pictures
  • Singing Nursery rhymes and songs and using musical instruments
  • Exploring and investigating different construction materials, tools and equipment
  • Making up story dances and responding to music
To help children access the outdoor area more easily, we are asking for your support in helping to make all children independent in being able to put on their own coat, taking off their shoes and changing into their wellington boots, then putting their own shoes back on again. It would be fantastic if all children could be independent in these self care skills.

Home Focus

*Sing traditional nursery rhymes and share stories together.

*Encourage children to join in with key words and phrases from traditional stories.Talk about the characters. Encourage children to predict what might happen next and how the story will end

We hope you find this information useful in supporting your child’s learning.

Thanks again to all our brilliant parents and carers for your support. It really makes a difference to the children when you are involved in their learning.

We hope to arrange lots of opportunities for grown ups to join in our activities this term. Watch this space for information.

Learning Journeys

Whilst at Nursery, children’s progress and assessment will be recorded in an E-format Learning Journey called ‘Tapestry’ . This can be accessed on line by providing school with an e-mail address and then using a log on password. These assessments take the form of photographs, observational notes and assessments and make a comprehensive and lovely record of your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ in the Foundation Stage
If you have difficulty logging on to your child’s Learning Journey, please speak to a member of the team.

Community and Parental Involvement

Our local community is important to us and we welcome guests and visitors into Early Years to enhance our learning. We love them to help us with creative projects, watch our performances and help to eat the tasty food we have prepared!

We work closely with parents and encourage parents to come into school through transition meetings, open afternoons and family learning sessions. Parents are always welcome to make individual appointments with teachers after school. We encourage parents to come and share in their child’s learning

Wow Days!

For our WOW DAY for this term we will be dressing up as story characters and sharing stories together.
Watch out for all those ‘Big Bad Wolves’ , ‘Little Pigs’ and ‘Goldilocks’!

Last half term we had fantastic fun being ‘Puddle Detectives’ and finding lots of different puddles to splash in around our school playgrounds!

Previous ‘WOW DAYS’ have been lots of fun too!

We have also dressed up as pirates “Ahoy There!”. Captain Big Beard and the crew of The Good Ship Scallywag had lots of fun playing pirate games!

We also had fantastic time on our ‘Wow Day’ riding our bikes, scooters and wheeled toys around the ‘road’ on the big playground ! There were lots of traffic lights to stop at and roundabouts to negotiate! Some excellent driving skills displayed by all!

The children really enjoyed making and eating their own pizzas and it was lovely to see all the Grown Ups who came to join us.

We enjoyed animal face painting and dressing up! There were lots of lions and tigers in Nursery that day!

Our Newquay Zoo trip was wet but great fun! Everyone loved the monkeys!

The ‘Tregolls Nursery Clothes Shop’ sold some really lovely clothes which we enjoyed trying on!

We visited Malpas Park to explore a water environment and feed the ducks!

Here are some of our ‘Wow Day!’ photos for you to enjoy.