Tamar Class (Yr 4/5)

Welcome to Tamar class. This year Mrs Hatch will be teaching your children – a mixed year 4 and 5 class. Mrs Hatch and Mrs Wilkes (our fantastic TA) are really excited to start the new year and provide the children with lots of exciting learning.

See below our welcome letter and long term plan for this autumn and curriculum overview. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Heather Hatch

Tamar class have started the year with lots of exciting learning. In the Autumn term, pupils completed a project knowing why castles were built and why they are not built any more! The pupils learned all the important “parts” of a castle- ramparts, turrets and portcullis.. then they worked as teams to built their own- look at our fantastic pictures.
In the Spring term, our new project is “Is there anybody out there?” This is a science-based project, learning about the solar system, forces and lots more!

Tamar class have had a busy week. They have found clues of a fiery visitor- smoldering leaves and chicken bones in the playground! They then went on to practice their powers of persuasion by trying to recruit dragon catchers.

In science pupils got messy when they tried to separate materials: raisins and flour, paper clips and rice and salt and water. Trickier than it seems. See our pictures of all our exciting learning.

Class meet King Arthur…

Tamar class have had an amazing week this week. On Monday we had a visit from none other than King Arthur himself! This kicked off our launch of our project- “Could you remove the sword from the stone?”

King Arthur told us of the legend of him and his Knights of the Round Table, Camelot and much more.

We learned about how he became king of the Britons by being able to remove the sword from the stone and of his trusted friend Merlin. But is it fact or fiction? Many historians but it has been suggested that the real-life “Arthur” may have been a warrior/officer of Roman affiliation who led a British military force against incoming Saxon forces during the 5th to 6th centuries A.D. A Celtic monk Gildas wrote of the Saxon invasion in his work The Ruin and Conquest of Britain, citing the conflict at Badon Hills – however no “Arthur” was mentioned- so the mystery remains.

Pupils, who were dressed up for the day, listened to stories, learned about the importance of knights, played a medieval game with mythical creatures and went on a treasure hunt to find out more stories of mystery from Cornwall.

On Tuesday, Tamar visited Tintagel Castle- what an amazing trip- we learned more about Arthur but also how this castle was built (over many centuries) and ideas about why it was destroyed. We saw Merlin’s cave and walked (carefully) over the new footbridge, which took us over the water.

Monday 9th September 2019
Welcome to Tamar class

Dear parents and carers,

It has been wonderful to meet the children this term after, we hope, a restful break. We look forward to an exciting year ahead. Please see details of the autumn term curriculum (see back of this page too)

Project learning
Our new project is based on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Our essential question is “Could you remove the sword from the stone?” This exciting project will be linked to English, art, science and dance. We are planning to go to Tintagel castle on September 17th –details to follow shortly.

This term will focus on comparing and grouping materials and working scientifically.

This term Truro class will be learning invasion games, including football and hockey. Please provide your child with a named PE kit to keep in school. PE will be on Wednesdays. MFL This term pupils will be continuing to speak and listen in French.

English and Maths
English will be linked to project, writing a version of King Arthur’s legend and poetry and non-fiction. Maths will include relative sizes of number, comparing and place value.

RE and music
As detailed overleaf, music will be focused on singing and RE includes Christianity and the role of the church. We will visit the local Baptist church and possibly Truro cathedral.

Hoother subjects 
Spellings are also handed out on Fridays for the following Friday’s test. Homelearning will be set on Thursdays to be handed in on Mondays.

Open door policy
At Tregolls we operate an open door policy. We would like to hear about any issues or concerns you might have about your child as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to talk to me or Ms. Wilkes, Mr. Watkins or Mrs. Jeffries. If we cannot speak to you for any reason on the day, we will phone you in the evening. Our ultimate aim in Tamar Class is for your child to enjoy coming to school and to develop a love of learning.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Heather Hatch and Mrs Wilkes (TA) Telephone: 01872 274020