Sports News - Badminton fun

20th October 2019
Year 5 and 6 children enjoyed an afternoon of Badminton skills organised by the fantastic Sports Leaders at Richard Lander School.

Here are some of the things our children wrote about their experiences.

Tegan Wright – When we went to Richard Lander School I really enjoyed the tennis rounders and especially balancing the shuttlecock on the racket. I really think I improved actually getting the shuttlecock high in the air, by hitting it. The leaders were very kind and helpful. Thank you Mrs Butterly

Lacey Bolton – I really enjoyed all the different activities, especially the one with a target to hit the shuttlecock into the basket ball hoop. I got better at playing badminton and having control over the shuttlecock. Also I improved my balancing the racket and the shuttlecock. I liked all the leaders because they were very friendly and good at helping us improve our sports skills.

Alisha Broughton – Lets start at the beginning….it was fun, we had to wear our PE kit. We went to Richard Lander and we sat in lines then went to our first activity. It was throwing a shuttlecock into a tub that had a hoola hoop around it. It was amazing we got 50 points in 10 minutes. The last activity we got to choose playing a badminton game or rounders. I did rounders.

Ruan Mugford – The tennis rounders was exciting and the movement around the hoops with the rackets was fun. I think I improved hitting the shuttlecock and my confidence in badminton. The leaders were fun and friendly!

Tori -Ann Hagan- I enjoyed the activity of balancing the shuttlecock on the racket. The tennis rounders was really fun. I definitely improved my racket skills. The challenge was getting in the right place to hit the shuttlecock. I would like to play badminton again. It was fun working as a team to hit the shuttlecock into the right place.