Helford class have been investigating light and dark this week- shadows, different materials and facts about the sun and how to stay safe in he sun and in the dark

Science with Helford class

Helford are finding out about plants this term- we dissected Lillies and identified the different parts. Some tricky science vocabulary was learned – stigma, stamen and ovary.

Science Club

Helford learn about the earth’s structure

Today Helford learned about how the earth is structured- we learned about Metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks how how these are formed. See our pictures of us working together to make mini-earths which we then sliced and labeled with the layers.

Helford Class investigate how plants grow at Penair School.

Helford class were lucky to take a trip to Penair and take part in an investigation about what plants need to stay healthy and grow. The pupils knew that plants needed water, light and nutrients- however, they found out that they also need CO2 and give out Oxygen. Pupils (with the help of Mr Brown) set up an experiment that involved a pond plant, water, sodium hydroxide, and a funnel and they set about counting the oxygen bubbles. This was tricky as there were so many to count! Thank you to Penair and our parent-helpers that came along to support our pupils.