Rules and Policies


Our Equality Objectives


  • To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through all appropriate curricular and extra-curricular opportunities .  We aim to meet this objective with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity.
  • to achieve equality of attainment for all pupils regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability or economic status
  • To reduce prejudice and increase understanding of equality through direct teaching across the curriculum; embedded throughout the school with our one word school rule of respect.
  • To move beyond deterministic notions of fixed ability and to model teaching and learning behaviours that avoid labelling.
  • To narrow the gap between disadvantaged and non disadvantage attainment and progress from nursery to yr 6
  • To promote cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experience, both in and beyond the school.
  • To eradicate prejudice related bullying in relation to the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010.
  • To tackle prejudice and promote understanding in relation to people with disabilities.

Complaints Procedure – summary

The procedure for dealing with complaints is as follows:

  • Complaints should be dealt with by the class teacher in the first instant.
  • If you feel the matter needs looking into further please arrange an appointment with Mrs Jeffries or Mrs Gibson
  • All serious complaints must be reported to the Headteacher.
  • If you feel the Headteacher has not satisfactorily dealt with the situation you should contact the Chair of Governors.
All contact details can be found on the contact us page

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Safeguarding Policies
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