School Sports Crew!

Introducing our School Sports Crew

Mawgan - My name is Mawgan and I do a lot of gymnastics outside of school. I am in the Sports Crew because I want to make PE and school sport even better!

Jacob – I am a representative for my class because I want to encourage more people in my class to do sport, especially skipping and scooting at lunchtimes.

Izzy – I want to help my school and class to have fun getting fitter.

Michael – I want to get our Year 1 classes to play more games and be more active.

Isobel – I want to help my friends be happy and active and able to run around at lunch time!

Lucy – I enjoy playing football outside of school for a team. I never used to like sport much but now I do and I want to encourage my class to be more active and keep fit and healthy.

Sophia – I enjoy my PE lessons and being active and also to help my friends.

Elissia – I am a representative for my class so that I can give good ideas I enjoy PE and I want my friends to enjoy sports and being active too.

Olivia - Hi I am Olivia and I am a Sports representative because I would like Tregolls to get even better at sports and help every child be active and achieve what they want to be.