Tregolls School Nursery

"Children make a strong start to their education in the Nursery. Skilled leaders care and nurture children, as well as improving their vocabulary. Children from Nursery and Reception play together outside so children move seamlessly into Reception as they get older." - Ofsted (2019)

Welcome to Tregolls Nursery – Carnon Class!


Tregolls Nursery is a pre-school for children aged 3 and 4 years old. We are situated within the main building of Tregolls School – An Academy, Chellew Road, Truro.

The Nursery is staffed by a fully qualified and caring team who are dedicated and very experienced at offering a high standard of Nursery provision.  




If you would like to find out more about our Nursery and request a place for your child, please phone school where a member of our Nursery Team will be happy to talk to you and arrange a prelim visit: 01872 274020.

Alternatively you can e-mail us at school and a member of our Team will contact you:


All 3 and 4 year old children are entitled to 15 hours free Nursery education i.e 5 sessions per week


This can be taken as morning only sessions or all day sessions or a combination of both, depending on place availability. Children may also stay for packed lunch (at a cost of £2) and add extra sessions.


Each additional session costs £10

Morning Session: 8.45a.m - 11.45a.m

Lunch: 11.45a.m - 12.45p.m

Afternoon Session: 12.45p.m - 3.15p.m (Limited places)


Some children are also entitled to up to 30 hours free Nursery provision if parents work more than 16 hours per week. You can check your eligibility for this by going to: or by googling ’30 hour nursery funding’. If you are unsure about any of this please phone school and speak to a member of staff.




Carnon Nursery Class is a valued part of the ‘Tregolls Family’ and so we ask our children to wear the school uniform polo shirt and jumper when they come to school. Children may wear their own choice of trousers, skirt, leggings, joggers etc.

‘Black school shoes’ are not necessary, just suitable shoes, trainers or boots but we please ask for velcro fastening shoes and no laces so that children can change their shoes independently.




The Nursery follows a ‘Creative Curriculum’ alongside the rest of the school.

Children will be encouraged to take part in a range of activities to promote learning in the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. These are:


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Activities are planned to enable children to follow their interests and ideas and to participate in a broad and balanced range of activities linked to the EYFS curriculum. Children are encouraged to develop their learning and understanding through their play and to have fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

Whilst at Nursery children can expect to experience: 


  • Settling in, learning routines and expectations
  • Learning how to share, take turns and cooperate with other people
  • Promote independence in self-care skills like putting on shoes/boots, aprons and washing hands
  • Making new friends
  • Recognising our own names
  • Learning phonic sounds
  • Playing imaginative games, talking to others and making up stories whilst playing
  • Sharing photos of ourselves, our families and friends
  • Sharing stories, songs, rhymes and poems
  • Counting, sorting and recognising shapes and written numbers
  • Enjoying music, musical instruments, dance, yoga, physical movement and games.
  • Painting, drawing, printing, collage and clay
  • Exploring malleable materials and ‘messy play’
  • Using a variety of construction materials and tools
  • Exploring and investigating sand and water using different tools and equipment
  • Learning to use ICT equipment
  • Exploring the outside environment and learning about the natural world
  • Physical activity with large and small apparatus including bikes, scooters, tyres, sliding, and climbing
  • 'Forest School’ activities


Whilst at Nursery, children’s progress and assessments will be recorded in an E format Learning Journey called ‘Tapestry’. This can be accessed on-line by providing school with and e-mail address and then using a log on password. These assessments take the form of photographs, observational notes and assessments and make a comprehensive and lovely record of children’s ‘Learning Journey’ in the Foundation Stage.




Within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) an important emphasis is placed on outside learning. Children will need to have a coat with them every day and will also need to have a pair of wellington boots which can be left on the boot trolley.  Please put names in coats, boots and all items of clothing and personal belongings.

Please also ensure that your child has a drink with them and is dressed appropriately for the weather. If you are buying new shoes for your child, please buy ones with velcro fastenings as this enables your child to change their shoes independently. 




Children are provided with a fruit snack and drink of milk or water every day.

All children can bring in a named water bottle for use during the session which can be taken home to be washed and refilled ready for the next day.




It would be appreciated if all children could bring in a spare set of clothes just in case of accidents. These can be kept in their school bags in the cloakroom. Please ensure that you wash and return any borrowed clothes.




At Tregolls, we place huge importance on reading and sharing stories with children. Evidence proves that children who are read to and share story time with an adult go on to make better attainment and progress in their literacy skills. With this in mind we ask you to support your child in their early literacy development and choose a story book every day to take home and share together. Every child will be given a book bag and reading record and story books are available to borrow from the book boxes in class.




You can now follow what is happening in Nursery on our new Facebook page where there are lots of great photos and updates about our Nursery adventures!




We operate an open door policy at Tregolls. Please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the Nursery Team if you have any problems, issues or concerns. We appreciate your support and input in your child’s early education and building up good communication links is crucial for combined success.



Our ultimate aim in Carnon Nursery Class is for your child to play, learn, have fun and achieve more than their potential!