How sponsorship works

Sponsors make a huge contribution to academies, bringing drive, expertise and capacity as well as experience from a wide variety of backgrounds and sectors.

A good sponsor can play a pivotal role in turning round and improving the life chances of children in a community.

Sponsors come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some are existing academies, independent schools, grammar schools, businesses, educationalists or Further Education Institutions.

All bring a record of success either in education or other enterprises and a diverse range of experience and expertise. What unites them is a passion for educational excellence and opportunity and capacity to bring it about.

Sponsors are held accountable for improving the performance of the school. They do this by working with the local community, parents, staff and children to ensure the school meets their needs.

The sponsor’s vision and leadership are vital. They will support parents and staff to improve all aspects of how the school is run, encouraging higher standards and increased aspirations.

The sponsor will also offer ongoing support to Tregolls through the services of their own staff. Responsibility for tasks other than teaching and learning will in most cases be managed by Penair, under the direction of the Governing Body.

This will enable the school to focus on improving the educational experience for the children.