About Tregolls

Tregolls School – an Academy is a large primary school in Truro, Cornwall.

The Academy replaced Tregolls School on September 1st 2012 and has capacity for 450 pupils from nursery up to year 6 ages 3-11.

The school also includes an Area Resource Base, which provides 10 places commissioned by Cornwall Council, for children with severe and profound multiple learning difficulties. As a result of the ARB we have full disabled access throughout the school, ensuring that pupils can arrive at school and engage with mainstream learning where cognitively possible.

We encourage all children to fulfill their potential and promote awareness and equality through a genuine child led primary curriculum. It is important to us that we prepare the children for the demands of the 21st Century by learning how to learn through enterprise. Underpinning our curriculum is the 6 Rs, we teach the children daily how to be ‘Resilient, Responsible, Resourceful, Ready, Reflective and how to build successful Relationships’.

Every child has the right to be challenged and stretched to their maximum capability to achieve. We do this by not putting any of our children into groups and using a star system to differentiate the learning opportunities to allow every child in every lesson to reach their full potential. Following the teacher’s input, every child decides on the level of challenge to move their learning forward. It raises self-esteem and challenges every child within every activity. .

Mrs Lara Jeffries