School Development Plans

School development is crucial to ensure continuous improvement at Tregolls Academy. The school is on a continuous school improvement journey and we are really flying now; just visit the performance page. However, we are not where we want to be and we use several sources to support our school improvement cycle. We analyse performance information in depth to find areas of weakness, listen to our childrens’ views and that of parents and are challenged effectively by our Governing body (see governor section of the website for governor challenge).

2017/18 Governor Action Plan

Governor Strategic Action Plan 2017_18

Tregolls School Governors Self Evaluation 2017

2017/18 School Development Plan

Tregolls School Development Plan 2017_18V1

2016/17 School Development Plan

sdp2016_17v2 sdp2016_17v4

2015/16 School Development Plan


2014/15 School Development Plan


2013/14 School Development Plan


We also have a raising attainment plan for Maths and English. This plan is designed to focus on purely raising standards for Maths and English.


2017/18 Maths and English Raising Attainment Plan

Tregolls Raising AttainmentPlanDraftV4

2016/17 Maths and English Raising Attainment Plan


2015/16 Maths and English Raising Attainment Plan

Tregolls Raising Attainment Plan2015_16Draft2

2014/15 Maths and English Raising Attainment Plan

Tregolls Raising Attainment Plan-2014-15

2013/14 Maths and English Raising Attainment Plan

Tregolls Raising Attainment Plan-2013_14

We ensure that our action plans happen through termly time lines.

2017/18 Time lines

AutTimeline 2017

Spring Term Time Line 2018

Summer Term Time Line 2018

2016/17 Time Lines




2015/16 Time Lines

Aut Timeline 2015

Spring Timeline 2016

Summer Timeline 2016

2014/15 Time lines

Autumn 2014 Time Line

Spring Timeline 2015

Summer Timeline 2015

2013/14 Time lines

Time line Aut 2013

Spr Timeline 2013_14

Summer Term Time Line 2014

This happens through forensic monitoring of identified areas for development within all of the strategic action plans.

Monitoring Schedule

Monitoring Scheduleaut_spr17_18

Monitoring Schedule summer17_18


Monitoring Schedule summer16_17