Rules and Policies

School is required by law to have a number of policies and procedures to ensure the safe operation of the school. All policies are approved by the Governing Body and reviewed regularly.
They include:

    • Admissions Policy
    • Special Educational Needs Policy
    • Behaviour Policy
    • Complaints Policy
  • Freedom of Information Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Sex Education Policy
  • Charging and remissions Policy
  • Accessibility Plan
  • Home – School Agreement
  • Equality policy and objectives
  • Staff discipline, conduct and grievance (procedures for addressing
  • School Uniform Policy
  • Off Site Procedures Non-negotiables 

Copies can be obtained from school reception.

Equality Statement

Tregolls School is committed to its Public Sector Equality duties and will endeavour to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and other conduct prohibited by the Act.
  • Advance equality of opportunity between all people, regardless of Disability, Sex (gender), Race (ethnicity), Pregnancy and Maternity, Religion and Belief, Sexual Orientation, Transgender, Age or Marriage and Civil Partnership.
  • Foster good relations between all people, as above.

Public Sector Equality Duty Objectives 2017/18

  • To increase understanding of religious groups and beliefs by July 2018 through all appropriate curricular opportunities, with particular reference to current issues surrounding radicalisation and terrorism.
  • To promote cultural development and wider understanding of the world through a rich range of experiences both in and beyond the school (July 2018).
  • To narrow the gap between pupils eligible for free school meals, particularly in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of key stage 1 (July 2018).
  • To ensure that pupils who are deemed to be disadvantaged are able to participate fully in all provision, including wider opportunities made by the school. As a result they are not hindered by being deemed to being disadvantaged (July 2018).
  • To continually consider how well the school ensures equality of opportunities for all its pupils, including pupils from the area resource base (July 2018).

July 2017 targets have been met and the Governing body have now set new targets.

Complaints Procedure – summary

The procedure for dealing with complaints is as follows:

  • Complaints should be dealt with by the class teacher in the first instant.
  • If you feel the matter needs looking into further please arrange an appointment with Mrs Hutchinson, Mrs Gibson, Mrs Plechowicz or Mr Watkins.
  • All serious complaints must be reported to the Headteacher.
  • If you feel the Headteacher has not satisfactorily dealt with the situation you should contact the Chair of Governors.

All contact details can be found on the contact us page


Compliance Policies

Register of Business Interest

Energy Policy

Eco Policy

Business Continuity Plan

Public Sector Equality Duty Statement

Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy

Accessibility Plan (1)

Accessibility Plan (2)


Safeguarding Policies

Safeguarding Policy

Behaviour Policy 2018 2019

Whistleblowing Policy

SEN Policy

Head Injury Policy

First Aid Policy

Contractors on Site Policy

Complaints Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Adult Helpers – Visitors Policy

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy

Sex and Relationship Policy

Esafety Policy

Acceptable Use policy

Prevent Strategy

Data Protection Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Working Alone Policy

Radicalisation Statement

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Bomb Threat Checklist

Social Networking Policy

Grievance Policy


Teaching and Learning Policies

Behaviour Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Attendance Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Curriculum Policy

Charging and Remission Policy

Home Learning Policy

Marking Policy

Geography Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

Calculation Policy

Computing Policy

Outdoor Education Policy

Literacy Policy

Moreable Policy

RE Policy

Capability Policy



Managing Allegations against another Pupil

Moving and Handling Policy

School Closures in Emergencies

Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy Appendix 1 – Tregolls Designated Area

Premises Management Policy

Code of Conduct Governors

Code of Conduct Staff

Children in Care Policy

Uniform Policy

Term Time Absence Policy

Funding Agreement

Finance Policy

LGPS Employer Discretion’s Policy

Memorandum and Articles of Association

British Values

Staff Sickness Policy

Pay Policy

Staff Handbook

Staff Redundancy Policy