Truro (2015/16)

Authentic outcome- Could you be an inventor?

Truro class received a special visitor, Will from Durham University who came in to talk to us about his bikes. Will is in charge of the University’s Bike Society and is an expert as well as a great racer!

He told us about what his bikes are made of, safety, speed and friction.

Will rounded off his visit by judging our bike inventions; In first place was Caspar who designed a fantastic wall-climbing bike; in second place was Kyla who invented a snowboarding bike and third Lexi who designed an inflatable bike for riding on water!

Prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Thank you goes to will for making our end of term and Authentic Outcome so special.

Seth demonstrating his light box- made at home with Grandad

Seth demonstrating his light box- made at home with Grandad

Lily measuring the length of a shadow

Lily measuring the length of a shadow

Science week

This week Truro class have been taking part in workshops and creating and planning exciting experiments. Their science learning this term has been light and shadows. Children found out that shadows are created when light is blocked by an opaque object- this also led to them defining the words opaque, translucent and transparent. The planned and conducted an investigation into how the length of shadows change depending on how close the light source an object is.

Seth also brought in his own Light Box (made with a shoe box, mirrors and lights inside) to show the class
Truro have also had fun making “Talking Telephones” to support their learning about inventors and inventing- following up from the workshop, children learned how sound travels via vibrations to your ear. They tested their creations outside to great success!

How sound travels

How sound travels


Truro rounded of the week by investigating bubbles- they blew, stacked and attempted to put one bubble inside another! They observed the colours of the spectrum, why bubbles fall and what is in a bubble! A very bubbly afternoon..

Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

Cables that lie under the sea bed

Cables that lie under the sea bed


Learning how to send messages using Morse Code

Learning how to send messages using Morse Code


finding out more about the invention of telepones

finding out more about the invention of telepones


telegraphy at Porthcurno

telegraphy at Porthcurno

Crazy inventors!

Crazy inventors!


Truro Class Launch days 20-21st April
On Monday, Truro class took a trip to the Telegraph museum in Porthcurno to discover how cable was developed to improve communication across the world. We enjoyed looking at the exhibits and dressing up as people who would have worked in the Telegraph Rooms during the war. We made circuits and sent messages using Morse Code! A great day.
Our project “could you be an inventor?” was kicked off when we dressed up as crazy inventors for the day (see picture) We took everyday objects and researched when and how they were invented- we made a fantastic exhibition stand to showcase our work. In the afternoon, we were challenged to invent an “egg transporter” outside…we took tubes, card board and plastic and used tools such as hand drills to create our machines! It was tricky but great fun!

a href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-6073″>Curriculum Map to Parents Truro summer 2016

Here is an overview of our project “Could you be an inventor”
summer project overview

Please take time to read our current welcome letter for the summer term in Truro class (see below)

summer 1 letter 2016

Authentic outcome – chocolate project!


Please see our photographs of our recent visit to Kernow Chocolate- St Eval where we enjoyed wonderful hot chocolate whilst Alex, the owner treated us to demonstrations and taste testing at a real chocolate factory! The children also had their chocolate designs judged by the real chocolatiers and won prizes- a fantastic end to our project learning- and well done to Seth, Sree and Macy for winning the competition!



Our lucky winners!

Our lucky winners!

wbd11wbd libraryworldIMG_0248

Creating the stretchy slime!

Creating the stretchy slime!

slimy chocholate
Truro class have had another exciting week of learning. This week pupils have been writing mystery stories, incorporating characters, alibis and Red Herrings!
Pupils enjoyed sharing and editing their stories so far to each other.
We have also been learning more about chocolate and children followed a special recipe (no eating!) to find out who could make the stretchiest slime. (See our messy pictures)
See our pictures from World Book Day. (Tregolls dressed up to honour Roald Dahl.) Truro Class took a trip to the library to discover a new character that wasn’t included in the original story of Charlie and the Chocolate factory- this inspired us to create our own “new character” that could have visited the famous factory! We also “book reviewed” Charlie! Come and see our display outside Truro class.
On Friday we were inspired by Andy Warhol to create our own art based on chocolate wrappers – pupils became pop-artists.


Monday 25th January

Please see below to catch up on what Truro class have been up to in the last couple of weeks…

Our busy two weeks was  rounded off with an open afternoon at the school. Parents came in to help make foil butterflies to add to our rainforest – they had fun sticking and cutting all afternoon! Our display is really coming on now! See more about our exciting learning and trips that pupils have been taking part in…


Having fun with paint and glue!







Setting up an investigation to answer questions about chocolate
























Where is Central America?


Launch day- finding out more!

25th January 2016

Truro class have had a very busy couple of weeks.  Our launch day of “Chocolate” saw a visit from an Oompa Lumpa and (Mrs) Willy Wonka! Pupils were asked “What do you already know?” and later planned their own scientific investigation with questions like: “If chocolate smelt of onion would you still like it?” and “Why don’t manufacturers make green chocolate?” Children enjoyed being testers and tasters and came up with some surprising results! Pupils went on to make tropical birds from recycled chocolate wrappers to decorate our Rainforest area- which is growing by the day!

On Monday 18th January, pupils took a trip to Tesco’s in Truro to take part in a food trial to find out more about fruit and vegetables and chocolate. Richard from Tesco’s challenged pupils to find fruits and veg of all colours and suggested ways vegetables to make them delicious and nutritious! Children found out what kinds of products contained cocoa- and there were some surprises! Tyler found a candle that contained cocoa (no eating though!)  Pupils rounded off their visit with a trip “back-stage” to see if they could tell the difference between own brand (Tesco) chocolate and Cadburys- most children preferred Cadburys! (So did the adults!)


Lexi in the largest greenhouse in the world!

On Wednesday 20th January Truro were off on their travels again to the Eden project to find out more about the rainforest and chocolate. Pupils were able to explore and find out how chocolate is grown and made into bars, more about fairtrade and how different plants are used for houses and medicine. A fantastic day was had bpalnty all.


Hannah and Lexi checking out the shelters!











Can you tell the difference between Cadburys and Tesco own brand?


Just about to go in the freezer!




On Monday



Monday 4th January 2016

Dear Parents and carers,

Please find attached our letter to welcome you back after the Christmas and New Year break; hoping you have had a restful and fun time with your families. Please see below our project overview and bubble map that outlines all of the exciting learning that pupils will be doing this term. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Truro class team.

Curriculum Map to Parents Truro Spring 2016Project Overview Truro Class spring 2016Project Map Truro Class 2016 springSpring 2016 letter



Truro Class- Pop up Museum Monday 20th November

On Monday, Truro class hosted a pop up museum at the Inner Tide Café in Truro- we joined forces with Cober class who shared their learning on the Egyptians.

This exciting end to our learning on the Stone Age to Iron Age gave the children an opportunity to become Tour Guides  and show off their amazing work completed over the last few months.   As you can see from our pictures, pupils exhibited their artwork, writing and DT- they have worked so hard to produce some stunning outcomes for which they should be very proud.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Inner Tide café for letting us use their beautiful gallery space to showcase our work!



 Our galleryIMG_0078

A busy gallery!

A busy gallery!












Truro Class -Pop up Museum
Balance in gymnastics




























Finding fractions using smarties



presenting research using a clear voice!


Soil investigation


What have Truro class been learning this week?

Another exciting week in Truro class.  Pupils were introduced to Otzi the Iceman.  He was an ancient man found mummified in the Austrian Alps.   Pupils have been asking and answering questions, making posters and presenting their findings… this will lead to writing an Information leaflet about our mysterious mummy which they will present in our Pop Up museum next month.

Pupils have been organising an investigation in Science to find out more about soils…they set up their enquiry, found out about fair testing and why water permeable soil is a factor in flooding…

On Friday during Discovery Maths, pupils found fractions of Smarties.  They were able to simplify their fractions by the end of the sessions- tasty learning…!

We finished the week with a gymnastics session in the hall, learning about balance and travelling- harder than it looks!




Investigation the Fougou- a mysterious underground cave!


Sketching the ancient village


Enjoying the beautiful surroundings in Chysauster




IMG_0004 (2)

Truro Class class trip to Chysauster Iron Age village

Truro Class experienced a great day visiting Chysauster nr Nancledra last week. Pupils have been studying Stone Age to Iron Age in Project learning this term and this was a great opportunity for them to experience a “Primary Source” to discover how people lived 4000 years ago.   Pupils were able to find the special features of the houses, one of the first streets in the UK! They found: water channels, secret rooms and ancient hearths.  They were able to go back to class and use their learning to write recounts, sketch and write explanation texts.  Project Overview Truro Class

Project bubble map





autumn letter truro

autumn term 2015 overview

Dear Parents and carers

Welcome back to school  and to our new members of new Truro Class- we are really excited to be starting our new term with lots of exciting things planned! Our Project (chosen by the children in the summer) will be “Stone Age to Iron Age” (details in our project map above!) Our classroom is already taking shape whilst the children have been away- pictures to follow very soon. Please take the time to read our welcome letter and curriculum overview for the Autumn term.