Truro Class (2017/18)

Truro class have been working hard over the last few weeks, making papier mache Viking helmets. On Friday Milly from Truro College came in to help us to draw and paint and sculpt Viking heads. A wonderfully busy day was had by all where we’ve drawn, painted and sculpted to our hearts content! See our pictures below.



Truro Class go Viking!

Truro class received a very special visitor on Friday- Radnar the Viking! Pupils dressed up as Vikings for the day and enjoyed taking part in activities led by Radnar. We began the day in the hall, learning more about when the Vikings first came to Britain. We learned how they fought battles against the Anglo-Saxons at the Battle of  Stamford Bridge.

The first Viking who tried to seize the crown and invade England was Harald Hardrada of Norway.

Harald Hardrada and Tostig landed with a massive army of over 8,000 Norwegians in the North of England. They took York and declared Harald Hardrada King of England.

On hearing of the Viking (Norse) invasion, Harold Godwinson quickly gathered what men he could and marched 187 miles north to face him. They marched 37 – 45 miles a day, going as fast as they could and carrying their heavy kit with them.

The two armies met at Stamford Bridge, just outside York, on 25 September 1066. It was a bloody battle and one in which Harold’s army (the Saxons) broke through the Viking invaders front line to go on and win the battle.

Pupils went on the re-enact scenes from this battle. Then they had great fun making a Viking Longboat (see our pictures).

Back in the classroom, Truro class learned a new game “Nine Maidens” – a strategy game played by Viking warriors. Pupils then went on to crack a code using Runes, found out about Viking words and identified the parts of a longship.

After lunch we went outside to use shields as a wall and were under attack from the teacher! The day ended with a quiz about what they learned. A fantastic start to our project learning! 


Truro Class Summer term 2018


Dear Parents and carers,


Welcome back to Truro class. We hope you have had a great Easter break.


Our new project big question is: “Why did the Vikings invade?” This exciting project will discover when and how the Vikings came to Britain.  We will study their culture and beliefs, create art and design a Viking long boat! Maths and English and of course History and Geography will be linked to project learning. Our trips and visitors will support our project learning.  In Science we will be learning about light and dark, followed by plants.  (Take a look at our curriculum map to find out more.)

RE: We will be learning about Christianity in Cornwall and Judaism..

MUSIC: Pupils will learn about creating simple scores, singing and performing.

MFL: Body parts, school and home and writing simple sentences.

PE:  This term Truro class will be focus on racquet skills and athletics. Please note that PE will now be on Monday afternoons- please ensure your child has their kit in school for that day.

Homelearning: We believe that an enjoyable, organised home learning programme helps children acquire the skills and self-motivation that will help pupils to become life-long, independent learners. In English and Maths the suggested time for homelearning 20 minutes each for English and Maths/project work. Homelearning will be given out on Thursdays to be handed in on Mondays. Please ensure you sign your child’s diary when they read at home.

At Tregolls we operate an open door policy. We would like to hear about any issues or concerns you may have with your child’s education as soon as possible so please do not hesitate to talk to me or to another member of the team.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Heather Hatch, Class teacher                          Telephone: 01872 274020




On Thursday, Truro class visited Kea School  (9 children stayed and performed for Mrs Warner’s class)and entertained the year 3 class with magic and magnets. The pupils have been busy honing their magic skills- including card tricks, magic coins and disappearing pennies! This was our final outcome to finish our project with the essential question being: “How real is magic?” We think we answered that question with a confident “It’s very real!”

After pupils performed their tricks they taught their audience their secrets. A fantastic afternoon was had by all- see our pictures of our brilliant outcome.



Truro Class enjoy their postponed World Book Day

Tregolls enjoyed a fantastic World Book Day, with different authors celebrated in different classes. Truro Class’s author was Beatrix Potter. We learned about her life, including details about her working on her farm. Beatrix was a shy girl and grew up looking after animals. She and her brother even had a pet lizard!

We celebrated the day by creating water colours of Peter Rabbit and making miniature fruit and vegetable baskets with coloured icing.  See our pictures below.



Truro has a creative textiles workshop and creative open afternoon.

Friday was an exciting day – Truro class were lucky enough to take part in a textile workshop at Penair school in the morning. Ms Cartmill, the Textiles teacher at Penair welcomed us to her sewing room. Children were tasked to design “magical” creatures and images to be part of  a banner that will be displayed at school.This links with our project learning “How real is magic?”  First they worked on their designs, then cut out templates. The tricky part was learning how to thread and stitch their designs on to material which will be sewn together to form the final design. They did a fantastic job and showed great resilience to complete their work.  We will return to Penair in a couple of weeks to complete the workshop.


Open Afternoon in Truro Class

On Friday, parents were invited to join the children for an open afternoon. As it is Chinese New Year, Truro class decided to make Chinese snakes – the challenge was to make the longest snake! As you can see from our photos, Evie was a clear winner…Everyone had a great time spending time in the classroom with their special visitors!




Truro class go scientific with Isaac Newton


Today Truro Class were honoured to receive a special visitor: Sir Isaac Newton. He came to our class to teach us more about forces, magnetism, light and much much more!  He told the children that he was once made to work on the family farm although he didn’t enjoy it. His stepfather was a cruel man. His mother was persuaded however to send the clever Isaac to Cambridge where he learned about science and mathematics – as he told us modestly- he was a brilliant scholar. His discoveries about forces,  gravity and the universe and light were amazing and Isaac was happy to show the class how he discovered how colours are “separated” in the spectrum and how forces act upon each other.

The children had a fantastic time making colour wheels; estimating weight and measuring in Newtons (named after our famous scientist); pupils discovered how gravity works on objects using Jenga; and made magnetic race tracks. Our day was rounded off with a demonstration as to how the forces of nature act upon our earth…see the pictures below.

Truro class visit the library for magic storytelling

Today Truro class went to the library to take part in a storytelling workshop. Heather, our storyteller, read “The Magic Finger” and showed the children lots of “tricks” – she removed her finger and showed Sophie how she could stick her finger to the table! We also tried a couple of tricks ourselves, using a tube of paper- pupils could see right through their hands! See our pictures.

Truro Class Launch Day

“How real is magic?”


Today was an exciting day in Truro Class. Pupils came in to school dressed up as magicians, wizards and witches. First we sorted the children into house-groups “Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Gryffindor.” Then pupils created weird and wonderful potions; experimented with colour changing liquids; made wizard wands; chocolate witch hats and golden snitches.  We are looking forward to learning more about magic, magnets, light and dark and much much more!

Check out our pictures to see our exciting day.


Truro Class Spring term 2018


Dear Parents and carers,


Welcome back to  Truro class. We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and New Year break.


Our new project big question is  “How real is magic?”. Find out more below to see our project overview for the term.

Maths and English will be linked with the project learning with a special emphasis on science linking to forces and magnets and light and dark. Our Project learning will conclude with a magic show being performed at Kea School.  We will also learn about the history of magic, mythical creatures and much much more

RE: We will be learning about Christianity in Cornwall and Judaism..

MUSIC: Pupils will learn more about listening and responding to music

MFL: Greetings, school and home, food and months

PE:  This term Truro class will be focus on dance and gymnastics.

Homelearning: We believe that an enjoyable, organised home learning programme helps children acquire the skills and self-motivation that will help pupils to become life-long, independent learners. In English and Maths the suggested time for homelearning 20 minutes each for English and Maths/project work. Homelearning will be given out on Thursdays to be handed in on Mondays. Please ensure you sign your child’s diary when they read at home.

At Tregolls we operate an open door policy. We would like to hear about any issues or concerns you may have with your child’s education as soon as possible so please do not hesitate to talk to me or to another member of the team.

Yours sincerely,

Heather Hatch, Class teacher                          Telephone: 01872 274020







Truro Class have been busy this term on their project with the big question being “How could you write like Roald Dahl?” Well- the pupils have answered this question by writing poetry and diaries based on George’s Marvellous Medicine. Inside the book you will see gruesome recipes and find out what “George” puts into his mixture. Some stunning writing has been produced by the children and they should be very proud of all their hard work.

Follow the link to check out our book


Street Dance Workshop

street dance video  On Thursday Truro and Cober class had the opportunity to take part in a Street Dance workshop, run by Jason Thomas Dance Studio. After a great warm up, children were taught a short routine to a great music track- “Can’t touch this” They learned “The smurf” and the “Uncle Sam” amongst other moves-see the video and pictures of our lovely movers!


For the last couple of weeks Truro class have been “Celebrating difference” as part of our PSHE learning using JIGSAW – we are learning to know how to help someone who might be feeling lonely or if they experienced bullying- see our pictures to find out the strategies we all could use to solve problems at school and at home.  Children are particulary enjoying the “calm me” part of the sessions- where we concentrate on our breathing and putting ourselves in a calm and peaceful space ready for learning…although this has been a challenge for us we are getting better at it!





On Thursday children took part in a “Reflective Spaces” session – Lynda from Truro Baptist Church and her team set up a lovely room with lots of reflective activities for the children to enjoy. There was a cosy tent where pupils could cuddle up to a giant teddy and experience a feeling of “safety”; fingerprint station to understand how unique each human is; a world map demonstating how different faiths celebrate around the globe; special people creating, so that children could create special people in their lives from pipe cleaners and take them on an “adventure” and develop their feelings of gratitude. There was also a “speakers corner” where children were able to speak their minds! See our pictures below.



Today Truro Class visited Richard at Tesco to take part in a “Where does my food come from? ” workshop and a chocolate trail. Richard always makes our visits memorable as he asked questions, set challenges and educated us in how bananas are grown (in “hands” with “fingers” apparently!) He told us about the Rainforest Alliance and how it supports farmers in the Rainforests. We visited the fish counter where the lady who ran the counter educated us in all matters fish-related! Did you know that smoked fish is often dyed with turmeric to make it that special yellow -colour? Children had to guess whether fish was farmed or wild and they became more aware of sustainability of fish-stocks. We spent the next part of our visit in the warehouse where Richard helped us to understand how much sugar is in everyday foods such as spaghetti hoops..children now understand that too much sugar can be harmful and we should only be eating the equivalent of 5 sugar cubes per day- did you know that a can of coke has 6 cubes?
We rounded off our visit with the story of how cacao beans are grown, fermented and shipped across the world to make delicious chocolate… the children took part in a taste-test to see if they could tell the difference between brands- cadburys was a firm favourite.
Thank you to the team at Tesco for a great morning as well as our lovely volunteers, Evie’s nan and granddad and her dad who came along to help taste the chocolate! See our photos below.

On Monday, Truro Class travelled to the Eden Project to take part in a Chocology Workshop. We met Bran who is an expert on chocolate, Fairtrade and the Rainforest and all things Eden. He set us challenges, taught us about where chocolate came from originally and much more. The pupils were challenged to a treasure hunt to find special boxes with clues in and win prizes (see our pictures) We explored the Tropical Biome and finished off our day in the Mediterranean Biome- finding wonderful plants and vegetables growing- we even spotted purple tomatoes! We look forward to writing about our adventures in a diary when we are back at school.

Truro Class launched their project: “How could you write like Roald Dahl?”

The class dressed up as their favourite Roald Dahl characters- we had lots of Willy Wonkas, Matildas, Charlie Bucket, The Enormous Crocodile, Fantastic Mister Fox and many more!

We started the day with a fact finding mission- pulling golden tickets out of Willy Wonka’s hat to find out more about the project. Next we watched a clip from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to inspire chocolate machine designs- we designed caramel machines, everlasting gum machines and chocolate machines. Later we planned a science investigation. Children were given questions such as: “Why don’t manufacturers make purple or green chocolate?”; “Can you tell the difference between milk, plain or white chocolate?” and “Does our class prefer savoury or sweet foods?” Children organised themselves and ran their own investigation, recording results. There were some surprising results! Most children didn’t mind eating chocolate whilst smelling an onion- they still thought it was delicious!

To follow up our fantastic launch day, Truro class are visiting the Eden Project to take part in a Chocology workshop. Watch this space for more news…

Welcome back to an exciting new year and an exciting new school!

Welcome back to Truro class- we are very pleased to now be in the new building and a brand new class room with state of the art facilities. The children will be thrilled to see their new school and hope they will make amazing progress in a fantastic new environment.

This term Truro class ask the question: “How could you write like Roald Dahl?” We will discover what inspired Roald Dahl to write Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and write our own version of part of his story using Charlie’s voice in a diary. A visit to The Eden Project will help us to learn more about how Cocoa beans are grown and processed into the chocolate we know and love and more about the Rainforests, Fairtrade and much much more. Please see our letter and curriculum maps that let you see more about what your child will learn this term.

Thursday 7th September 2017
Truro Class Autumn Term Welcome Letter

A very warm welcome back to Tregolls. We hope you have all had a fabulous break. The children are so lucky to be the first children to use our fantastic, state-of-the-art facilities- an exciting year ahead for us all! Please see below details of the autumn curriculum and key information.

Our team and teaching days
I am Mrs Hatch, Year 3 class teacher. This year we are lucky to have teaching assistants Mrs Lynes and Mrs Grimes working in our class, who will work two days and three days respectively.
Project learning: (chosen by the children) this term we our big question is: “How could you write like Roald Dahl?” The children will be immersed in the world of this famous author, starting off with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- this will include a trip to the Eden Project (on the 18th September) a local chocolate factory and to take part in a food trail at Tesco- details to follow. Please note: our launch day will be on Friday 15th September- children are invited to dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl characher- please do not go to great expense- we love homemade costumes!

English and Maths
All of the reading and writing this term will be based our project. Children will read and write in the style of Roald Dahl, writing character descriptions, taking part in drama and writing about Fairtrade and learning about the rainforest (linked to chocolate!)

The maths in the autumn term will be largely focused on number, for example, we will be working on the four operations in BigMaths, place value and fluency in mental methods. As part of this, the school is improving our speed of mental maths. And so, the children will be bringing home their ‘100’ club sheets to practice each week. Please support them with timing how long it takes to complete and to help mark the sheet correctly.

Arguably more important is daily home reading. This is key to their progress and something that I am passionate about. If your child reads at home each night, please sign their diary. However, for the children who choose not to read (unless an acceptable reason is provided), there may be a loss of breaktime (and possibly part of their lunch time if they continue to have an unsigned diary) So, please, please support your child by hearing them read, occasionally reading to them, chatting about their books.

Spellings have become more formal of late and this will continue. Truro class will bring home their weekly spellings each Friday, which they will need to complete. This needs to be returned on the following Friday prior to the test. A minimum score of 7 out of 10 will be required for all pupils. 9 out of 10 results in the children progressing on to the next list of spellings..

MFL – French and RE
Truro Class will be learning French this year with Mrs. Danielle Beattie. During their lessons this term they will learn: where the French language is used; be able to introduce themselves and others; the weather; numbers and days of the week. French is on

In RE, we will be developing a further understanding of Christian beliefs and festivals. They will learn about Judaism. RE will be linked to how people became Christians in Cornwall.

PE days and kit
We have an exciting addition to our team: Miss Butterly who will be leading PE on Wednesdays this year. The children will require the appropriate PE kit for the 3G pitch and the hall: trainers or pumps, shorts and a Tregolls PE t-shirt. Failure to bring in the correct kit will lead to the children borrowing from our lost property. A letter will be sent home if kit is forgotten on three separate occasions. It is so important that all items of PE kit are clearly labelled.

Homelearning Requirements
As per the Home Learning Policy, children in year 3 should be spending up to 20 minutes on their literacy and maths pieces each week. Where possible, these two pieces of homelearning will reinforce skills being taught that week in class. Please support your child by offering tips and advice.. Additionally, do not hesitate to check with me if you are unsure of how to support your child.
It Home learning will be given on Thursdays to be returned on Monday.

Children have the responsibility to complete their home learning, and so, if it is late, they may forfeit a part of their lunchtime. Please support your child in keeping their books neat and tidy. Thanks for your support with this. We cannot overemphasize the importance of learning away from school – as this helps them to progress and supports their learning at school.

Open door policy
We operate an open door policy at Tregolls; therefore I will be on hand before or after school to discuss any issues you may have. If you need to speak to me urgently inform Jodie in Reception and I will endeavour to phone you as soon as I can.

I will be using the text system the school uses to stay in touch with you (as well as letters home) If you do not want to receive texts, then please let me know.

Our ultimate aim in Truro Class is for your child to enjoy coming to school and for them to achieve and be happy.

Many thanks

The Year 3 Team.

overview truro 2017 Autumn