Truro Class (2018/19)

Harry Potter Launch Day.

Truro class have had the most amazing launch day! Not only did we get sorted into our houses using our very own sorting hat, we also played a tournament of Quidditch in which Slytherin were victorious! We spent some of the morning designing our own house crests and then sat back and had our minds blown by the magic and mystery of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. A wonderful day had by all and now none of us can wait for the coming term of learning.

Spring Term Planning.


Please see below, the plans for Truro class’ learning for the spring term. We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and we will see you in the new year!

Spring term letter 2018-2019

Spring Medium Term Plan Truro

What Makes our World Special? Launch Day

Today, Truro class took part in a wide range of learning all based around our new topic. We began the day by listening to calming music and watching clips of breath-taking places from all around our unique planet. We then had a look at some art from another culture – aboriginal Australian art. We learned that as aboriginal tribes did not have a spoken language, they communicated and told stories through dot-art in caves and in their homes. We then tried to replicate this colourful art form to represent Australian animals. Miss Batten was very impressed at our artistic skill and effort!

After break, we took our taste-buds on a trip around the world during an international food-tasting. We tried a variety of different foods to find out what people from other cultures eat. Unsurprisingly, the pizza was extremely popular! In the afternoon, we got inventive by creating our very own countries. Not only did we find out about the flags from different countries, we designed our own by thinking about what is special to us.


Welcome back to a fresh new start at Tregolls! Truro class have already made a fantastic start to the year and we are all very excited for the learning that will come over this coming term. Please see below, the plans for Truro class’ project learning as well as an overview of this term’s curriculum. A copy of the autumn term letter is also attached for reference.

Autumn term letter 2018Autumn Medium Term Plan Truro