Tamar Class (2015/16)

What has Kacey seen?!

What has Kacey seen?!

An alien spaceship has crashed at Tregolls and reporters and scientists from Y5 are called in to help investigate.

An alien spaceship has crashed at Tregolls and reporters and scientists from Y5 are called in to help investigate.

Everybody takes it very seriously - there is some excellent acting by Y5.

Everybody takes it very seriously – there is some excellent acting by Y5.

Wow, they even find alien footprints climbing up the wall!!

Wow, they even find alien footprints climbing up the wall!


This was the launch for Tamar, Allen and Fal for their new project based on Space.  We all had a fantastic day working together interviewing the Reception children who were thoroughly convinced that there were aliens in school, especially when they met them a little later in the morning.

For further photographs please take a look at Fal’s class page to see our children working so wonderfully together, one of our 6R’s in action – relationships.



Tamar Class Summer Term Letter

Welcome back to our last term together in Y5, hasn’t time flown! We hope you have all had a lovely Easter and found some sunshine despite the storms. Please see below details of the summer curriculum and key information.

The Tamar Team

May I take this opportunity to welcome our team for this term: Myself, Ms. Scott, Mrs Rowe, who will be supporting our learning every morning and teaching on Thursday afternoon and  Ms Harvey teaching Fresh Start.

Project, Curriculum and Science

Our new project will be asking the question ‘Is there life in Outer Space?’ and was a topic the children had at the top of their wish lists. We will also be linking up some of the time with the Reception classes, who are also studying Space, and we hope that we will be able to help them with their learning.

We have lots of exciting activities planned including a visit by the Space Dome and the Roseland Observatory. We have also been chosen to take part in a special project for the European Space Agency and Tim Peake, running an investigation about growing seeds which have been on the space station. Wow!  Historically we will be finding out how the understanding of our Solar System developed along with some great scientific experiments to prove things are correct.  We will be creating moon buggies and a lunar landscape too.

If we have any time left, we will still fit in a mini topic about the Rio Olympics which should make a super end to a great year of learning together – so many highlights.

Literacy and Numeracy

Newspaper reports about our space discoveries will form part of our literacy this term plus the use of new computing programs. Stories from fantasy worlds will also be a must – I don’t think we will escape from Star Wars!

Maths will continue as usual with a range of concepts being covered from place value, fractions and percentages, area and perimeter, ratio and data handling (in science). There will be a big push for all the children to know their tables with rapid recall as this will likely be tested in Y6.

MFL – French

In French, we will be continuing to use the new language scheme which is proving very popular.

PE days and kit

We are pleased to have Patrick working with us this term on basketball and athletics; this will be on Wednesdays. Please ensure that the children have all of their kit clearly labelled in a PE bag each week. The kit requirements are:

Boys – Blue shorts and a Tregolls t-shirt

Girls – Leggings or blue shorts and a Tregolls t-shirt

Footwear – PE plimsoles.

MTP Tamar Space 2016

Project Overview Summer Tamar Y5

Hinduism Workshop with Daya

From China to India in 24 hours!  On Tuesday we began our learning about Hinduism with a wonderful day spent in the company of Daya.  Daya lives in Cornwall, and although she is a practising Sikh, she could tell us all about Hinduism.  Tamar Class were very respectful listening carefully to everything she had to say, and participating with great maturity.

To begin with we learnt about the Puja ceremony where the children learnt to mediate and received the Third Eye.

P1050335  P1050345

Then the children learnt how to make Indian food and more importantly how to eat it.  They all enjoyed it!

P1050358    P1050369

After this we celebrated a Hindu wedding.  The children learnt all about Indian traditions and re-enacted their own weddings.  Daya ‘arranged’ their weddings for them and made it clear that in a normal arranged wedding the couple do have a choice on whether they want to marry each other.


They finished up a wonderful day with a variety of Indian dancing which they loved.  Videos to follow…

P1050379   P1050378

The Chinese Dragon Dance!

If you went down to Tesco today, you might have had a bit of a surprise!!  Tamar Class took their fantastic Chinese dragon for a walk down the aisles much to the amusement of the staff and the customers.  Thank you to Mrs Rowe and Miss Penfold for helping us to make it!


P1050263     P1050284

Look out for us on the West Briton website!


After this, we went back to school to prepare for our Chinese banquet.  We made origami table decorations, laid our table beautifully, chopped up our stir fry, made red envelopes with good wishes inside and even had some time for ‘mindfulness’!!  It was all delicious.

P1050315   P1050318         P1050322     P1050325


Tamar Class had a fantastic time on Thursday when Mr Thomas arranged for us all to go down to the Xen Noodle Bar to do some food tasting.  This was in preparation for our own celebrations for Chinese New Year (8th February).  We had so much fun trying to eat with chop sticks, and everyone loved the food.  Thank you to Mr Thomas and to Chris and your staff at Xen, I’m sure we’ll be back!

DSC_0170DSC_0160 DSC_0163 DSC_0165 DSC_0166 DSC_0168 DSC_0169 DSC_0176 DSC_0180 DSC_0192

Happy New Year

Welcome back to the new term and our new project on Dragons which we can’t wait to start.  Watch out for our Dragon dance in Truro for Chinese New Year!  Please find more details in the documents below.

Spring term letter 2016Tamar mtp Spring 2016

Overview for Dragons

Authentic outcomes for our Tinmining Project.  Four of us made the journey to Geevor to put up a display of our 3D printed engine houses, and our clay models, as well as photographs, recounts, explanations on tin extraction and some scary stories.  Do go and visit.  You’ll find the display in the rock room.

P1050177           P1050178

P1050179           P1050180

P1050181    P1050183

Goodbye to our lovely tin mine classroom…

P1050167      P1050168


In Science this term we have been learning about materials, reversible and irreversible changes and separating mixtures.

The following photographs give you an idea of how we carefully measured  and observed during our investigation to see if we could improve our dissolving methods.  Some groups used hotter water, some groups stirred the solution more times – both with good outcomes.

IMG_0013  IMG_0016  IMG_0018  IMG_0020  IMG_0021

As part of our Cornish topic we had to try out our skills at making pasties.  Mrs Rowe should be on Masterchef!  We all learnt some new skills including crimping and enjoyed testing the results afterwards.



Welcome to our new website and a chance to catch up on what we have been doing starting with our wonderful visit to Geevor Tin Mine.  We all had a brilliant time and learnt so much through our very informative guides Clint and Mark.  Mark even had time to give us an impromptu musical concert of Cornish tunes.

.P1050014 P1050031 P1050033 P1050041 P1050045 P1050051

Welcome to the new year and Autumn Term! (Medium Term Plan)

A very warm welcome back to Tregolls. We hope you have all had a fabulous break and are raring to go for the new term. Please see below details of the autumn curriculum and key information.

The Tamar Team

May I take this opportunity to welcome our new team for this academic year: Myself, Ms. Scott, Mrs Rowe, who will be supporting our learning every morning and teaching on Thursday afternoon and  Ms Harvey and Mr Price teaching RWI and supporting afternoons. We’re all looking forward very much to working with the new Tamar class.

IPC Curriculum and Science

Our new project will be about our wonderful county of Cornwall and tinmining. The first question we will be answering is, ‘Could you survive underground?’ The difference this year is that the children are contributing their own ideas towards what they want to learn and this actually came from a Guided Reading text on rocks that the children were fascinated by last term! 

We are going to kick off our project straight away by creating our own tin mine in the classroom and will have a special launch day this Friday where – if they wish – children can dress up as miners, or alternatively something Cornish.  Why  not join us for a cream tea at the end of the day?  We will then be going on a visit to Geevor Mine (2 October, letter to follow) and we are really crossing our fingers that we might see Poldark at some point.

Other areas of learning within this unit will cover rocks and materials in science, making videos on tin mining, and creating 3D engine houses using computers and a 3D printer – wow! After half term we will focus on all things Cornish from piskies to pasties and hope to create our own book to share with you.

Literacy and Numeracy

Following our Cornish theme, we will be starting off literacy with a tale of the Cornish Knockers.  This will be a talk the text unit, so expect to hear your children reciting it and explaining what they are. Other genres covered will be explanations, instructions and film narrative.

Numeracy will be focused on improving the speed and recall of number facts, the mastery of problems involving the four operations, fractions, decimals, 3D shape and problem solving for our Friday Discovery maths lessons. 

MFL – French and RE

In French,Tamar Class will be learning about where the French language is used; be able to introduce themselves and others; the weather; numbers and days of the week.

In RE, we will of course be learning the story of St Piran and his supposed discovery of tin, as well as learning about the prayerbook rebellion and Methodism in Cornwall.  

PE days and kit

We will be starting with football in the autumn term with our main PE day on Mondays. We will be using the two 3G pitches for PE this term and as it is football, please allow your child to bring in football socks and shinpads if they have them. They may also wear football trainers for this lesson.  

Please ensure that the children have all of their kit clearly labelled in a PE bag each week. If the children do not have their PE kit, they will be asked to forfeit a break time the next day – we would like the children to be looking smart for each lesson. Thank you for your support with this. The kit requirements are:

Boys – Blue short and a Tregolls t-shirt

Girls – Leggings or blue shorts and a Tregolls t-shirt

Footwear – As previously stated or PE plimsols.

As the weather will grow colder, please ensure that your child has a school jumper to wear for outdoor PE. If you have any issues with the PE kit please pop in and speak to us.

Homelearning Requirements

As per the Home Learning Policy, children in year 5 should be spending 45 minutes on their literacy and numeracy pieces each week. Where possible, these two pieces of home learning will reinforce skills being taught that week in class. The children will be set home learning which challenges them and tests their resilience. Please support your child by offering tips and advice for each piece.

The children will also be required to learn all of their multiplication facts up to the 12x table. They will be tested weekly on them and so, please support them by writing up tricky facts around the house for them to view regularly.

In addition to the weekly literacy and numeracy piece, the children should be reading for 15 minutes every day. Please question your child on what they have read and then sign their homeschool reading records. This will need to be completed daily as we will be completing a daily reading chart in school each morning. Children who choose not to read each day may forfeit their break time.   

Home learning will be given out on Thursdays and collected in on Mondays. New spelling log books will go home on Mondays with their specific words being tested on the Friday.  

Children have the responsibility to complete their home learning, and so, if it is late, they will forfeit part of their lunchtime. Please support your child in keeping their home learning books neat and tidy. Thanks for your support with this; we cannot overemphasize the importance of learning away from school – it will support your child in making great progress this year.

Open door policy

As you will be aware by now we operate an open door policy at Tregolls, and therefore myself or Mrs Rowe should always be on hand before or after school to discuss any issues you may have. Building up good communication links is going to be crucial for your child’s year to be a success.

We are sure your child will have a super year in Year 5.

new long term overview for Tamar Autumn 2015