Tamar Class (2014/15)

Welcome back to the Summer Term.

You should already have had our curriculum letter and outline but details are below if you need to check anything further.  We hope to have many opportunities for outside learning this term and to make the most of our outdoor environment.

Summer term letter 2015

Tamar curriculum Summer 2015

Welcome back to the Spring Term and a Happy New Year to everybody!

Tamar class have settled in quickly and are looking forward to an action packed term see our termly letter below.

And don’t forget we will be swimming on Wednesdays starting from this week.

Spring term letter 2015

Tamar curriculum spring 2015

Enjoy some highlights from a busy Autumn Term!

Searching for artefacts during our Egyptian Workshop at the Royal Cornwall Museum.


Acting out an Ancient Egyptian ritual.

Lots to see…

and do…

Welcome back everybody to an exciting new term with some fun events lined up already including our trip to the Royal Cornwall Museum on Thursday, our new Boxercise lessons and the start of guitar tuition on Friday morning. 

Please have a look at our new term’s letter below, and the outline of our curriculum for this term.

Medium Term Plan Autumn 2014-Tamar

Autumn term letter 2014

Halfords Bike Hut workshop.

In preparation for our bike it weeks, Sam and Sam from Halfords Bike Hut came in to give Tamar and Truro a helpful guide to being safe on their bikes, and also some routine maintenance, including mending a puncture.

Looking for hazards.

Sam shows us how to mend a puncture.

Having a go…

We all had a fantastic day at the World cup launch day.  Children dressed up in traditional dress or national football shirts and participated in a wide variety of fun activities.  Enjoy the photos.

England, Spain and what was Milana?

Designing football shirts.

The samba band.

This term we have been having expert tuition in gymnastics from Ashleigh and we have been learning different types of positions such as tuck, pike, straddle, forward rolls, handstands and bridges.  The class have made fantastic progress and are much more supple as a result.  Enjoy our photos and maybe try some of these out at home!

Learning to do the splits.

This way is much harder, but look at Milana, she can’t see what the fuss is all about!

Walking backwards along the bench, feeling for the end with a pointed toe…


Patrick demonstrates a tuck sit.


The challenge was to get one person from one end of the bench to the other. It took some time before they thought of kneeling down, and quite a few falls!

Have a look at some of our photos from our ferry trip to Falmouth.  We had a wonderful day and found out so much about our local river and Falmouth too.

We saw some huge boats on our trip down the river to Falmouth.

The harbour master was keeping an eye on us!

Jack was navigating us into St Mawes Harbour.


We saw another Enterprise Ferry going in the other direction!

And finally, the sun managed to come out on the way back, which was good because Tamar were very surprised how cold it was on top of a boat!!

In literacy this term, we have taken a wonderful journey into the world of William Shakespeare and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We have learnt all about the tangled web of  plots and the mischievous Puck who causes mayhem.  Enjoy some of our photos.

Demetrius tells Helena in no uncertain terms, that he feels sick when he looks upon her!

More arguments ensue, as they continue to fall out.

Here we made a statue of what we thought Puck would look like.

And here are a few more mischievous grins!

Welcome back to the summer term, and firstly a massive thank you for helping Tamar to raise an amazing £188.00 for Sports Aid.  The children really rose to the occasion and swam so far, the teachers were amazed!!  Thank you again.

This term we are already really excited about our new topic – Go with the flow.  The class have bombarded me with questions:

Why is water blue?

Where does the water come from in the first place?

Why doesn’t it flood if the rivers all run into the sea?

I am sure there will be many more.  It’s great to see them so enthusiastic.

You should have had a letter about our Falmouth boat trip next week and the summer letter will be going out tomorrow..

For further details read the attached:

Summer 2014 letter Tamar

Tamar boat trip

Photos to follow …

Spring 2014 letter Tamar 2

Climate Cops Visit Tregolls!

Today the Climate Cops came to Tregolls and they set us five different missions to complete to help us learn about looking after the climate.

First we were given special T shirts which said Academy cadet as we were in training.  Then we were asked what we knew about global warming which at the beginning was only a little.







Next we started our missions.  The best one was Will’s World where we tried out different physical activities which taught us about how to make electricity and also how to save energy.

Here we are cleaning the windows on an interactive game.  This taught us that clean windows help the sunlight to come through which means that we don’t need as much electricity to heat our rooms.







This game was teaching us to be quick turning off machines on standby!









Caleb was testing out how much warmer he was wrapped up in silver foil.









Lewis was turning the wheel as fast as he could to generate electricity, and the boys on the rowing machine were also generating electricity.  Lowenna and David were the fastest rowers!

We all passed with flying colours and graduated to be Climate Cops.  Thank you to NPower for a wonderful morning.

We will be continuing learning about this with our Eco award learning.

Entry compiled by Choe, Milana, Jess, Lewis, Jake, Charmaine, Gem, Jack S, Lowenna, Elle, Jack B, Caleb, Matyi, Nathan, Liam

Welcome back to the Spring Term and lots of exciting learning projects lining up.

To begin with our topic will be on Sound and we have already made a cacophony in the classroom this week.  (Cacophony?  Ask the children – they will know that word from our talk the text on the Hobbit!)  We have tested out how sounds are made using tuning forks in water – watch out for the splash -, beads on drums, instruments, a violin and internet websites.  Fascinating stuff.

Our RE topic is based close to home on Truro Cathedral and we will be visiting the cathedral for a strangely named workshop ‘Head in the box’.  We’ll tell you more as soon as we know.

In PE we will be starting swimming on the 15th and every week for the rest of term.  A great opportunity for our children to improve their swimming.  We will be raising money for Sports Relief by improving the number of metres we can swim during the term.  There will be a swimathon sponsored event towards the end of March.  And no doubt the children have told you that we have had a visit from James, a member of the Cornish Pirates!  He will be teaching rugby every week and leaving us totally exhausted – well I was after just doing the warm up… To stay with the Keep fit theme, we will then move swiftly on to a new topic called Fit for Life.

In Physical Education, we’ll be:

  • Exploring the range of ways in which we can improve our physical fitness
  • Practising enjoyable activities that help us to become fitter (i.e. swimming)
  • Taking regular exercise to see whether it makes a measurable difference to our fitness

In Art, we’ll be:

  • Looking at the ways artists have represented people and their activities
  • Recording ourselves and our activities

In Science, we’ll be:

  • Investigating measures of our fitness
  • Enquiring into diet and health
  • Critically examining the evidence we collect
  • Learning more about our bodies and how we can keep them in good condition

Making rockets with Callington Space Centre








I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas already, we’ve all been so busy.  But a quick catch up on what we’ve been up to in photos… and don’t miss out on our Cinderella photos, they’re on the news page.


Some real teamwork to make the best rocket.

Awesome!! The rockets went over 100m.

Daya’s visit about Hinduism and Sikhism


We all took part in a puja ceremony (worship) and then had lots of fun Indian dancing.  Finally we made chapatis and tried some Indian food.







Aliens invade Tregolls School!!!

Unbelievably this morning, Tregolls School was the location for an alien invasion.  Mr Middlemore had no idea who to turn to as they took over Tamar’s classroom and proceeded to demand iPads to communicate with us.  Here are some of the invaders!


It’s hard to interview an alien!


Especially if they speak alien.





Welcome back to the Autumn term and Tamar Class 2013 pictured here in their reading corner (using our wonderful rainforest trees from last term!)

This term, after making a start learning about Hinduism, and now looking at how our brain helps us to learn, we will be doing our first project all about Space.  We can’t wait for our Launch Day next week (Wednesday), when Tregolls will be invaded by aliens and space creatures for the day.  Look out for our photos.

We will also be having some visitors in: firstly, the Callington Space Centre to learn all about space and rockets, and then Daya who will be helping us to learn about Hinduism and letting us try some Indian cooking.

We look forward to sharing it with you.







is it really nearly the end of the year already?!  Next half term, we will be finding out about rainforests and will be transforming our classroom into a rainforest!  So, if anyone has any animals (not real) that they could bring in to enhance the look please bring them in next week.

Meanwhile have a look at some of the fun things we’ve been up to in the last few weeks.

First of all science week which was great fun, loads of visitors and fascinating science:  the Jeremy Kyle show at Penair aka the debate about our solar system, Andy Tanner solar power and didgeridoos, hair raising science from the Penair teachers (which set the school fire alarm off!), Nick from Bike it and his folding bicycle, and Nick Cox from STEM with his own inventions.

Just before this exciting week, we were really proud to win the attendance award for the spring term.  It was closely fought right up until the last week of the decision and we won a free trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium at Newquay.  It was brilliant!!  We even got to go rock pooling and only had a few soggy feet!

Most recently we have had two visitors from the Hall for Cornwall, they were working on drama with us around the play ‘I was a rat’.  The children learnt to transform into rats, do freeze frame pictures in character and best of all, how to do slow motion actions.

The children wrote play reviews and they are going to be entered into a national competition so keep your fingers crossed.

WOW Tamar Class go international!!

Tamar class had a wonderful day last week with the introduction of their new topic, Different Places, Similar Lives.  We all dressed up as people from other countries as you will see from the following photos.  Camerons was certainly the most imaginative and Ozzy’s the most convincing as the Dalai Lama.

We had great fun learning how to make a video about our school and found out it was very hard not to have camera wobble holding an iPad!  Children also had the opportunity to try different foods from all over the world.

Our most exciting news though, is that we have made links with Phiga School in Ghana, and have just sent our first letters to them.  We can’t wait to find out about what school is like for them and their way of life.  We’ll keep you updated.

Our new topic will help us to find out about the way of life in other countries and how these are affected by their climate.  It links in very well with our RE topic which is Sikhism and no doubt the children have already told you how much they love banghra dancing – maybe we could show you Tamar banghra.

In Literacy we have been studying stories from other cultures reading Journey to Jo’burg and have been fascinated about what life was like during apartheid.  This week we’ll be meeting Mr Thompson, who was a child at that time in South Africa.  It will be interesting to hear his point of view as a white South African – I’m sure we will have lots of questions.

Written methods of calculations will be our focus in numeracy this term, and applying them to real life problems, also 3D shapes, symmetry and co-ordinates.

Science will be a journey of discovery into the world of human digestion!

Keep watching this space for our latest news…


Welcome to Tamar class

At last a chance to share with you some of the pictures from our amazing launch day for our Internation Primary Curriculum topic, ‘Active Planet’

We started the day by simulating an earthquake in the hall!  Then we learnt how to do first aid with Mrs Osmond who is a member of the WRVS.  She could help us to plan an emergency centre for earthquake victims from first hand experience of emergency rescues.  In the afternoon we set up our centre and received some seriously injured victims who were admirably looked after.

In Design Technology we learnt how to research, design and make and test earthquake proof building.  To be honest, the amount of masking tape that was used, our buildings would never have collapsed!!