Kenwyn Class (2017/18)

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Gruffalo Crumble!

Some of the pupils from Kenwyn class have been making Gruffalo crumble. They learnt about all the ingredients they needed to use and how to combine it altogether to make their crumble. YUM!


We won! – Some of the children from Kenwyn Class attended the Table Cricket Festival today at Truro College. The pupils performed so well over the day that they, along with their four team mates, have won the festival. We are very proud of our two Kenwyn class pupils and so pleased that they had such a great day out. Well done everyone!


Messy play! Our pupils love messy play. During these daily sessions pupils get to explore and experience lots of different sensory materials. They love to explore the different smells and textures and they love to find out what they can do with the materials. They explore which marks they can make and we practice our choosing and communication skills during this time. It is always very messy and great fun!

Mathematicians!We have been thinking about measuring and practicing our measuring skills. We have had great fun building taller, shorter and longer towers and snakes using blocks and lego. We have also started to measure different objects from around the classroom using rulers.


Cooking with Veronica! Some of the pupils from Kenwyn class have had weekly cooking sessions. The children loved it! They got to learn some brilliant skills as well as making some really yummy food. The pupils listened to all the instructions Veronica gave them and did a great job at following a recipe. Their favourite part was sampling their efforts after!

Weekly horse riding sessions at Chiverton Stables.

Music time! Kenwyn class have music therapy every week. The pupils love to explore the instruments as well as compose their own music and write their own lyrics!

New Year Erupting Volcanoes! Some of the pupils in Kenwyn class took part in an exciting science experiment. We were thinking about how best to begin our new year and we thought how better than to do it with erupting volcanoes! The pupils learnt how to follow a recipe and add ingredients to make their mixture erupt. We all had great fun!

newsletter Spring term 2018

Our trip to Newquay Zoo!

Kenywn class have visited the zoo as part of our topic learning this term. It was very exciting to see all of the animals we have been talking and learning about. All the pupils saw their favourite animal as well as the staff and it was amazing to hear the lion roar when we were there! We had a brilliant time.


newsletter Autumn term 1 2017


A big hello and welcome back to Kenwyn Class, returning pupils and our new additions! We are all looking forward to a new year and all the fun and exciting things we will do. We have have got off to a great start with lots new additions to our base. We have two new rooms and a soon to arrive outside area. We will keep you all posted on this with photos soon!

We have started our year with the return of music therapy as well as horse riding as well as lots of walks and explorations of our local environment. Our sensory time has got off to a fantastic start with the pupils enjoying lots of different activities and fun messy play.


Have a look at some of the things we have been up to!

The children are really enjoying exploring all the new equipment in our sensory room.

Music time in Kenwyn Class is always fun. The children love to explore the instruments and always show us

great movements!

Messy sensory play. Kenwyn class have had some great materials in our room this week. The children are thinking about Autumn and all the lovely smells, sounds and textures that brings. The children made lots of mark making art using lots of different materials.

Enrichment activities: Kenwyn class like to explore their environment. We went on an autumn walk to collect leaves and twigs and to see and hear and feel the world around us. We were very excited to find some apples growing and we collected and counted them.