Kenwyn Class (2016/17)

Autumn Topic Planning – Dear Zoo                                           newsletter Autumn term 1 2017

Enrichment – Some of the Kenwyn class children made a visit to Tehidy woods and Trelissick. The children and staff had a lovely afternoon looking for animals in the woods and seeing the beautiful swans. The children loved to be by the water and watching the boats.

Music Therapy –

Kenwyn class children have making tribal music! They have been trying lots of different instruments making tribal noises and even some tribal dancing! Kenwyn class have loved music therapy this year.

Rain forest Fruit kebabs.

Kenwyn class have been discovering which fruits grow in the rain forest. With help from a visitor from Tescos the children have made and tasted different fruits from the rain forest. They also made a fruit kebab and shared them with other children around school.We had a yummy time!

Trevictus Games!

Kenwyn class traveled to Trevithick School for their annual ARB sports day. The pupils took part in lots of sports and learnt some new skills. They had great fun Zorbing! Some of our pupils won medals for their participation in the running races. Well done Kenwyn class!

Enrichment afternoons – Some of Kenwyn class enjoyed an afternoon at the park. They loved being outside in the sunshine exploring the sights and sounds of their local environment.

Rain forest cloud experiment!

Kenwyn class made some rain forest rain clouds using water foam and food colouring. They experimented adding different quantities of the materials and how they could turn their cloud into a storm!

Trip to Eden Project!

Kenwyn Class made a trip to Eden to launch their new topic ‘Rain forests’. We seen the most amazing things there like exotic flowers and plants, even some animals and fruit. We walked through the clouds in the dome and and over a rope bridge. We had great fun and learnt what it feels like to be in the rain forest.

Kenwyn Newsletter summer 1 2017Summer Term – Rainforests.




















Space Week –

Kenwyn Class have been thinking about space this week. pupils have been making and experimenting with ‘balloon rockets’. It was great fun to see how fast they could move! Children have also been making play dough aliens and ‘puffy paint’ moons!


Spring Term – Under the sea

Kenwyn Class went to Newquay Aquarium! We had a great time and we loved seeing all the different and amazing sea creatures there. The children were especially excited to see the octopus and the sharks. It was great fun day and we learnt so much to help launch our new What might we see, under the sea’ topic.

Spring Term – Under the sea

Kenwyn Newsletter spring 1 2017









Autumn Term 

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