Kenwyn Class

newsletter Spring term sensory 2019


Enrichment with Kenwyn class:

Kenwyn class love exploring outside and enrichment is a huge part of their curriculum. Being able to experience enrichment activities with their peers is the highlight of Kenwyn classes week.


Tasks with Kenwyn Class:

Some pupils in Kenwyn class follow a TEEACH approach to their learning which involves enjoying a new challenge and they are able to achieve this through a variety of activities. Each pupil participates in numbers, letters, cutting skills, art and mark making daily.


Circle time with Kenwyn Class:

Kenwyn class always enjoys circle time with lots of interactive songs and actions. Musical instruments are included for all the students to express themselves through the medium of music.


Cooking with Kenwyn Class:

Some of the pupils in Kenwyn class loved making salt dough. Each pupil very much enjoyed and engaged with the sensory experiences of this activity and they all had fun!


Welcome back

Autumn Term

newsletter Autumn term

Welcome back after the Summer holidays.  We hope you enjoyed the break and your time together.  This term we will be beginning a new topic! Our theme for this topic will be ‘What is my favourite toy’ We will be having lots of fun with lots of different toys and discovering our which one is our favourite! Throughout the autumn term pupils will be exploring, experiencing and encountering this theme through:


Mark Making/writing

  • Mark making using toys with wheels.
  • Making marks using toys which roll and bounce.
  • Making marks using toys which are hard and soft.
  • Writing the beginning letters or the name of their favourite toys.
  • Writing simple describing words for our favourite toys.

Music time

  • teddy bears picnic song.
  • Pinocchio song
  • ‘ you’ve got a friend in me’ song
  • investigating toys which make noises.
  • exploring toys which play music.
  • Explore and experience dance and movement with ribbons and balls.

Messy play

  • hard and soft toy sensory bins
  • water and foam trays
  • exploring printmaking using different toys
  • Creating toy themed collages.
  • exploring toys which pour or can contain liquid
  • Exploring and experiencing multi media art and craft using different toys
  • Exploring sensory touch—hard, soft, smooth, rough, bumpy

Intensive Interaction

Encouraging interaction and communication using:


  • Exploring toys which make noises
  • Exploring toys which move
  • Exploring toys which are soft or hard
  • Exploring toys which are large and small

Exploring cause and effect toys

 Heavy Work

  • climbing and reaching for toys.
  • bouncing on exercise and peanut balls
  • Exploring obstacle courses and different equipment.
  • catching and chasing bubbles
  • pushing and pulling toys which move
  • Catching and throwing balls.
  • Toy hunt

Tray Tasks

  • toy which encourage shape and colour matching, sorting and posting.
  • exploring and experiencing cutting skills of different toys.


P.E. Kits and Clothes

Kenwyn students will be having PE on a Wednesday morning. Please ensure pupils have their PE kits available on this day.


Other information


Kenwyn class students will continue to have Music Therapy this half term, which will take place on a Thursday afternoon.


Horse riding will continue this year on a Monday afternoon. First session will begin on Monday 17th September. ARB staff will put a reminder out to you in home/school books if your child will be attending.



We hope for swimming to continue this term. We will let you know dates when possible.



If the weather is permitting, some of the pupils in Kenwyn Class will have the opportunity to take part in Enrichment Activities outside of the ARB in their local environment. This will involve short local walks and possibly some short trips on the school minibus.


Please ensure that you read home/school books each evening. Not only will it relay information on your child’s day at school, it will also contain letters and reminders.