Helford Class

Helford class enjoy their authentic outcome at Kea school and in year 2.

Today Helford visited the year 3 class at Kea School. They taught the children how to make foil sculptures, paper acrobats and juggling balls.  At the end of our visit, we demonstrated some of our circus skills- see our pictures to follow!.




Helford Class investigate forces at Penair

To kick off their learning about forces and magnets, Helford class visited Penair school and took part in an investigation about forces. Mr Brown asked lots of questions about what happens when we drop something and about how  the children thought magnets work. There were lots of different answers like: ‘magnets stick together’ ‘ they push away’ ‘gravity is force that keeps us on the earth’.

Mr Brown helped the children to understand the forces of friction, pushes and pulls, attraction and repelling.  He explained how gravity is a force and that we are all attracted to our earth!

The children went on to investigate magnets strength by using different types of magnets and paperclips to see how many they could make in a chain- with differing results! After the investigation we discussed their findings and offered suggestions as to why they might be different.

Pupils then were asked: “Are all metals magnetic?” Which they investigated using different types of metal. We were shocked to discover that it is only a few metals that actually “stick”!  Photos to follow!




Firework pictures

We have had another really busy week in Helford class. In Science, pupils have been learning about muscles and how they work in pairs to contract and relax. They predicted what muscles are used for certain activities such as reading a book, running and jumping. See our photos.   As it is feeling autumnal, Helford class have been writing Bonfire Night poetry. See our video clips. Inspired by the art of Middleton Manigault, children created firework art using a variety of media, oil pastels, glue and glitter- see our pictures.  We have also been working on Scratch projects and in maths grappling with subtraction with renaming- pupils have been showing great resilience in all their learning- well done Helford!



Swamp Circus put us through our paces.


Today Helford class were lucky to take part in a circus skills workshop with Mr B –


First Mr B showed off his circus and acrobatic skills with handstands, juggling and more besides. We warmed up our bodies and did some stretching before having a go at acrobatics, juggling, diablo, hoopla and plate spinning. We had to work as a team to do balancing and flying! See our pictures below to see how many new skills we learned – we look forward to doing more in the future as Mr B is sending Mrs Hatch details of how we can practice our skills further. A fantastic morning of fun was had by all- followed by writing about our experience back in the classroom.



On Friday Helford Class launched their project with the essential question: “Could you be the greatest showman?” Pupils came in dressed as ringmasters, clowns, acrobats, and strongmen.  Our classroom was adorned with wonderful banners of circus acts and is set off with a brilliant circus tent made by the talented Mrs Vanessa Lynes-(who has made many things for the school) this amazing lady spent hours sewing and constructing to make our class fully immersive for the children to enjoy for which we can’t thank her enough- check out our pictures.

We had a fantastic day full of activities. First the children found out more about the history and origins of the circus- did you know that the circus “ring” originated from a horse school?   We went on to make juggling balls from rice and balloons- then we went outside to have a go.  It is an extremely tricky thing to do!  Later we made foil  sculptures which we shaped into various acts from the circus.

After lunch Helford painted  colour wheel clowns- we drew and painted and mixed primary colours to make secondary colours.

This was a  fantastic start to our project learning. In a couple of weeks we are planning to take part in a circus skills workshop which the children are really excited about.



Welcome back…

Thursday 6th September 2018


Helford Class- year 3 Autumn Term

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to Truro class. It has been wonderful to meet the children.  We are really looking forward to an exciting year ahead.


Our big question this term is: “Could you be the Greatest Showman? “Pupils will be learning about the history of the circus; trying out their circus skills; using their map skills to locate where circuses perform across the world; create sculptures; circus yoga; art and science linked to project will explore forces and magnets as well as humans and animal health. Linked with project learning, English will include writing diaries and information posters/leaflets and exploring poetry.


Science: Children will learn about healthy eating (linking to project learning) food groups, muscles and the skeleton. They will also learn about forces and magnets.

RE: We will be learning about how Christianity came to Cornwall and Christian festivals, customs and beliefs.                                                                                                 Music: Pupils will learn about composition and building beat- linked to a circus theme.

PE:  This term Truro class will be learning skills linked to science and project as well as football skills. Please provide your child with a named PE kit to keep in school. PE will be on Wednesdays.                                                                                                             MFL This term pupils will be learning how to greet each other and familiar words in French.

Homelearning We believe that enjoyable, organised home learning helps children acquire the skills and self-motivation to help them to become life-long, independent learners. This learning supports class work. We hope that pupils will be happy to share and complete home-learning activities with your support.  In English, maths and project work, the suggested time for homelearning is 20 minutes (or more for extended projects) as well as reading each day. Home learning will be set on Thursdays to be handed in on Mondays. Please listen to your child read regularly and sign your child’s diary so they can work towards earning their reading bands. In addition, spellings will be given to your child to practice on home-learning day.

Open door policy: At Tregolls we operate an open door policy. We would like to hear about any issues or concerns you may have concerning your child as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to talk to me or to another member of the team. If we cannot speak to you for any reason on the day, we will phone you in the evening. Our ultimate aim in Truro Class is for your child to enjoy coming to school and to develop a love of learning.

Please see our project overview for the term and the overview of subjects that will be taught.

Mrs Heather Hatch and the Year 3 team.

parent-Autumn- Helford class 2018