Allen (2015-16)


  • Sports Day will be on the 4th July.
  • The first transition afternoon starts for new children this week.
  • Next week is Parents Evening on the 4th and 7th please see me if you would like to make an appointment.
  • School Fair next Friday the 8th July at 2pm.

We still need junk modelling to make constructions!

Science Week 13/6/16

Last week was Science week and children took part in these learning activities.

  • Making and testing aeroplanes
  • Learning the story of orion
  • Investigating different torches
  •  Investigating ice
  • Investigating the computer tower with screwdrivers
  • Making aliens

A great start to Art week!  Thank you to the parents that have bought in resources!

This week we will be…

  • marbling with inks
  • making sculptures/collages with natural materials.
  • making mobiles with natural materials.
  • weaving with fabric to decorate the outside

Today we have been making in the woodwork area outside with saws and sand paper!  In my RWinc group somebody read the word hundred independently!

We will send out home/school targets with your child this week please support over the holidays with this.

Next week is Art week in school.  We will be making sculptures with natural materials.  Please over the weekend can parents look for shells, pebbles, leaves, fabrics and any other objects that we could use.

Thank you!

Week beginning 16/5/16

  • Thank you to the parents that have attended the focus group meetings we really need your support.
  • Children need to continue to learn their red words- the, I, was, she, no, go, to, he, went, like.  These words will help children write sentences.
  • Please remember to bring in suncream for your child during hot weather.
  • Thank you to the children last week that helped to tidy the outdoors.  We have carrots and beetroot growing!  Children helped weed, sweep and sort many areas.  Great team work!
  • We have used the ipads to look at Google Earth and the beebot to find the planets.
  • We have been mixing powder paint to make beautiful colours and planets.
  • We are writing letters to Tim Peake and have been learning about him.
  • We have learnt letters of the alphabet in Makaton.  Next step colours…

Mrs Pope our Speech and Language trained teaching assistant is supporting all of the Early Years team in the use of Makaton.

Please ask your child…

  • What is your favourite planet?  Why?
  • Do you believe in Aliens?  Why?
  • Could you be an astronaut?

Children love this!          We are the Planets- Story Bots  (You tube)

International Space Station

Wow we have had some exciting times!  (9/5/16)

  • Cake sale that raised £90 for our outdoor storage.  Thank you parents!
  • Planted the outside tyres.
  • We had a visit from the Planetarium which the children really loved!  We enjoyed finding out about the different planets!
  • Parents came in to visit us, look at learning journeys and share writing with us.
  • We took part in the race for life!
  • This week the aliens have visited us and have left us a message!  Can we write a letter back?
  • We have been enjoying the story Aliens Love Underpants.

  rocketsspace ship

Making rockets!                         The alien ship has landed!

writing 2

Code breaking maths 2

ice Melting ice

in the hall

We met the aliens!

Week beginning 25th April 2016 | Start to the Summer!

Summer Letter | Summer Medium Plan | Summer Long Term Plan

Spring Letter | Spring Medium Plan January 2016 Newsletter | Space Topic

We  have had  a super  first  day.  Children have settled well.  We have been painting, outdoors, recognising our names, listening to stories and playing some music.

 Medium-Term-web-overview-Autumn 1st 2015



Allen Class Autumn Term Letter


Welcome to Allen class and Tregolls School!   Both myself and my teaching assistant are really excited about the start of a new year.  We will be supporting your child with this important transition.   We understand this can be an anxious time for you both and we hope that we can help support you with any concerns that you may have.  Obviously you know your child and hold key pieces of information that will help them settle.  Please inform us with this, we obviously want your child to settle into school life smoothly so that they can reach their full potential.  I am available at the end of the school day if you need to see me and Mrs Watkins can pass on messages in the morning.


 Attendance and punctuality is really important so that children do not miss their learning.  Circle time and RWInc takes place at the beginning of the day.  Ofsted clearly monitor attendance.

By the end of the year we hope that with your support;


Children read and understand simple sentences. They use phonic knowledge to read regular words and read them aloud accurately. They also read some common irregular words. They demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read.


Children use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. They also write some irregular common words (tricky words). They write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others. Some words are spelt correctly and others are phonetically plausible.


Children count reliably with numbers from one to 20, place them in order and say which number is one more or one less than a given number. Using quantities and objects, they add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer. They solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.


 We hand out home learning every week.  This may need some support, but we usually encourage children to be as independent as possible.  Homelearning is a core part of your child’s education. The learning that they do at home, should reinforce their learning in class. This means, they should be able to explain to you what they have been learning.

These are our expectations of children in Allen class and would greatly appreciate your support in reinforcing the importance of learning.


  • Home Learning pieces to be handed in by Tuesday at the latest. We will give out homelearning on Thursday. Please place in the blue tray in the conservatory.
  • Reading: Ultimately, every child in the school should be reading every day to an adult at home. The more you read the better you will become!
  • Please make a note in their green diaries or pop in and see us if they are finding the learning a bit tricky. We ask if you read with your child to also write this in their green diary.  Reading can consist of their home/school reading book, a book or magazine from home. Please can diaries and reading books be placed in the provided yellow box in the conservatory each day, we aim to check how each child is progressing.  My TA checks each day if children have been reading and we count up the amount so that children will then receive a reading band.  If the diary is not placed in the box we are not aware that your child has been reading.   I cannot express how important your support with reading is; the better the reader the better the writer.  We certainly notice the difference in the children that read at home and those that do not.
  • PE and clothing

Children need to remember to bring in their PE kits each week. PE will be on a Wednesday. We expect all children to have suitable PE kit to wear. We also hope children are independent and dress by themselves. We try to encourage independence in Allen Class and most of the children are usually keen to respond.  Jumpers need to be placed in school bags.  Please label all of your child’s clothes, which will help prevent distress on PE days.  Children need to come to school in a waterproof coat.  On sunny days they can bring in sun cream.  Any unlabelled clothes can be found in the yellow lost property box in the conservatory.

Suncream can be sent in a labelled bottle.  If it is applied before school we will help children to reapply at lunch time.