Allen Class (2016/17)


  • Making drinks.  Learning about full and half.
  • Investigating ice.
  • Reading the story of Sally and the limpet.
  • Mixing colours using pipettes.
  • Using watercolours  and pastels.
  • Water play and animals that live in water.
  • Thinking about the water cycle.
  • Cooling our feet!
  • Investigating where we live on google maps.
  • Thinking about other cultures and countries.

Dates to remember… Monday 10th July Art week. Children to come in rainbow colours.

11th July Foundation Stage Sports Day

Please can children come in PE kit.

 Ink  and water towels.  Colouring mixing  

Finding half and whole.  Today we have been talking about a quarter.

Children made their own drinks!




Tea parties and independent learning.


 Addition game

 Visit from the dentist for 2nd fluoride application

Looking at photos from Africa and talking about different cultures.


Pastel pictures                                              Reading!

 The older children made books for us and read them to us.

 Wet days in the mud kitchen.





Water fun Wow day! Bubbles, ice, pipes, buckets, wellingtons, splashes and squirts!

Some learning so far this term!

  • Pastel drawings of sea creatures
  • Ordering numbers
  • Adding dice and recording
  • Independent creations of an otter, crown and bracelet!
  • Counting amounts of sticks and recording.


Allen Class Summer Term Letter


We hope you had a lovely Easter break and everyone can now enjoy some better weather!  I am available at the end of the school day if you need to see me and my teaching assistants can pass on messages in the morning. We will soon be sending out home/school targets.  Please help to support your child with these at home.



Attendance and punctuality is really important so that children do not miss their learning and settle well into the school day.  School starts at 8.50 am and finishes at 3.15 pm. We start RWInc straight after the register. If the conservatory door is locked please take your child around to the reception.

This is a very important term for the children as they end the foundation stage and transition into year one begins. Please assist your child with this progression by making sure they have enough sleep and get to school on time.  I will give Foundation Stage results to the government  next half term and it is important that we work together to best support your child.

By the end of the year we hope that with your support:


Children read and understand simple sentences. They use phonic knowledge to read regular words and read them aloud accurately. They also read some common irregular words. They demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read.


Children use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. They also write some irregular common words (tricky words). They write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others. Some words are spelt correctly and others are phonetically plausible.


Children count reliably with numbers from one to 20, place them in order and say which number is one more or one less than a given number. Using quantities and objects, they add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer. They solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.


We hand out home learning every week.  This may need some support, but we usually encourage children to be as independent as possible.  Homelearning is a core part of your child’s education. The learning that they do at home, should reinforce their learning in class. This means, they should be able to explain to you what they have been learning.

These are our expectations of children in Allen class and would greatly appreciate your support in reinforcing the importance of learning

Home Learning pieces to be handed in by Tuesday at the latest. We will give out homelearning on Thursday.   Please place in the red tray in the conservatory.

–      Reading: Ultimately, every child in the school should be reading every day to an adult at home. The more you read the better you will become!

–      Please make a note in their green diaries or pop in and see us if they are finding the learning a bit tricky.   We ask if you read with your child to also write this in their green diary.  Reading can consist of their home/school reading book, a book or magazine from home. Please can diaries and reading books be placed in book bags in the provided box in the conservatory each day, we aim to check how each child is progressing.  My TA checks each day if children have been reading and we count up the amount so that children could receive a special reward.  If the diary is not placed in the box we are not aware that your child has been reading.   I cannot express how important your support with reading is; the better the reader the better the writer.  We certainly notice the difference in the children that read at home and those that do not.

PE and clothing

Children need to remember to bring in their PE kits each week. PE will be on a Tuesday. We expect all children to have suitable PE kit to wear. We also hope children are independent and dress by themselves. We try to encourage independence in Allen Class and most of the children are usually keen to respond.  Jumpers need to be placed in school bags.  Please label all of your child’s clothes, which will help prevent distress on PE days.  Children need to come to school in a waterproof coat.    Any unlabelled clothes can be found in the yellow lost property box in the conservatory.    Please could children bring in a pair of labelled wellington boots that can be left at school.  Children also need to leave a spare pair of clothes in their bag as we do not have enough spare clothes. When the weather is warm children can bring in suncream.  Please label the pot and hand to a member of staff.


Thank you to parents that have added comments to their child’s online learning journey.  Please let us know if you are having difficulty accessing the site.  Please could you add a comment about your child’s Easter events on the page provided.  We are pleased some parents have added photos, videos and comments of their child’s learning at home.

Wow day

Children need to bring in spare old clothes day this Friday 21st April.  We will be having a water fun d


This term our topic is “What sea creature would you be?  Why?”  Children already have a great interest in this as we discussed before the holidays.   Please talk to your child about…

  • Creatures that live in the sea
  • Creatures we find at the beach
  • How to look after the sea, beach, pond etc
  • Other water creatures
  • Life cycles of fish, frogs etc

Books children might like…

  • Rainbow fish
  • Lighthouse keepers lunch
  • Sharing a shell
  • Soggy bear stories

We will take on board children’s needs, interests and abilities into our teaching.  

Please could you also collect any recycling materials such as empty plastic bottles with lids, kitchen roll tubes (not toilet rolls), small boxes, yoghurt pots, small containers and lids.  We will be collecting pieces of wood, bricks, guttering, nuts, bolts, keys and other objects.

Yours Sincerely

The Foundation Stage  Team




Exit Day

We had a sponsored car wash to raise money for the air ambulance.  The air ambulance came to visit us!

How do things work?

 Red wordsNumbers to 20!

Size comparison Gymnastics!

Experimenting with the ipads!

Making a space rocket!

Hoovering on our Wow day!


 Toast and hot chocolate on our Wow day.  We used a kettle and toaster.

 Investigating the ipads

 Toaster and kettle

How do things work?

Bikes on our wow day!

Wow Day and Learning Spring Term 2017

The children loved our wow day.  We buttered toast and drank hot chocolate in the morning.  We talked about what happens to the water in the kettle and the children learnt that a Kettle produces steam not smoke!  Outside we tried the balance bikes and roleplayed a road with the traffic lights.  In the afternoon the children played builders in the roleplay and investigated the ipads.

We have been learning to read and write our red words such as I, to, go, into, the, is and am.  We will continue to learn new ones each week.

We have been learning new songs related to things that move/work.

This week we have printed different forms of transport and practised our scissor control when we cut them out.

The children are loving PE in the hall and we have been developing our gym skills!


Happy New Year!  Hope you enjoyed the holidays!!

Spring 2017_letter 1st (Claire Vickary)

Medium-Term-web-overview Spring 2017

img_04501  Independent learning- a tiger’s bed!       img_00731 Throwing and catching!


  • Christmas play 8th December please bring in your child’s clothes by the 1st.
  • Tickets will go out soon.
  • We will be making objects to sell at the school fair in the coming weeks.
  • Children will be writing letters to Father Christmas.
  • Children love this dough disco on you tube which helps to develop their handwriting skills!
  • The dentist will be visiting on the 12th December to apply Fluoride coating to reception class children.


img_05971   img_06051

Making shapes and learning about Pentagons!  We used lolly pop sticks and sticks from outside.   We are also learning about 3d shapes.


img_02231 Forward rolls on Children in Need Day!  Thank you for your donations!


img_02801  11 cubes and number 11 with sticks!  We are getting better at counting different amounts.

img_04951Mark making from this         img_04941 to this!

img_04921 Letters to Father Christmas  img_04931

img_04911Independent learning.

img_04861Numbers display .  We made bears and counted the buttons.img_04781 Autumn collages with natural objects.

img_04791The children have loved retelling the story of the Bear Hunt!

img_00351  We looked at old toys from the library  img_00371

img_01641  Counting natural objects.

img_03301  Class mascot that we get to take home for a few days.

img_04881 Otter went for a trip on the school bus!

Autumn pictures img_12051  We used seeds, pulses and leaves!


Bug hunts!

Writing about fireworks img_01251 img_01741 Observations

img_02591  Observations



Independent learning


img_12031 Making a camp                                                              img_00911 Mud pies!

img_11601  Leaf Hunts

This week we will focus on learning about Harvest.  We have our Harvest Festival on Wednesday at 11.00 am.  Parents are welcome to join us.   We will be making soup this week and learning about different fruits and vegetables.   We have been talking about the seasons and what is happening to the world outside.   Children have been making up their own version of We are going on a Monster Hunt!  They decided they wanted a monster and the different parts of the story including a farm, bridge, swap and shop.

We are also using these number rhymes to help us remember them.

We also have a open parents evening this week and we will have these again.  Many parents have signed up which is good to see.  I hope parents can also make the spelling meeting this week.

Next Friday is the Halloween Disco.  Children can come in fancy dress.

Soon we will be giving you out details about how you can log onto your child’s online learning journey.

September 2016

A great start to the year so far!  Children have settled far so well and have already taken part in their first PE lesson!  We are learning about toys this term.  I will soon be sending out letters about parent learning together afternoons.  This week we will be having our Wow day to introduce our topic.  Children can bring in a favourite teddy and we will make a picnic!

We also welcome my new teaching assistants Mrs Allen and Mrs Tregunna.  We are all here to help.


Please see the Autumn Term letter and planning attached.





Please also return the following letter…