Fowey (2015/16)

Fowey Class 2015-2016

Graffiti – 30/06/16

Inspired by the works of Blek le Rat and Banksy we have created some amazing stencil art with the help of Mr Thomas. Using stencils to create art is pretty quick, however the thinking and preparation time behind each piece is where the quality comes through.

Surfs up – 30/06/16

Living in Cornwall has its benefits, one of the best must be access to some of the best surf spots in the world. This week was our third week of lessons at ticket to ride surf school Newquay with Julian, Jodie and the crew. The conditions have been perfect for building our skills and knowledge of the sea. Being able to recognise the flags, if the tide is coming in or out and the effect of the wind are essential to be safe in the sea. Fantastic progress everybody.


Sports Day

What an amazing day for the year 6 students – results to follow soon, but I am aware of Craig Watson winning the year 6 boys sprints and Elle-May won the girls race.

Mr Thomas and Mrs Rich said that the older children were great with the coaching of the youngsters – well done all.

Goblin Car Race Day – Newquay Airport – 22nd June

What an amazing day we have just had at the Greenpower Goblin-car race day. First things first, many, many thanks to Andy Long and Andy Watts for their help on the day. Particular thanks must go to Mr. Long, who has supported us with the time-trials, the mechanics and the organisation on the day – you’re a genius!

A super day had by all – the racing is always important, but it is a wonderful time for the children to let off steam, relax and enjoy each other’s company – as always, their behaviour was impeccable throughout.

One child that needs special praise is Kieran – today he has been absolutely magnificent. He raced really quickly (didn’t like the brake!); met the policemen (got arrested!); had emergency surgery in the ambulance (his insides were pouring out apparently!) and generally loved his day – what a credit to Kenwyn class, the school and his family he is.

The pictures below show how well we raced with Faye and Craig being particularly impressive due to their super-speed and unwillingness to brake!

Away from the race-track, Jake was a super-star in the science tent – he created the third quickest power-car; Lewis loved all of the experiments on show and Elle and Layla were scratch (computer-coding stars) – well done all.

A super day and we await the results either tomorrow or Friday…


Isabel racing


Jake with his car and certificate


Kieran locked up


Jake’s masterpiece


It’s lunchtime


Craig’s ready


Faye loving the science tent

Goblin Car Practise

The Goblin Car race day is fast approaching (Weds 22nd) and the children are in training with Mr Long – our resident mechanic/engineer/organiser/driver!

Quickest so far is Faye – will she be doing the final lap in Newquay? Final practise this coming Monday.


Mr Long ready with Craig


Faye flying!

Science Week

Monday leading year 1 investigation

Science week offered up a fantastic chance for Fowey class to lead a year one mini beast investigation. Ms Jones’ thirty strong scientists arrived with curious enthusiasm ready to learn.

Leading teams of 2 or three, year 6 modelled the correct use of the collection equipment and talked with their teams where they were most likely to find mini beasts in the school grounds. Taking responsibility for their team members year six developed their own scientific skills and leadership. Back in the classroom Fowey shared their knowledge of classification keys as they observed the insects they had collected.

Thursday – visit to Exeter university campus Penryn

Fresh from our first surfing lesson of the year Fowey class headed to the University of Exeter Penryn Campus for a tour of the biological sciences laboratories. Meeting and learning from PHd student Beth who lead a fantastic session building on the classification keys we had developed earlier in the week. Following some great questions from Fowey class, Beth showed us the live insects that they keep for their observations. Hissing cockroaches, a box of bees slimy giant snails and incredibly sticky stick insects were released from their temporary homes so we could get a closer look (all except the Bees). Beth was really impressed with the questions Fowey class asked after she explained the work she was doing with bees for her PHd!!!

Year 6 Surfing Lessons

It is that fun time of year when we all put our wetsuits on and hit the waves! A great start today with our Newquay Surf School. Massive thanks to Mr Thomas and Mr Long for organising the event (and Maddi’s mum for some great photos!) Same time next week!


Fowey Class warming up for the waves!


Some of the team chilling out on their boards


This is more like a fitness class!


Great waves Year 6

Please see our attached medium term plan Summer-term-overview-2015-2016-

Summer term letter

A very warm welcome back after the Easter holidays. I do hope that you all had a good break. A huge ‘thank-you’ to the support you have given your children with their ’10-4-10’ Easter revision – we hope it will have a huge impact.

IPC Curriculum and Science

Our new topic question will be: Is Graffiti vandalism? We will be launching our new exciting project very soon with a creative afternoon where a local graffiti artist will be working with the children to create their own unique art work to express an abstract concept. During the topic, the children will be studying in detail famous artists and their legacies. They will also be working with a local composer to compose their own music using instruments and ICT software. Our project will cumulate with a performance during the Summer Fayre where the children will be performing their compositions and selling their amazing art work.

In science this term one of our topics will be ‘Living things and their habitat’s’ We are lucky to live in a perfect part of the world to make this unit a ‘hands-on’ experience and we will be going on school field trips to observe animals and plants in their natural environment.  We will also be revising all other areas of the curriculum.

Literacy and Numeracy

The end product for our unit will be based on a balanced argument – ‘Is graffiti vandalism or not?’ The children will be exploring views as to whether it is should be classed as an act of vandalism or not. Fowey will also be organising the summer fayre – so they will be involved with the advertising of this event. They will also be writing to different charities, groups and businesses to get their support for the different activities that will be happening.

In numeracy this term we will be revising different subject areas that the children have found tricky this term – this will centre on measurement, decimals and percentages, time and the understanding of word problems.

French and RE

Fowey Class will be learning French this year during their lessons this term they will be learning to talk about their family, the weather, discuss leisure activities and express their own opinions. In RE, we will be looking at Judaism and its links with Christianity.

PE days and kit

We will be starting outdoor PE on Tuesday afternoons – this will involve athletic activities. Please ensure that the children have their regular kit, plus suitable trainers for running in.

The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy for all of the children in Fowey. For parents, we ask that you continue to support your child with any homelearning they are unsure of. This may include giving them a little extra support with multiplication tables, talking to them about any concerns/issues they may have or just being there to listen to them read each night. We trust that together we can make the difference and make the children ‘secondary ready’.

As always, please come and see one of us with any issues/concerns you may have.

Many thanks,

The Year 6 Team


Spring Term 2016 Spring term overview of topics | Spring Term Planning Overview

Please see the above link for details about our new spring term learning in Fowey class. Happy New Year to  you all.

spring letter 2016 Please read our Fowey class letter for details about PE, homelearning and other parts of our curriculum.

Paired Friday Reading with Helford

When Mrs Bellamy asked if I could possibly let her year 2 class read to my year 6 I was a little worried – I have not taught this age group for a little while! However, I didn’t need to be nervous at all, because my year 6 pupils were amazing – they heard their pairs read to them, quizzed them on their understanding and praised them for their super fluency skills – great paired support Fowey class and perhaps more importantly, great reading Helford class.


Murder Mystery Maths

Pop in and see our new Murder Mystery display. This is a weekly discovery maths task when we work together and support each other (relationships) and above all else, show immense resilience to crack the codes.  prize awaits each winning group each week.


Myths and Legends reading in literacy time


This week we have been really enjoying the myths and legends website during literacy. As we had half the class dancing, the rest of the class decided they would like to read some more myths and add to their WOW word book. I’m looking forward to reading their myths this week for homelearning.

Myths and Legends Storytelling afternoon

We have just had an amazing, yet rainy, launch day for our myths and legends topic. Mrs Gibson got things going with an amazing retelling of Pandora’s box (our main theme). She brought in a wooden box and pulled out misery, death and disease from the box – this was accompanied by some smoke and stage lighting – incredible!

The children also told their myths that they had researched to their friends – we had mermaid, dragon and witch stories which were all really well retold.

As you can see from the pictures, we tried to light a fire, but because it has been so damp, the fire didn’t really get going – we just about had enough flame for roasted marshmallows – delicious!

Many, many thanks to both Rowena and Andy who helped us with the organisation and the running of the afternoon – memories that will stay with us forever!


myths and legends website – it’s amazing!

Tuesday 12th January

Fowey class trip to Truro Cathedral

We had a fantastic visit to Truro cathedral. It was a great morning where we learned lots of information about how the cathedral was built and all the amazing people involved in the community  (or diocese). Have a look at the wonderful pictures below of our visit.


Fowey class court chamber debate – Thursday 10th December

I am currently watching Sophie deliver an amazing speech to the ‘House’ based on her argument that the Polar Bear should be classed as the ultimate animal survivor. Everyone is speaking with clarity, volume and enjoying the experience of being in this wonderful auditorium.

This has been a build-up of weeks of learning linked to our ‘Extreme survival’ topic. The children all decided which animal they wanted to argue for: the Stonefish; the Salamander; the Polar Bear and finally, the Camel. Weeks before we learned about a different animal survivor from four different regions in the world: desert; jungle; sea and polar.

The children then researched the amazing abilities of each of their chosen animals and wrote a report about why they think their animal is the best. Matyas’ report has just been very well received by the audience – his choice of adventurous vocabulary and clear dictation was superb.

Other superstar performances included Thomas – the speaker of the House who took charge of the debate; Layla – who supported Matyas’ views and Elle-May, who does lack confidence at times, but delivered an amazing speech. I must also mention Tom, who continues to grow and flourish in school-life – he delivered a fantastic speech with great intonation. Faye also shone on the stage yet again, performing with confidence and ease – perhaps a future job as a solicitor awaits!

After an hour of debate, three councillors stepped away from the chamber to deliberate on which they thought was the best animal. It was an extremely tough decision, but the winning team was the Salamander team – well done to Craig, Alfie and Cody!

Many, many thanks to the Council for supporting us with this opportunity.


Thomas our Chair Person



The Winning Team, Cody, Alfie and Craig! The Salamander is the ultimate survivor!


Romeo and Juliet – Hall for Cornwall – November 23rd 2015

What an absolutely brilliant, brilliant night we have just had at the ‘Hall for Cornwall’ performing our version of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ I am writing this from our very own dressing room on the third floor as I just had to get down my thoughts and feelings as the actors and actresses are buzzing with excitement.

We saved the best performance till last and shone above the other schools: no one missed their lines, everyone went on at the right time and more importantly, everyone enjoyed themselves and now have the biggest smiles EVER!

Matyi wanted to say that he feels proud more than ever and loved doing the fight scene with Mercutio. Lewis said that, ‘At the start I was really nervous, but once I started I felt happy and joyful because I did my lines correctly and I think I’ve done really well.’ Faye, who played Juliet, said, ‘I will probably never forget this, because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it was nerve-wracking, but I got through it was fun!’ Maddi agrees with Faye and said, ‘It was so enjoyable and fun – a great experience. I wasn’t too stressed on stage either.’ Tom, who played Lord Capulet, was perhaps, one of the most nervous of the cast but ended up loving it, he said, ‘I was nervous before, but after I felt really proud and would love to do it again one day. One of my favourite parts was practising the lines, they were tricky and I didn’t think I would know them in time, but did it!

A big thank-you to Shakepeare Schools who organised the whole event; Vanessa Lines and her son who helped with props; Mrs Rich (my rock!) and all the support on the day from teachers. Oh, and finally, a special thanks to our amazing families who have raised such wonderful, talented young people – your children were a credit to you.

Mr Watkins

Romeo and Juliet Display

Thanks so, so much for doing the display for me Talia – it looks brilliant. Parents/carers, please come in and read our writing. The children have redrafted and typed up their BEST learning.


Examples of the descriptive writing on display…

“Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo?” sighed Juliet despondently feeling ignored by the one true man she soulfully loved.

Around her, she could hear horrifying raucous noises like hoots and howls echoing in the empty night sky. The fear crept up on her, heart pounding; skin frozen; body paralysed not a single sound was heard…

“O’ Juliet I take thee at thy word. Hence forth never would you call me Romeo or a Montague again. I am an honest, pure man!” He cried mournfully to Juliet.

As quiet as a mouse, the drunken, plump Nurse slithered into Juliet’s bed chamber bursting out with ferocious, aggressive fire in her wicked eyes.           


Dashing towards the balcony Juliet eyes froze as she started flailing her arms frantically at Romeo, leaving him in puzzlement and staring at the delicacy of her eyes that were glistening shooting stars in the misty night sky!

By Faye

As the shimmering diamond like stars glimmered in the clear night sky, Romeo made his way to the Capulets garden balcony, “Juliet, Juliet  are you there my love?” he whispered cautiously  with great hope that the head of the house wasn’t going to find out about him. Then suddenly, out of the blue, Juliet appeared at the balcony, her velvety black hair waving in the midnight wind, her radiant smile blended beautifully wither gleaming, glowing eyes that seemed to brighten the air with joy wherever she was, “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?” she cried in despair and grief, not knowing if Romeo is ever going to come.

Then an angry cacophony of noise split the night air as Juliet’s wretched Nurse stormed to the balcony, she really was quite plump: she had bright red cheeks; straw like ginger hair; a large bottle of wine in her greasy hand: “JULIET ! Get here now! Hey, who were you taking to? Who’s out there!?” she screeched. “Uh nobody’s here, it’s just me,” Juliet replied sarcastically.

“Well, if you’re the only one out here, then who were you talking to?” Nurse asked curiously. “I was just practicing my big wedding speech for when I get married to Count Paris, I wouldn’t want to say something unusual in front of my true love, would I?” Juliet said nervously, making up the story on the spot with sweat dripping down her back, clinging to her night dress.

By Jake 

Wilderness Survival Day 3

Today the children went to Luxulyan Valley Woods with Survival expert James to practice their survival skills! On arrival, the children had to work as a team to carry all the equipment to base camp. On the way there, they had to forage for their lunch, and gather wood for the fire which they had to make once they reached base camp.

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3

The children then learnt the specialist survival skill of tracking animals!

Picture4 Picture5

After an exciting morning, the they then learnt how to use the food that they had foraged to cook lunch – wild mushroom, garlic and nettle stir fry – delicious!

Romeo and Juliet at the Hall for Cornwall

An amazing experience for the children – we went to the HFC to familiarise ourselves with the stage and positioning. The children behaved impeccably and interacted positively with Truro High School, who were also there.

P1020203 P1020220 P1020246

Wilderness Survival Skills Day 2

Thursday 17th September 2015

We learnt to construct a shelter using available materials, protecting ourselves against the elements.

A plane went gone down over the amazon rain forest. Denzel and Demelza are the only survivors. Darkness is approaching….

Their mission was to build a shelter for Denzel and Demelza.

The shelter must protect them against all the elements:

  1. It must be able to provide shade and protect them from the powerful rays of the sun.
  2. They must remain dry when water is poured over the top of the shelter.
  3. The shelter and the people inside must be able to withstand a 30 second blast of air.

Picture2 Picture3

We worked together effectively and responsibly with great relationships, using resilience and resourcefulness!

Picture4 Picture5

We then tested our shelters and evaluated our them, identifying strengths and areas for development.

Picture6 Picture7


Wilderness Survival Skills Day 1

Friday 11th September 2015

We learnt to light a fire as well as extinguish and clear away afterwards, to ensure we are prepared for a survival situation and leave no harmful impact on the area.

Firelighting is a fundamental skill and is vital for survival. A fire provides warmth, a place to cook or boil water as well as light at night.

Picture2 Picture3

We have learnt how to prepare the ground for a fire, extinguish it and clear the fire away correctly.

Tinder, kindling and fuel are three essential ingredients for firelighting.  We learnt how to collect materials and their different burning properties. We also learnt to light a fire using five different methods:

Flint and steel

Ferro rod and striker

Batteries and steel wool

Magnifying glass

Hand drill

Picture4 Picture5 Picture6 Picture7 Picture8

Camping ‘Survival’ evening

On Friday 11th September we were so, so lucky to be joined by the local cadet force – we must say a huge ‘thankyou’ to Simon from Penair who helped organise our special evening.

To start with, the children had to complete a military style obstacle course, whereby, they had to survive the course without being seen by the cadets. Whenever the ‘Corporals’ came close, the children had to keep really still and not make a noise, otherwise they were sent back to the start. The two teams – boys v girls – also had a ‘casualty’ to safely take to the finishing line – unfortunately for us the causalities were Mrs Gibson and myself, with a broken leg.

The girls were amazing but did come second to the amazing boys. However, I did lose my life along the way as the boys raced to the end of the course and forgot their casualty.

Liam thought that the evening was amazing, he said, ‘My favourite bit was trying to get under the scramble net – it was really challenging,’ Tom (who was dressed in the best military gear) also loved it saying, ‘I loved it when the corporals came near us and we had to get away from them.’ Cody thought the obstacle course was fab – she said, ‘It was challenging because we had an injured person on our team and they kept coming close to us. We won really because they left Mr Watkins to die!’ Maddie said that she loved it when we all had to dive on the floor and get through the brambles.

Unfortunately, because of the weather, we had to go into the hall early to dry off. This wasn’t too bad though because the children all brought in cakes and Mrs Osmond made some hot chocolate. A huge ‘thanks’ to this wonderful lady who supports the school in almost every event going. Oh, and I must also pay homage to a certain Mr Long, whose fire-lighting skills are second-to-none, however, his ‘buffalo’ burgers leave something to the imagination!

An amazing evening and the bacon butties weren’t too bad either.

What a start to our new ‘Extreme Survival’ topic and final ‘thanks’ to all the parents for their support, including Rachel, Dale and Jeff, aka ‘the tent support team!’

Mr Watkins.

P1020036 P1020040 P1020047 P1020050 P1020054 P1020055

Wilderness day

P1010948 P1010950 P1010957 P1010970 P1010995

Romeo and Juliet Launch – Drama Day

P1010923 P1010921 P1010918 P1010917 P1010914 P1010912

Welcome to Year 6 and Fowey Class

A very warm welcome back to Tregolls. We hope you have all had a fabulous break and are raring to go for the new term. Please see below details of the autumn curriculum and key information.

Our team and teaching days

May I take this opportunity to welcome our new team for this academic year: Myself, Mr. Watkins, teaching every morning and Tuesday afternoons; Mrs. Gibson – teaching Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons for topic, science and ICT; last but not least, our support staff – Mrs. Rich, who will be supporting our learning from Monday to Wednesday, followed by Mr. Price supporting on Thursdays and Fridays.  

Personally I could not have asked for a more passionate, determined and inspirational team.

IPC Curriculum and Science

Our new topic will be entitled, ‘Who is the ultimate survivor?’  The amazing change this year is that the children, before we broke up, contributed towards what areas within this unit they were specifically interested in. Therefore, we will be having an overnight camping stay at school at the end of this week (on Friday 11th September). You should be aware of this event, however further details will be coming home tomorrow about this overnight extravaganza! Furthermore, a trip to Idless woods is being organised for Thursday 17th September, where the children will attempt to build their very own survival shelter – details to be released soon.

Other areas of learning within this unit will be the study of different extreme regions on our planet, ranging from the polar ice-caps to the deserts of the world. We will then study different animal and plant life that have adapted to survive on these regions – this unit is amazing and I can’t wait to see the children’s learning. 

In Science we will be looking at the human body, including the circulatory and digestive system. We will be studying how long the body can survive without oxygen, water and food, and what happens to the bodies organs when they start to fail!

Literacy and Numeracy

I am delighted to announce that Fowey class this year will be performing Romeo and Juliet at the Hall for Cornwall on Monday 23rd November. Make a date for your diary. This is an amazing package and therefore the literacy units leading up to this will centre on this incredible Shakespearian play. I will inform you nearer the time of the performance day details. At this stage I would like to make you aware that there will be a cost for each ticket.  

Numeracy will be focused on improving the speed and recall of number facts, the mastery of problems involving the four operations, fractions, percentages and decimals and ‘murder mystery’ problem solving for our Friday Discovery maths lessons. 

MFL – French and RE

Fowey Class will be learning French this year during their lessons this half term they will learn about where the French language is used; be able to introduce themselves and others; the weather; numbers and days of the week.

In RE, we will be developing a further understanding of God and different Christian beliefs.

PE days and kit

We will be starting with football in the autumn term with our main PE day on Tuesdays. We will be using the two 3G pitches for PE this term and as it is football, please allow your child to bring in football socks and shinpads if they have them. They may also wear football trainers for this lesson.  

Please ensure that the children have all of their kit clearly labeled in a PE bag each week. If the children do not have their PE kit, they will be asked to forfeit a breaktime the next day – we would like the children to be looking smart for each lesson. Thank you for your support with this. The kit requirements are:

Boys –  Blue short and a Tregolls t-shirt

Girls – Leggings or blue shorts and a Tregolls t-shirt

Footwear – As previously stated or PE plimsolls.

As the weather will grow colder, please ensure that your child has a school jumper to wear for outdoor PE.

If you have any issues with the PE kit please pop in and speak to us.

Homelearning Requirements

As per the Home Learning Policy, children in year 6 should be spending 45 minutes on their literacy and numeracy pieces each week. Where possible, these two pieces of homelearning will reinforce skills being taught that week in class. The children will be set homelearning which challenges them and tests their resilience. Please support your child by offering tips and advice for each piece.

The children will also be required to learn all of their multiplication facts up to the 12x table. They will be tested weekly on them and so, please support them by writing up tricky facts around the house for them to view regularly.

In addition to the weekly literacy and numeracy piece, the children should be reading for 15 minutes every day. Please question your child on what they have read and then sign their homeschool reading records. This will need to be completed daily as we will be completing a daily reading chart in school each morning. Children who choose not to read each day will forfeit their breaktime.   

Homelearning will be given out on Thursdays and collected in on Mondays. New spelling log books will go home on Mondays with their specific words being tested on the Friday. We will ask for £1 for the loss of any spelling log and/or reading record.

Children have the responsibility to complete their homelearning, and so, if it is late, they will forfeit part of their lunchtime. Please support your child in keeping their homelearning books neat and tidy. Thanks for your support with this; we cannot overemphasize the importance of learning away from school – it will support your child in making great progress this year.

Open door policy

As should be aware by now we operate an open door policy at Tregolls, and therefore myself or Mrs Gibson should always be on hand before or after school to discuss any issues you may have. Building up good communication links is going to be crucial for your child’s year to be a success.

Our ultimate aim in Fowey Class is for your child to enjoy coming to school and for them to achieve more than their potential!

Yours sincerely,

The Year 6 Team.

Please open the attachments below to view the autumn term long term overviews:

Planning Autumn Term Overview