Fowey Class (2014/15)

2015 Goblin Car Race Day

Many, many thanks to Graeme Cardy and Clint Pope for supporting us on this fabulous day on Wednesday. The children were amazingly well behaved and all raced really quickly. We are awaiting the results with anticipation…

Fowey Class and Pirate FM

What a great two days we have had with the Pirate FM team. We were lucky enough to have Paul from the radio station come in to school yesterday to help us plan some radio adverts. The joy about these adverts was that the children actually got to record them in the real studios in Camborne.

An amazing opportunity for our children to see what one of their potential jobs could be in the future. We saw that there is an advertising team, a digital team, an educations department and a broadcasting crew. Neil and Tina were there from the breakfast show which was super. They all made us feel really welcome. Here are some of the pics below showing us in the studio producing our radio adverts.

M. C. Escher Tessellation Discovery Maths

For our learning today you will need the following website.

Summer Term Pupil Choice Learning – The Wild West

Since we completed SATs last week, the children have been given the chance to let us know what they want to learn about. The inspiration came last week when I was talking to the class about ‘Cowboys and Indians!’ Beth asked, ‘Why can’t we learn about fun things like that….’ at the time I was talking about some dangerous Indian tribes – they all seemed rather hooked! I promised them that we could learn about ‘The Wild West’ after SATs and here we are….

At the end of the first week, we are, at this very moment playing, ‘Battleships Gold Digging!’ The children are so engrossed at ‘hitting’ and ‘missing’ that I thought I would take some snaps and write up about their learning. So far the whole class have ‘claimed’ at least one gold claim, however, poor Jack is yet to steal one of Ryan’s plots! The other ‘gold’ linked maths that we learned about yesterday was a discovery maths lesson based on gold claims. This area and perimeter learning can be viewed below.

Other fabulous learning has revolved around ‘The Gold Rush!’ We have been reading lots of information about the key characters: Sam Brannan, James Marshall and John Sutter. The children have been so engaged with their reading that we now have 28 facts on the wall about this wonderful piece of history. Mr. Middlemore even learned something new about rolling down hills covered in jam in order to catch gold (long story!)

When you get a chance, why not ask one of our pupils why Sam Brannan was such a brilliant entrepreneur! We have some much knowledge now. Have a look at our displays too – see what you think.

Year 6 SATs 11th – 15th May

A HUGE well done to the year 6 students this week for an amazing effort with their SATs tests. They all tried their best and we are hoping that this year’s results will eclipse previous.

A MASSIVE thank-you to Veronica in the kitchen for running ‘brainy-breakfast’ all week (even for the bonus Friday). I would personally say ‘thanks’ but I have probably put on half a stone and definitely now know that Mr Middlemore would beat me in a race! Back to crumpets next week! A special ‘thanks’ to Veronica’s able assistants – Julie, Donna, Katherine and Rowena – you’re all stars!

Amazing SPAG in Fowey

We are working so hard at improving our knowledge of spelling and grammar in Fowey. Here are some of the pictures of our great paired learning.

‘Brainy-Breakfast’ – SATs – Monday 11th May

Dear parents/carers,

SATs week is nearly upon us. The children are working tremendously hard and are well prepared to try their very best. To get the children (and adults) ready to give their very best, we are running a ‘Brainy-Breakfast!’From Monday morning (11th) through to Thursday morning (14th). Veronica has very kindly volunteered to cook some bacon, eggs and sausages each morning to give the children the energy they need.

Cereals, toast, croissants and fruit juice will also be available – it really is a nice time to come to school and get prepared for the day.

We would like to invite EVERY member of year 6 and would love every child to attend. Please arrive at8:00am, breakfast runs until 8:30. Please sign the slip below and return in to let us know if you can/can’t make it.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Watkins

Fowey Classteacher and Assistant Headteacher

Reflective Spaces with Lynda

What a fabulous, chilled out start to the day. We were lucky enough to have Lynda, Martin and the rest of the team from the baptist church join us for a ‘reflective space’ session. Here, the children were able to spend some quiet time simply thinking and relaxing. We are SO busy at the moment with SATs preparation, that it is crucial that the children get some quiet time, where there is no pressure to do anything.

Thanks so much to Lynda and her team for setting up Helford class and making the morning very memorable.

Please see below details of our summer term curriculum 

medium term summer 2015

Fowey Class Summer Term Newsletter

A very warm welcome back after the Easter break – we trust you have enjoyed the weather and are raring to go for the new term in Fowey class. A massive ‘well-done’ to the children who attended the Easter revision sessions, Mr. Harrison was thrilled with your positive attitudes.


The quality of homelearning really improved during the spring term and that is down to the children’s dedication and your support as parents. We hope they will continue to produce quality weekly homelearning.

As per usual, the literacy and numeracy will be handed out on Thursdays and we expect it to be handed in on Mondays. Spellings will stay the same – given out and tested on Mondays.

Reading – the new look BugClub website on is proving to be very successful – please encourage your child to read on this platform and earn more golden coins for rewards!

Numeracy – Mrs. Gibson who is now working with Fowey class is going to be launching new multiplication table awards for Fowey class – lots of chocolate prizes are apparently available. So, please support your child in helping them learn their tables. We have found that multiplication and division is a weakness for some children in Fowey, so any support you can offer will make such a difference.


We are starting TAG rugby on Fridays. PE is an area that Fowey class is going to be developing. Unfortunately, a large majority of the class fail to bring in appropriate PE kit each week. Failure to bring in the correct kit will result in a lunchtime detention as we prepare the children to be secondary ready. The children will need to wear trainers for use in the new 3G pitch as well as the usual shorts, t-shirt and socks. Please ensure that your child has a water bottle in school for PE lessons and to keep them hydrated throughout the week.

Other Curriculum Areas

Our new IPC topic is entitled: Wonderful World. We will be looking at what has shaped our planet including natural disasters, plate tectonics and environmental issues. We will also be looking at different cultures and religions from around the world as well as food and products available in different continents. This is topic will allow children to see how we have been shaped by others and what their place in the world is.

Year 6 SATs

The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy for all of the children in Fowey. For the parents, we ask that you support your child in any way you can in providing them with the confidence they need to get through these tests. This may be include giving them a little extra support with numeracy homelearning, talking to them about any concerns/issues they may have or just being there to listen to them. We trust that together we can make the difference for our wonderful children and help them be the best they can be on the day. We are trying not to put any pressure on the children. Please come and see me for any additional resources you may need to support their homelearning.

Yours sincerely,

The Year 6 Team.

Fowey Update

In Science, Fowey Class have been investigating whether there are any differences between shadows cast by translucent and opaque materials.

Fowey Class were asked to to demonstrate their scientific knowledge about how shadows are cast in their Expressionist Artwork. They were inspired to think about the use of light and colour by Claude Monet’s, ‘Three Poplars’.

Discovery Maths

Today we recapped on co-ordinates and directions for our input, before the children got in with their next piece of independent learning based on following a grid with compass points on.

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