Fowey Class (2017/18)

Year 6 End of Year Production

Firstly, may we thank everybody who has supported Fowey class throughout their Tregolls journey. We are so very grateful for the help we have received this year. What a fantastic end to the year – the Year 6 production! Although we had thousands of lines and dances to learn, Fowey class performed with pride and professionalism; we could not be more proud of them! Particular thanks to Ling who jumped in at the last minute to read the lines of an absent character. Also, thanks to everybody who attended the performance to show their support…and to sing along!

Last but not least, thanks to the members of staff who have made the production possible. We could not have done it without you.

Kobie’s Graduation from Badger Forest School.

Today was a very special day, Ms Caruana had the pleasure of joining the Badger Forest School in their graduation day! Apparently, the rainbow cake was a particular highlight of the day.We could not be more proud of Kobie and everything he has achieved this year. We have no doubt that he will continue to thrive in the future and we wish him the very best of luck. Congratulations Kobie!


DT Resistant Materials at Penair.

As a fantastic end to the week, Fowey class had the opportunity to visit Penair again for the start of a wood-work DT project.

We tried out a range of equipment such as a pillar drill, bench hooks, saws and electric sanding machines. We found out that Kyle pays rather extreme attention to detail, which resulted in his CAM machine (which will later become a moving toy) was very well finished.

With special thanks to Mr Powley of Penair, Fowey class are very much looking forward to their next session to continue this project.



Step-by Step Cartoon Art.

This week, Fowey class have been using how-to-draw guides to create their own cartoon characters in the style of Christopher Hart.

Each step of the guide required a great deal of concentration and determination. We’re glad to say that Fowey class showed resilience throughout the session as it was a very tricky process….not that this stopped our year 6 artists!

Here is just one of the fantastic character pages that Fowey class created during their step-by-step art lesson.



Truro Cathedral Visit

This week, Fowey class made yet another trip to Truro’s beautiful Cathedral. We learned a great deal about the history of the Cathedral itself, as well as how Christianity came to Cornwall.

We did some detective work by investigating who the people in the stained glass windows were and what they represented. After this tour, we held our own procession around the Cathedral to show how the Cathedral is still used as a place of worship (even though it was built over 130 years ago).

Now, we can look forward to finding out more about the history of Christianity in Cornwall and about why Cornwall is considered to be such as spiritual place.

Summer Term Disney Launch Day!

What a day! Fowey class kicked off the term in true Disney style. We had a great range of costumes, inspired by a wide variety of Disney films.

We spent the morning designing and building sea-faring vessels which were inspired by one of the newest Disney films: Moana. These designs were all so different, and none of us knew what to expect. After break, we used a blow up padding pool to hold the maiden voyage of our boats and see which were the most effective. We noticed that having a sail aided the speed greatly and that cardboard is definitely not water-resistant (as proven by our sunken vessels).

In the afternoon, we were lucky enough to have our first Brazilian Ju Jitsu lesson for PE. We learned how to roll safely and how to protect our bodies when we take part in any Martial Art. We also found out which sitting positions are strongest for us to use when waiting for instructions.

Finally, we watched a range of Disney clips in order to take note of what this style of building looks like. We discussed castles, cottages and evil hide-outs. We then used this knowledge to build our own Disney-style buildings using Minecraft. The most challenging part of the lesson was choosing the best materials for the job as they needed to be strong and also needed to be the correct colour and have the best effect.

As always, Fowey class threw themselves into the day with enthusiasm and passion. There were many laughs and a wonderful day was had by all… with a short Disney sing-along for good measure!


Summer Term Plans

As usual, Fowey class would like to thank you for your continued support as we come to the end of another fantastic term of learning.


Please see below: the summer term subject plans and the letter which will also be given out as a paper copy.


Summer Letter 18






Harry Potter Final Outcome

As the final outcome for our Harry Potter based project, we were lucky enough to visit Trispen St Erme School to share our learning. We used pick and green post-it notes to provide feedback for the learning that St Erme had done and they did the same for us. It was great to see what another year 6 class have been learning about and the imaginative outcomes that their Vikings project lead to. The best part of the day was meeting new people; now the class have made some new friends which will be great as they enter secondary school.

The final part of the afternoon was spent in true Harry Potter style: playing a game of Quidditch. It was fantastic to show St Erme how to play this rather complicated game. They picked the rules up so quickly that, in the end, they had become a force to be reckoned with. Fowey class behaved with respect and kindness as always and represented Tregolls with pride!



World Book Day

Today, Fowey class had a great time celebrating World Book Day. As our author was J. R. R. Tolkien, we had a classroom full of Hobbits, Wizards and Elves (as well as Aiden as a dark follower of Lord Sauron).

We spent the morning listening to the sound-track and looking at images form the Lord of the Rings to help us create our own Middle-Earth style battle scenes using perspective art techniques. Although we found it challenging to use art to show an abstract concept such as ‘war’, Fowey class put in a fantastic amount of effort and produced some inspirational drawings that Tolkien himself would be proud of.

In the afternoon, we were joined by some of our family members. We spent the afternoon expressing our love of reading by sharing our favourite books and showing how we use online tools such as Reading Express to deepen our understanding of what we have read.


Chemistry Session at Penair

This week, Fowey class were lucky enough to return to Penair for another ‘whizz, bang’ chemistry lesson with Mr Love.

The excitement started the moment the children were told to put on their safety goggles. The session began with a discussion about how to ensure that you and your class mates are safe in the chemistry lab, looking through images of possible hazards that can arise in this kind of environment. This understanding will undoubtedly be useful for the children in secondary school science lessons.

Mr Love then gave a short demonstration of how to make your own firework using only a damp wooden splint, some metal filings and a Bunsen burner. The children then went on to experiment with the different combinations of metal shavings to see which would make the most spectacular light show when put into the flame of a Bunsen burner. Miss Batten decided not to get too close to Nikole and Brooke as they quickly discovered how to make an explosive combination of materials! Aiden had the chance show off his amazing knowledge of scientific vocabulary, and of the equipment he was given. He wasted no time in creating some incredible metal combinations with glowed green and fizzed ferociously.

We ended the session by Mr Love demonstrating how to test how much sugar is in our favourite sweets. He did this by putting jelly babies into a chemical solution, melting it into a liquid and setting it alight. Needless to say, the result was nothing short of breath-taking.

We hope to return to Penair soon for another chemistry lesson with Mr Love and Fowey class are now extremely excited to see what science at secondary school will hold for them.



Harry Potter Launch Day
Today we have had an amazing Harry Potter style launch day for our new project title: How has magic changed over time? The children arrived in their costumes and they all looked amazing. We then got going with a superb art morning in which Mike Brett came in from Penair to take us through an art project that we are going to be working on – thanks for the support Mike.
The children then participated in their own version of Quidditch in the afternoon – the pictures look amazing. A great day everyone.


Spring Term Project Details and Curriculum Information

A very warm welcome back after the Christmas break. We hope that you had a fabulous holiday and that you are all eager for a positive start to the new term.

Spring term Project and Science
Our new project is based on magic and Harry Potter. Our essential question which arches over the whole project is: ‘How has magic changed over time?’ Our launch event is an exciting Harry Potter themed art morning on Monday 8th January, followed by some Quidditch style PE in the afternoon. You may wish to come in dressed as a character from Harry Potter if you wish.

Within this project, the children will be learning about the history of magic and how it has changed through the ages. This project will be heavily history based as we explore where magic came from and the different civilizations take on it. We will also be finding out about the Vikings and Saxons, and how they helped to shape Great Britain. We are also delighted that Penair will be working with us on a ‘Harry Potter themed’ creative DT project: this is still a closely guarded secret, but it will be worth waiting for.

In Science this term, we will begin by focusing on ‘Light and Dark,’ which will involve plenty of investigations, problem solving and reasoning activities.

Literacy and Numeracy

All of the reading and writing this term will be based around magic and Harry Potter. For our reading skills, we will be reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. We are also looking forward to writing a Harry Potter themed story and a balanced argument – with the potential question: which Hogwarts house would it be best to be in and why?

The numeracy in the spring term will focus on fractions, decimals and percentages, along with understanding measurement. We will be continuing to work on improving our speed of mental maths. You can help support your child by encouraging them to bring home their ‘100-club’ sheets and asking them to go on ‘Mangahigh’ at home. This online maths platform is excellent and the year 6 children are the best in the school. Thank you for your support with this.

Daily homereading is still crucial to your child’s progress and something that we are passionate about. Please support your child by listening to them read and then signing their diaries. There are many of you who support us with this already – we thank you for this as it has been proven that any child who can read fluently, will be able to write more effectively than their non-reading friends.

Spellings will continue with a weekly test on Fridays. A minimum score of 7 out of 10 will be required for all pupils. 9 out of 10 will result in the children progressing on to the next list of spellings. Congratulations to the children who are achieving good results each week, a few children are on orange and green spelling bands already – great job.

MFL – French and RE
Mrs. Beattie will continue to teach French for us on Mondays. During this term, the children will be learning to describe where they live; describe their house and the number of rooms in it and finally they will be learning a verse from a French song.

In RE, we will be developing a deeper understanding of the Christian Faith along with a unit on Islam.

PE days and kit
Miss. Butterly will continue to lead PE on Monday afternoons in the spring term. There were a few children who failed to bring their PE kits last term, so please can you support your child by ensuring they have their PE kits each week. If the children do not bring their kit in, they will be expected to wear lost property. This term, the children will be starting a gymnastics unit and then moving on to netball as their team sport.

Homelearning Requirements
As per the Home Learning Policy, children in year 6 should be spending up to 45 minutes on their literacy and numeracy pieces each week. Where possible, these two pieces of homelearning will reinforce skills taught in class. The children will be set homelearning that challenges them and test their resilience. Please email in any homelearning to Jodie if your child chooses to type up their literacy.

Homelearning will be given out on Thursdays and collected in on Mondays.

Children have the responsibility to complete their homelearning, and so, if it is late, they will forfeit their lunchtime. Please support your child in keeping their homelearning books neat and tidy. Thanks for your support with this; we cannot overemphasize the importance of learning away from school – it will support your child immensely.

Project Overview Fowey Spring

Spring Term Project Medium Term Plan

Autumn Authentic Outcome: Exreme Surviviors

As part of our project learning, we ended the unit by presenting our animal conservation iMovies to a panel of judges at Truro Library. We received feedback from each of our judges and spoke about how we made these videos. Not only did we get the chance to share our learning with the community, we also had the opportunity to share our passion for protecting the wildlife that makes our world unique.


Maths with Helford Class
It has been a lovely morning in Helford class – we have been supporting them with their 100-club and teaching them the bar model. We used multi-link to support the children and everyone loved it. The positive relationships that the children showed with one another was amazing.

Reflective Space Day at Tregolls

Many, many thanks to Lynda, Sue and the team from Truro Baptist Church for allowing Tregolls to be part of a Reflective Space day. This is a fabulous day where the children get to spend some quiet reflection time with their peers thinking about many things. Some were unlocking worries in their life; some were making figures of people who mean something to them; some were feeling warm and cosy in the quiet tent area – all the activities were fabulous and the children were brilliant.
The sessions were heavily linked to our British Values, in particular they focused on faith, tolerance and understanding of one another.
You are so, so important to our school Lynda (and friends) and we thank you deeply.

City of Light Parade Preparation: Lantern Making

Year 6 were lucky enough to spend the whole day making lanterns for the City of Light Parade with a local artist. In the morning, they spent their time shaping and attaching long piece of willow using masking tape. This was challenging as the willow often didn’t want to bend in the way that they wanted it to. The class felt very proud once their lanterns began to take shape – into hot air balloons.

In the afternoon, they began to cover their creations with paper soaked in PVA glue (which they later found out was trickier to use than expected). By the end of the day, a very sticky year 6 class hung their lanterns to dry and are looking forward to showing them to the local community at the parade in a few weeks!



Year 6 Food technology at Penair

We have just had great fun at Penair with Mr Powley – very tasty crumbles.

Today, the children spent the day at Eden finding out all about the unusual plant life that makes Eden its home. They took part in a workshop which taught them about how plants evolve and adapt to survive in their harsh environment.  After the workshop, we got the chance to explore the rainforest biome and to take a closer look into how these planta survive. A wonderful day, had by all!


Year 6 Correct PE kit

Today the children started their first peer reflection. They were amazing at giving each other positive support.

Our Prefects get new blazers!

Wow, don’t our Prefects look smart and chic in their new school blazers. A big thank you to Keywear in Truro for making them for us. The prefect team were presented with their jackets today and were over the moon with the new addition to their school uniform- they certainly look the part! Representing Tregolls Academy in style!

Year 6 Prefects

Congratulations to the new year 6 prefects and the new Head boy and Head girl – it is a true honour.

Cathedral Visit

Please see below the pictures from our wonderful trip to Truro Cathedral. We were learning about the Holy Trinity and kirsten did a fabulous job once again as our tour guide. Our first trip out of school and the children were brilliantly behaved.

Extreme Survival Launch Night

WOW! What an amazing evening we have just had. We have just launched our brand new topic – Extreme survivors and boy, what a way to launch into it…

I am writing this blog sat in our brand new school at 7:00 in the morning – the children were up at 6:00 (much to my annoyance) and proceeded to complain that they needed the toilet – urgently. And so, alas, I have been busy making coffee, vacuuming, sorting out breakfast and perhaps more importantly, trying to find Noah some dry socks somewhere in school!

Can I firstly say a huge thank-you to my superb team of intrepid survivors who supported me on this adventure – Mr Thomas and Mr long (our resident survival experts and fire-lighting gurus); Miss Batten and Miss Ashwin (for their great organisation and support) and Miss Allen for helping with breakfast in the morning. Year 6 and the school are grateful for your support – we cannot offer the children these wonderful experiences without you.

The children have been SUPERB! Last night we pitched our tents in the dry (thanking our lucky stars); made fire in small groups, ate lots of cakes and drank ultimate hot-chocolate (thanks to Jono’s mum for these added calories!) It was a great evening and the children gained so much in terms of the 6Rs: supporting each other and showing great relationships, demonstrating great resilience when fire-lighting and surviving the extreme cold at night and, of course, being ready for action.

Some of the comments from the children: Billie-Jo said that she particularly enjoyed making fire from kindling because it was a useful skill to learn; the highlight for Grace was showing off her skill with the flint and steel, by trying to catch a mini-stove alight… “I did it with the first try!” she commented. She showed outstanding resilience by not giving up with fire-lighting, Kyra said that her fingers hurt but she felt very really proud! Aiden also showed that he had the knack for pyrotechnics as he helped Mr Thomas and Ling build our team bonfire… “We were glad we had the fire after we were running around on the field!”

What a great start to our project – thanks everyone. Mr W.

Fowey Class Autumn Term

A very warm welcome back to Tregolls. We hope you have all had a fabulous break and are raring to go for the new term. Please see below details of the autumn curriculum and key information.

Our team and teaching days

May I take this opportunity to welcome our amazing year 6 team: firstly, Miss Jess Batten, who the children have met already. Miss Batten will be teaching Fowey class in the afternoons during my school leadership time. We also have Miss Marie Caruana, who has worked with me in year 6 at the end of last term. Miss Caruana is our TA and she is caring and passionate and eager to support the children this year. Next up is Lisa Butterly. Miss Butterly is our new PE leader in school and is vastly experienced at delivering high quality PE. She will be teaching the children PE on Monday afternoons. Finally, myself, Mr. Watkins – most of you know me well, but please, if you have not met me, pop in after school for a catch-up. I will be teaching the children every morning for literacy and maths.

I could not have asked for a more passionate, determined and inspirational team to work with.

Autumn term Project and Science

Our new topic which you should know about already is based on ‘Extreme Survival.’ Our essential question which arches over the whole project is: ‘What makes an extreme survivor?’ Our launch event is an amazing camping evening tomorrow night. Hopefully you received the letter before we broke up, but if you haven’t then please phone for information. The basics are that we are camping from 6:00pm tomorrow evening. We are asking for the children to supply a tent if possible. Please pick up the children from school at 9:00am. We will provide a light breakfast.

Within this project, the children will be learning about evolution and how early man developed both physically and intellectually. We will also be learning about geography this term and more specifically about different terrains, biomes, climates and seasons. The children will also be learning about different animal adaptation and how they evolve to suit their environment.

Literacy and Numeracy

All of the reading and writing this term will be based around extreme survival. For our reading skills we will be learning about famous explorers and survivors from the real-world, whilst in writing we will be creating our own survival fantasy quest. For non-fiction, the children will be writing recounts and newspaper articles.

The numeracy in the autumn term will be largely focused on number, for example, we will be working on the four operations in BigMaths including some fraction learning. Discovery maths this year is a little different: each fortnight two members of the class will be leading a session – they will be allowed time in school to prepare the lesson, with photos posted on our webpage.

One huge part of year 6 is improving our speed of mental maths. And so, the children will be bringing home their ‘100’ club sheets to practice each week. Please support them with timing how long it takes to complete and to help mark the sheet correctly.

Arguably more important is daily homereading. This is absolutely crucial to their progress and something that I am passionate about. If your child reads at home each night, great – they don’t need to worry, just sign their diary each night. However, for the children who choose not to read (unless an acceptable reason is provided), there will be a loss of breaktime. Three times not reading in a week will lead to a loss of lunch. So, please, please support your child by hearing them read, occasionally reading to them, chatting about characters etc. This is my one main plea for the forthcoming year.

Spellings have become more formal of late and this will continue. Fowey class will bring home their weekly spellings each Friday, which they will need to complete. This needs to be returned on the following Friday prior to the test. A minimum score of 7 out of 10 will be required for all pupils. 9 out of 10 results in the children progressing on to the next list of spellings. Less than 7 out of 10 will result in a loss of breaktime.

MFL – French and RE

Fowey Class will be learning French this year with Mrs. Danielle Beattie. During their lessons this term they will learn: where the French language is used; be able to introduce themselves and others; the weather; numbers and days of the week. French is on Mondays.

In RE, we will be developing a further understanding of God and different Christian beliefs. This will be linked to early faith in Cornwall.

PE days and kit

As stated, Miss Butterly will be leading PE on Monday’s this year. The children will require the appropriate PE kit for the 3G pitch, for example trainers, shorts and a Tregolls PE t-shirt. Failure to bring in the correct kit will lead to the children borrowing from our lost property. A letter will be sent home if kit is forgotten on three separate occasions. It is so important that all items of PE kit are clearly labelled.

Homelearning Requirements

As per the Home Learning Policy, children in year 6 should be spending up to 45 minutes on their literacy and numeracy pieces each week. Where possible, these two pieces of homelearning will reinforce skills being taught that week in class. The children will be set homelearning which challenges them and tests their resilience. Please support your child by offering tips and advice for each piece. Additionally, please speak to me as soon as possible if your child is unclear of their homelearning tasks.

Homelearning will be given out on Thursdays and collected in on Mondays.

Children have the responsibility to complete their homelearning, and so, if it is late, they will forfeit their lunchtime. Please support your child in keeping their homelearning books neat and tidy. Thanks for your support with this; we cannot overemphasize the importance of learning away from school – it will support your child in making great progress this year.

Open door policy

We operate an open door policy at Tregolls, and therefore myself or Miss Baton should always be on hand before or after school to discuss any issues you may have. If you need to speak to me urgently inform Jodie in reception and I will endeavor to phone you as soon as I can. I always aim to phone parents as soon as I can if there is any problem, this way we can sort out any issues before they potentially escalate.

Building up good communication links is crucial for combined success. So please phone me or pop in and see me whenever you are worried or concerned about things. I will be using the text system the school uses fairly regularly to stay in touch with you. If you do not want to receive texts, then please let me know.

Our ultimate aim in Fowey Class is for your child to enjoy coming to school and for them to achieve more than their potential!

As there is some crucial information in this letter (for example the daily reading), I am kindly asking that you sign the slip below and return it asap, I then know that you are aware of all of our joint aims.

Finally can you tick the box if you DO NOT want your child’s pictures on the school website.

Many, many thanks

The Year 6 Team.

Autumn Term Fowey Project Medium Term Plan