Fowey Class (2016/17)


Surfing in the Summer

What an amazing few sessions of surfing we have had so far. The children love it. Thanks to Julian and his team at TicketToRide in Perranporth. Huge thanks also must go to Mr Long, Mr Thomas and Rio’s mum – Sarah, for all their help with transport. Some great surfers emerging including the fabulous Fraser, the ridiculously resilient Rio and Jumpin’ Joseph.

Goblin Race Day – Wednesday 21st June

Huge congratulations to the year 6 team for their performance at the Goblin race day yesterday. Considering our car broke down the day before, it was a miracle that we even managed to make it there.The sun was hot, the children were brilliant and the racing was amazing. Particular praise must go to Rio, who raced the final lap against all the other competitors – he didn’t get taken over once, but did overtake loads of people on the way. We are awaiting the results online and will let you know over the next few days. We are also aiming to upload some of the videos from the day. Watch this space…Finally massive thanks to Mr Long who supported us with this event – we could not have done this without you.

Cathedral Church Visit
We are studying spirituality in Cornwall this term and have just had a great trip to Truro Cathedral. Many thanks to Kirsten for her help with the tour. The children were well behaved and learned about the differences between the Church of England and the Methodist church.

Discovery maths – Probability
We have just had fun with our discovery maths this week – we were using the language of probability. The games they created were crazy!

Truro Baptist Church Visit – Wednesday 17th May
We have just had a wonderful afternoon with Matt and Lynda at Truro Baptist Church. They are wonderful people who do an amazing job at celebrating their faith and discussing it in a fun and relaxed way. It is a pleasure having you as friends to the school – catch up soon about creating a video link with your Kenyan friends.

Friday Discovery maths – Rio and Gus – Number pyramids
A great morning of maths this week and it has all ended with Gus and Rio planning and delivering their ‘Discovery maths’ lesson. They were busy all week planning their lesson during their lunch hour. They printed the sheets and explained the lesson brilliantly – here are the snaps below. Well-done boys, I am very proud of you both.

Summer term info…
Once again, the children had the chance to offer up ideas for their termly project and they all voted unanimously that being outdoors and survival would be the best topic; in fact, there were no other suggestions – they went straight for it and came up with some great ideas.
One such idea was to have an adventure/survival day which we have already booked for the near future. On this day – James our survival expert – will spend the day teaching us skills on how to prepare/shape cooking tools; collect edible wild food and make our own shelters – the children can’t wait for this. We will send more details of this event nearer the time.

We will also be doing lots and lots of outdoor learning – the children would like to have a campfire on the school grounds and make their own shelters too. This will certainly be possible. So – be prepared for the children getting dirty and down with nature!?

Other areas of learning within this unit will be the study of different extreme regions on our planet, ranging from the polar ice-caps to the deserts of the world. We will then study different animal and plant life that have adapted to survive in these regions – this unit is amazing and I can’t wait to see the children’s learning.

In Science we will be looking at living things and their habitats – a perfectly linked topic to our outdoor survival learning. Within this unit, the children will be studying different animal and plant life and seeing how they interact together. The second topic we will study will be evolution – again, perfectly linked to survival. The children will learn about how early man evolved and how their hunting and gathering techniques developed.

Literacy and Numeracy
The authentic outcome of our project will be linked directly to extreme survival. The children will be producing their own creative writing pieces based on survival on a desert island. Each of their stories will be performed and presented on the school’s very own ‘Youtube channel’ with the winning story being the one that generates the most ‘hits.’ Furthermore, we will invite James – our survival guide – to give his own judgement on their stories based on the actual survival skill content that they.

In numeracy this term we will be revising different subject areas that the children have found tricky, these include measurement, decimals and percentages, time and the understanding of word problems. We will then move towards ‘real-world’ projects, where they specifically work on producing a business idea, marketing that idea and producing forecasts and balance sheets for production and sales. This business based learning is something that the children have loved in the past.

French and RE
Fowey Class will continue to learn French this year – during their lessons this term they will be learning to talk in a more precise conversational manner. They will practice their speaking and listening based around their family, the weather and leisure activities.

In RE, we will be looking at Saints and how Christianity came to Cornwall.

PE days and kit
We will be continuing with outdoor PE lessons on Thursday afternoons – this will involve athletic activities. Please ensure that the children have their regular kit, plus suitable trainers for running in.

We are also really looking forward to surfing this summer. This is an amazing opportunity for the children to learn this tough sport in a controlled, safe environment. This is the fourth year of going surfing and I absolutely love it! More details will follow with times, dates and what is needed on the day.

The next few weeks are going to be extremely busy for all of the children in Fowey. For parents, we ask that you continue to support your child with any homelearning they are unsure of. This may include giving them a little extra support with multiplication tables, talking to them about any concerns/issues they may have or just being there to listen to them read each night. We trust that together we can make the difference and make the children ‘secondary ready’.

Please see our project outline and our medium term plan for the summer term.
summer term desert island planning

Summer term project details – survival

Spring Term 2017

Spring Term Authentic Outcome

The winning team that we have just announced this afternoon was the amazing Kassie and Jenni – this was after all of their scores had been added for three different presentations. We are SO proud of the two girls who have grown in confidence since joining our school.

We have just arrived back from Truro library where the children did a wonderful presentation to the local community. Three of the ‘top-rated’ videos were shown to the general public: Kassie and Jenni’s; Luke’s group and Joseph’s group – all of the children were brilliant and we got some wonderful feedback from the general public. Now onto the parents presentation on Monday. Well done Fowey class.

Islamic Workshop with Daya

World Book Day – 2nd March 

We have just had the greatest world book day ever – Fowey class dressed up as characters from Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Luke’s outfit was voted as the best! Good job everyone.

Geography Minecraft 

We have been learning about Biomes today in our project learning, but with a Minecraft twist! We love it! For this lesson, we first went through a presentation about the world’s terrains. We learned a few new words including Taiga and Steppe – which the children then found out about. We then set the children a Minecraft task – to create their own ‘Biomes world’ with suitable labels and descriptions added. The children are SO good at creating these different features and are passionate about their geography learning.

Super Science – Shadow Investigation

Our science learning this half term has been based on light and how we see things. For this learning, the class were asked to carry out their own ‘shadows’ investigation, with specific reference to working out if their was a pattern between length of shadow and the distance to the light source. The children darkened the classroom and then proceeded to design, carry out and then write-up their findings. The relationships the children had during the lesson were superb. Good learning Fowey class.

British Values Spiritual Day – Wednesday 18th January 

What  brilliant morning we had with Lynda and the church group earlier. The children were immersed in a ‘Spiritual British Values’ morning. They had different areas of the classroom that they could visit, with the aim being to look at themselves and ask questions like: ‘Am I trustworthy?’ ‘Am I a good friend?’ The children loved the different mini-activities they could do, for example, Tyler loved the dressing up with Rio, whilst others enjoyed dropping a stone in the well in order to forget things and create peace. Thanks SO much to Lynda and the gang – we would love you to come back next year.

Our amazing Minecraft Launch Day – Friday 6th January 

We have had the BEST day ever! The children were buzzing with their gaming day. It wasn’t all gaming though—we did a reading comprehension, some area and perimeter, along with some Minecraft art. It was a great day and a brilliant way to launch our new topic.

Huge thanks to the parents who came in to support us for the day.

Minecraft Project

The year 6 children are enjoying creating their own Minecraft tutorial videos. This is the brilliant video which Luke created for his home learning.

spring project overview pdf

year 6 medium term planning overview

A very warm welcome back after the Christmas break. We hope that you had a fabulous holiday and that you are all raring to go for the new term.

Project Learning

Our new essential question will be: What would be inside your virtual world? This project is linked directly to the game Minecraft – to say that the children are excited would be an understatement: they are buzzing with enthusiasm for this spring term learning and can’t wait to start. Even before Christmas the children were asking for Minecraft style homelearning. This is a fantastic attitude to have – if the children are engaged, then their learning should be superb!

I would like to take this time to invite you to our Minecraft launch day on Friday 6th January. This is an open invitation for a parent/carer to come in to school and enjoy playing the game with your child. For this event we will be playing Mineraft, producing Minecraft artwork and having loads and loads of fun! We would like you to come dressed up as anything to do with Minecraft (or any other computer game character): it might be the head of ‘Steve,’ ‘Alex,’ Enderman, Slime – the list goes on. Please come in dressed in your normal school uniform if you choose not to dress up.

In science this term our main topic will be light. Within the Minecraft game and linked to light, we will be looking at ‘daylight’, ‘moonlight’ sensors along with ‘Redstone’ – all of which bring in aspects of how light is formed. We will also be revising other units that the children have studied in year 5.

Literacy, Numeracy and our Authentic Outcome

Our authentic outcome (the end presentation of our learning) for the spring term will be a presentation of all of our learning at Truro library. More details will follow of this event in spring term 2. We will be producing writing throughout the term linked to Minecraft – the children have got some great ideas for their fiction writing already: an adventure through the ‘Nether’; a story where they escape from a mineshaft; a hunter/gatherer story where something bad happens. Non-fiction ideas will centre around diary writing; an instructional manual on how to complete certain levels of the game and a non-chronological report on their favourite Mobs. I can’t wait for the writing to start!

In numeracy this term we will be continuing to work on increasing the speed of our multiplication. This basic skill is crucial in underpinning a large percentage of our maths. So, please help your child out at home by playing any times table games. In addition to this, we will be covering a wide range of topics including solving different number problems (through effective reasoning), time and measures.

French and RE

Fowey Class will be learning about where the French language is used and be able to introduce themselves and others; the weather; numbers and days of the week. In RE, we will be looking at religion in Cornwall and around the world, with a specific focus on Saints and the stories that have evolved around them.

PE days and kit

We will be continuing with our PE on Thursdays with Patrick leading on gymnastics. Please can you help support your child by ensuring they have the correct kit ready for each lesson. This is something we should aim to improve this term.

Homelearning Requirements

Everyone produced some wonderful homelearning last term and we hope that this great commitment will continue into this new term. As always, homelearning will be given out on Thursdays. If it is too challenging please write to me in their books and explain what the issue is. It is also crucial that your child reads daily and that you consistently hear them read out aloud. Please also ask them if they know the meaning of tricky words as this will widen their vocabulary.

Minecraft Project

Linked in to our authentic end outcome at Truro Library, I am asking the children to produce a piece of Minecraft art at home. This may be in the form of a cardboard model head of one of the characters/mobs, a miniature model of an aspect of the game, a lego model of something to do with the game…the list goes on.

These models will be shown on display at the library on a date to be confirmed. I know some of the children have started thinking about their ideas already

Autumn Term 2016

Tregolls school-an Academy vs Shortlanesend CP school

On a cold, dry, and sunny Wednesday 30th November, Tregolls school football team travelled to Shortlanesend CP school for their football match. Mark (assistant coach), Mr Watts (linesman and reporter) and very supportive parents who helped transport the team, provided encouragement during a tense and exciting match.
After being surprised by how sloped the Shortlanesend (SLE) football pitch was, it gave coach Mark an opportunity to use this to get the team really warmed up and ready to start. Following some specialist advice by Mark on how to use the slope for our benefit, captain Jayden led the final team talk before Tregolls lined up to start the game. And wow, did this game start with a bang. With less than 30 seconds gone, the first SLE attack and a fantastic lob opened the scoring, 1-0. Tregolls quickly regathered and started working to the team plan, moving the ball through the midfield and setting Rio and Jayden loose with 2 great shots, one that hit the post and other well saved. In another rare SLE attack, their gifted striker evaded some great tackles from Joseph and Curtis before sending Kyle the wrong way, 2-0. Further wonderful support play and over 6 further shots but the SLE goalkeeper was in great form and at the other end Kyle saved brilliantly in the final SLE attack of the first half.
A quick team chat from coach Mark and captain Jayden – stick to the plan, keep working the ball and the chances will come. The second half started well for Tregolls, quickly getting possession, and settling into their stride. Chances came for Rio, Charlie, and Jayden, before great support from Jun Wai and Stevey, allowed Rio the time to chip the goalkeeper, 2-1. The great work rate and team play continued, harassing the SLE players resulted in Rio dispossessing one of their defenders before scoring low to the right of the goalkeeper, 2-2. All to play for but the SLE striker produced a wonderful strike from near halfway that flew into the top right corner, nothing that the defence or Kyle could do, 3-2. Heads went down but captain Jayden called for one more effort, collecting the ball from Curtis, he worked through the middle, JJ and Charlie providing diversion before passing the ball forward to Rio who shot through the SLE goalkeeper’s legs, hat trick and 3-3 as the final whistle sounded.
An amazing game, tense all the way through but fantastic to see the two sets of players congratulate the referee, each other, and the great support from parents afterwards for such a wonderfully exciting game. A fair result and Tregolls now awaits their next opponents, confident and ready with a great set of players!

Romans what they did for us?

Romans – what they did for us website 2

Romans – what they did for us webpage 3

Romans – what they did for us webpage 4

10 Things The Romans Did For Us

Truro City of lights display

On Wednesday 9th November, Fowey class began building their displays for the forthcoming Truro City of Lights Parade. With the grateful assistance of Billy who provided the willow and explained what we are going to build and showed us how the bind the willow together to create the various shapes. With the fantastic support from Caroline along with volunteer parents, single pieces of willow slowly began to take shape, abley supported by rolls of masking tape into…well, have look at the pictures below and see if you can tell?
Part two of our work will be on Monday and we hope to provide more images and perhaps a clearer idea of what our display will be!

Football tournament against Cusgarne primary school and Truro Learning Academy

On a cold Tuesday 8th November, the Tregolls football team of 9 children from Years 5 and 6 were taken by Mr. Watts, Mrs. Taylor and Ms. Nicholls to Truro Learning Academy (TLA) for a combined football tournament against Cusgarne and TLA.
After a warm up to make sure everybody was ready, we discussed the team formation and who would start the game. Jayden, as captain then gave a team talk and made sure everyone knew what their role was, to support and encourage each other and finally to smile and enjoy the matches. With the Tregolls cheer, ‘2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate, Tregolls’ sounding from the sidelines, Tregolls started their first game against Cusgarne. In a closely fought game the momentum swung in either direction until Tregolls were awarded a corner, with a wonderful in swinger taken by Jayden that went straight into the goal and with only a minute remaining, the defence of Kyle (GK), Charlie and Curtis remained strong until the final whistle and victory by 4-3! A great game, with wonderful vocal support from the touchline by both parents and substitutes, followed by handshakes after the game with the Cusgarne team, offering words of encouragement for their next game.
We discussed what went well and what we could focus on, as we now had a break to practice some football drills, have a snack and drink, and watch the game between Cusgarne and TLA. That game ended in favour of Cusgarne, winning 7-1, so we thought we may have a good chance. Oh, how wrong we were! We decided to start with Charlie with Curtis in defence, Kyle goalkeeper and Jono in midfield alongside Jun Wai and Jayden with Rio remaining as striker. TLA began with a slightly different side and scored almost immediately. This shocked the side but captain Jayden told his team to remain calm and focus on his team talk. This paid dividend as another high scoring game was tied 5-5 with all to play for with 5 mins remaining. In probably the move of the game, Kyle fed Charlie who passed across to JJ, with Jun Wai providing a dummy runner, he passed to Jayden who saw Rio making a run through the centre and a wonderfully weighted pass allowed Rio to take it in his stride and drill the ball home in the left-hand corner, sending their goalkeeper the wrong way. A tense final few minutes with Jayden moving to defence and Rio dropping into midfield helped keep a clean sheet and victory at the final whistle.
This was a wonderful opportunity for the mixed years 5 and 6 to play together against strong opposition, having to remain calm and supportive of each other despite periods of pressure. With fantastic support on the touchline from parents and substitutes, both games were played in the right spirit, congratulating each other and the opposition for good play after the games finished. Well done Tregolls or as Mr Watts says “2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate, Tregolls”!

Visit of the Roman Legionnaire – Marcus Quintess Cassia

On 1st November 2016, Marcus Quintess Cassia (Adrian) visited Fowey class to explain his 24 years of service as a Roman soldier serving in the 2nd Legion, currently based in the country Britannia (or modern day Great Britain). He explained that together with the 20th Legion, they had been commanded by the Emperor Hadrian to build a wall to defend the country against the wild Picts (original British inhabitants) that still attack the Roman army. Many soldiers had been lost in battle fighting against the Picts from the 9th Legion over the last 6 years and this wall is a last resort to stop any further losses. It will be nearly 80 miles long when completed, taking up to 2 years to complete. The wall will be initially wooden with lookouts on top, a ditch called a Vallum will be dug in front and the soil will be piled up on the other side of the ditch. Behind this wooden fence, the foundations and the stone wall for the main barrier will be built, with this wooden wall providing protection to the workers. Along the finished wall there will be 37 forts to provide protection and soldiers to defend the wall, together with tall turrets between the forts to enable the guards on sentry duty to look far to the north and spot any Picts trying to attack the wall. Behind this wall the Romans built a flat stone wall that linked all the forts so that soldiers can quickly move between forts to help defend the wall if it was attacked.
Each Roman soldier had to carry his own equipment using a wooden cross beam, weighing up to 70lbs together with his weapons and clothing. His main weapons consisted of a dagger for close combat with a short but wide blade. His main stabbing sword had an ivory handle that provided better grip, would not rot and was lighter than metal. The blade was very sharp on both sides and could be easily used along with his shield. Each Roman soldier also carried a javelin, with a sharp, long metal point and a wooden shaft. The metal tip was nearly 50cm long and was designed that if it missed its target in battle, the enemy could not use against the Romans, as the point would bend when the tip hit the ground. The javelin was the main Roman weapon for long range use and with the tip designed to penetrate armour and shields. The Roman soldier had segmented armour around their chest to allow them to easily move without being too restricted during battles but still provide some protection. Their helmet had a lip at the front to stop an enemy sword that had hit the helmet and then slide down and cut the face. The lip at the back also stopped the enemy sword attack from striking their necks.
The Roman standard had an eagle to represent Rome with the letters SPQR that translated as “Senate and the People of Rome” with the number of their Legion listed using Roman Numerals, II = 2nd Legion.
Adrian (Marcus Quintess Cassia) then used sets of card with key Roman information for the children to play ‘happy families’ which they thoroughly enjoyed whilst providing some interesting details of what the Romans.
We took some shields made from cardboard with markings for the 2nd Legion and ‘javelins’ made from pipe insulation onto the 3G pitch and practiced how the Roman soldiers were disciplined and worked together in defence to protect themselves. We had an opportunity to throw our ‘javelins’ at Adrian and after a couple of goes, we managed to hit his shield. Finally, we formed our Legion ready for the impending attack by the wild Picts (Mr. Watkins, Mr. Long, Mr. Watts and Adrian) using soft balls to see if the defensive formation using our shields, a Testudo, could stop the soft balls from hitting us. Thankfully we managed to repel the first two attacks but unfortunately a couple of soft balls managed to get through our defences!
This was a fantastic morning which provided us with some great information about what it felt like to be a Roman soldier in Britannia, what he carried and how he worked with the other soldiers in battle.

Fowey class performance of Julius Caesar: Hero or Villain? – Hall for Cornwall

On Tuesday 18th October, the children from Fowey class performed their magnificent rendition of Julius Caesar to an audience of over 200 parents and friends.
In the morning, we had a dress rehearsal which went really well – all the children were really motivated and enthusiastic which made the morning amazing – and they thoroughly enjoyed the lighting and sound effects that enhanced their performance. A special mention at this stage to Andy, Mandy and perhaps most of all, Vanessa – who created such wonderful costumes.
The evening was also a superb event. The hall was packed full of parents and they all enjoyed themselves. All of the children on the night performed brilliantly and did not put a foot wrong. I am so proud of every individual that it would be difficult to mention every single one, but you all know who you are.

Fowey class visit to Truro Cathedral

On Monday 10th October, Fowey class visited the magnificent Truro Cathedral to further understand and learn about the Holy Trinity and other key aspects about the Cathedral.
On arrival at the cathedral, we were introduced to the visitor team of Karen and Lizzie who explained some details about the three main stained glass windows and what they represented. We then had to deduce which window represented the Creation (God), the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit, that all three make up the Holy Trinity. We then lay on our backs near the centre, so we could see the roof and realised that it appeared to show the shape of a cross and that all churches use this same basic architectural design. Karen then explained that the readings from the bible were considered an important part of a church service and several children were chosen to recreate a reading from Mathew 28:18-19.
Several children were allowed to read from the actual bible used during services in the Cathedral and to stand where the Bishop of Truro gives his sermon during Sunday services – they did seem awfully small and could only just look over the edge!
We were then shown five different items that were commonplace during the time of Jesus and asked how these may have been used and for what purpose. We then discussed in our groups what else that could be used for and why, explaining our choices to the other groups.
Karen then explained the process of Baptism and we were allowed the see the very ornate and decorative Font used in the cathedral. This had a wooden lid that used a counter balance weight and a pulley mechanism to be slowly lifted and allow access to the Font for the Baptismal service. Karen explained each step using some water and a doll.
We also had an opportunity to sit quietly and reflect, with Mr Watts lighting a candle. Karen explained this area is used by anyone to sit quietly, pray and ask for God’s help.
We concluded our visit with Karen explaining the process of the Holy Communion and how Jesus wanted us to consider the breaking of bread and the taking of wine to represent his body and his blood, that we are all part of him. Several children re-enacted this process to demonstrate for the rest of the class, at the high alter in the cathedral

Fowey Class Autumn Term Welcome

Hall For Cornwall Julius Caesar Experience

On a cold Tuesday morning with the wind howling through the trees and the cars roaring down the road, Year 6 (Fowey Class) walked stately to the Hall for Cornwall to participate in a Shakespeare Theatre workshop and the first opportunity to see the stage and auditorium where they will be performing ‘Julius Caesar: Hero or Villain?’ on Tuesday 18th October 2016 with curtain up at 7:30pm.

We were joined by another school, who will be performing ‘Henry V’ and introduced to Ellie and Theresa, who gave a safety brief and a warm up session, for our voices, bodies and our minds. We were then taken into the theatre for a tour and our first sight of the massive stage and the huge number of seats. Theresa then gave some director training to help ‘throw’ our voices to reach the back row of the audience; this was great fun and helped teach us not to shout when we say our lines during the play and to look up and focus on the back wall to keep our heads up and bodies open.

Back in the Assembly Room we had more coaching: on how to move, to act with our face and bodies, and to react as other actors speak and move. We finished our training by watching the other school practice a scene and offering things we liked and some ideas to help them improve. We then practiced our scene 2 and it was great to hear how the other children enjoyed seeing and hearing our scene before they offered some good ideas on how we can improve it.


Trip to Truro Museum and Roman Launch Day

To mark the start of our amazing new topic – Julius Caesar: hero or villain? – we were lucky enough today to go to Truro museum to learn about ancient Romans. We had two groups – one group were learning about artifacts and where they were in a Roman Villa, whilst the other group were making clay oil lamps. Each group loved the two activities that they did and they really enjoyed handling the artifacts and getting their hands dirty with the clay models. Please see the fun pics below…

The start of the day was in school where the children started to learn their play for the Hall For Cornwall in October. We have some great actors and actresses to choose from for the main parts which is great news. A special mention to Adam and Luke who spent a long time indeed over the holidays preparing their spectacular centurion outfits. A super day had by all. Great behaviour from the new class too which makes life easy.


A very warm welcome back to Tregolls. We hope you have all had a fabulous break and are raring to go for the new term. Please see below details of the autumn curriculum and key information.

Our team and teaching days

May I take this opportunity to welcome our team for this academic year: Myself, Mr. Watkins, teaching every morning and all day Monday; Mrs. Rich, who will be teaching the class Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and finally, last but not least, Mr. Middlemore who will be teaching the class science on Thursday afternoons.

I could not have asked for a more passionate, determined and inspirational team.

Topic Curriculum and Science

Our new topic will be entitled, ‘Julius Caesar – hero or villain?’ This will tie in nicely with our year 6 class performance of Julius Caesar at the Hall for Cornwall on Tuesday 18th October. Book the date into your diaries! There will be more information coming soon about this special event.

A reminder that the ‘Ancient Rome’ launch day is tomorrow. In the morning the children will be enjoying Roman based activities, whilst in the afternoon, we will be walking to Truro Museum for a Roman workshop. For this day we are inviting you to dress up as any person from the Roman Empire. This might be a soldier, slave, citizen of Rome or a gladiator. The children may want to bring a change of clothing/footwear for the walk down the museum in the afternoon.

In Science we will be studying life processes and living things; habitats and the human body. This will include the circulatory and digestive system. We will be studying how long the body can survive without oxygen, water and food, and what happens to the bodies organs when they start to fail!

Literacy and Numeracy

A large chunk of time in the mornings will be dedicated to the rehearsal of the Shakespearian play – Julius Caesar. In addition to this we will learn about Caesar as a person and his politics. The writing will be determined by the students and what they would like to learn about.

Numeracy will be focused on improving the speed and recall of number facts, the mastery of problems involving the four operations, fractions, percentages and decimals and ‘murder mystery’ problem solving for our Friday Discovery Maths lessons.

MFL – French and RE

Fowey Class will be learning French this year during their lessons this half term they will learn about where the French language is used; be able to introduce themselves and others; the weather; numbers and days of the week. Miss Martinez our MFL specialist will be teaching them for their French lessons.

In RE, we will be developing a further understanding of God and different Christian beliefs. This will be linked to early faith in Cornwall. 

PE days and kit

We will be starting with general ball skills in the autumn term with our main PE day on Thursday. We will be using the two 3G pitches for PE this term and Patrick will be teaching us.

Please ensure that the children have all of their kit clearly labeled in a PE bag each week. If the children do not have their PE kit, they will be asked to forfeit a breaktime the next day – we would like the children to be looking smart for each lesson. Thank you for your support with this. As the weather will grow colder, please ensure that your child has a school jumper to wear for outdoor PE.

Homelearning Requirements

As per the Home Learning Policy, children in year 6 should be spending 45 minutes on their literacy and numeracy pieces each week. Where possible, these two pieces of homelearning will reinforce skills being taught that week in class. The children will be set homelearning which challenges them and tests their resilience. Please support your child by offering tips and advice for each piece. Additonally, please speak to me as soon as possible if your child is unclear of their homelearning tasks.

The children will also be required to learn all of their multiplication facts up to the 12x table. They will be tested weekly on them and so, please support them by writing up tricky facts around the house for them to view regularly.

In addition to the weekly literacy and numeracy piece, the children should be reading for 15 minutes every day. Please question your child on what they have read and then sign their homeschool reading records. This will need to be completed daily as we will be completing a daily reading chart in school each morning. Children who choose not to read each day will forfeit their breaktime.

Homelearning will be given out on Thursdays and collected in on Mondays.

Children have the responsibility to complete their homelearning, and so, if it is late, they will forfeit part of their lunchtime. Please support your child in keeping their homelearning books neat and tidy. Thanks for your support with this; we cannot overemphasize the importance of learning away from school – it will support your child in making great progress this year.

Open door policy

We operate an open door policy at Tregolls, and therefore myself or Mrs. Rich should always be on hand before or after school to discuss any issues you may have. In my capacity as assistant headteacher, there may be times in the morning when I am unable to be on the playground in the morning. If you need to speak to me urgently inform Jodie in reception and I will endeavor to phone you as soon as I can. Building up good communication links is crucial for combined success. So please phone me or pop in and see me whenever you are worried or concerned about things.

Our ultimate aim in Fowey Class is for your child to enjoy coming to school and for them to achieve more than their potential!

The Year 6 Team