Fal (2015-16)

Space Odyssey

We were lucky enough to have Simon form Space Odyssey visit us with his planetarium. The children were so excited about venturing inside it and finding out about the wonders of space.


We looked at real photographs from space and videos about each of the planets. We also learnt what it would be like to live on the space station.


We had a fantatsic morning and loved learning about our solar system.


Week beginning 25th April 2016.

The Alien invasion

Yesterday we were astounded to find a UFO had crash landed in our sandpit.

space ship

The children were so excited and set off trying to find clues as to who our new visitors were. We discovered a locked treasure chest, with a strange code that we had to try and decipher. There was strange writing all over the walls and a coded message that we had to translate using the unique code that we found with the treasure chest.

writing 2      writing

There were insects frozen in ice blocks that we had to try and set free and strange footprints all over the playground.

We worked out that using salt or warm water helped us to melt the ice quicker and help set the creatures free


We had some help from Tamar class, who are also learning about Space this term. They helped us to crack the code to unlock the padlocks and open the treasure chest and work out what the coded message was.

maths 2             maths

We also made our very own space rockets to help our new alien friends feel more at home and give them some ideas to help fix their own.

rockets            rockets 2

We then went looking for our new alien friends and discovered them in the hall. They were quite shy at first but soon became good friends with our children.

in the hall           in the hall 2

We had a fantastic day and the children are really enthusiastic to get started on our topic: Is There Anybody Out There?


Welcome back to the Summer term.

Welcome back to the Summer term, we hope you had a fantastic break over Easter. Hopefully the weather will improve.

This term we will be learning about Space and our key questions is: Is there anybody out there?Project Map Fal summer

Project Overview Fal summer

Medium Term Plan

Summer letter


Mini beast fun.

We had lots of fun instigating what mini beasts we could find in our garden. The children loved using the magnifying glasses and bug viewers to find them.













Making healthy dips.

IMG_0564 IMG_0586

We made some lovely healthy dips using vegetables and herbs that we are growing in our garden. The children enjoyed chopping and mashing our ingredients up to make a Salsa, Guacamole and Sour Cream and Chives.



Spring Term.

A very warm welcome back to the Spring term. We hope you had a lovely Christmas break.

This term we will be learning about Planting and Growing through our key question: How does your garden grow? 

If you have any resources linked to planting or have an interest in gardening and plants, then please come and speak to me.

Project Map Fal spring


Medium Term Plan

Spring letter



Hi and welcome to Fal class. We’d like to welcome all the new children to the school and look forward to getting to you know you all. We hope you all enjoyed the summer holidays and are looking forward to returning to school.

Please find below our Topic plan for this term, including the areas of Maths and English, that will be covered.

Medium Term Plan

Monday 7th September – Letter


Reading badges.

The reading badges that your children are now wearing are earned through the reading they do at home. We check their reading planners every morning and look for your comment or signature to tell us that they have read.

Every time they read at home they earn a tick on our class chart. After 10 ticks they receive a white badge, 30 ticks equals a yellow badge, 50 ticks is an orange badge and so on.

It is so important that children read at home. It doesn’t have to be their school reading book, it could be a book, newspaper, magazine or online reading scheme like reading eggs.

Merry Christmas.

A big thank you for all your support this term. The children have settled into school well and have made so many friends.

The Christmas play was spectacular. I have to admit, I had a tear in my eye. I was so proud of all of them. They have worked so hard to learn all of the songs and the actions. They were all so brave to stand on the stage and speak and sing in front of everyone. A huge thank you to you for the fantastic costumes and for coming and supporting us.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas