Fal Class (2016/17)

Art Week.

We’ve had such fun this morning painting, drawing, creating rainbows and stained glass windows. We have been using bright colours to create our our pictures.

We have also been recreating paintings by Jason Lilley using swirls of bright colours. Even Mr Middlemore got in on the act.


Lobster Hatchery.

We had a fantatsic visit from the Lobster Hatchery today. We learnt about the different parts of a lobster and the different types of claws. We also learnt about how they shed their skeleton to grow a new one.

We also got to see lobster eggs and how they change into baby lobsters and saw some in the test tubes.

We learnt so much and even got to act out being a lobster.


Active  Grammar.

The children had a great time learning about ly ending adverbs. They had different challenges to complete in our outdoor area with different adverbs telling them how to do it.



The children did a fantatsic job retelling our Pirate story and then used the musical instruments to make music to go with our story. It sounded brilliant.


Truro Museum

We were fortunate enough to be offered a last minute workshop at Truro Museum on Thursday and we were so glad we accepted. What a fantatsic afternoon!

We learnt all about the seaside including what people use to wear and take to the beach.

We also learnt about souvenirs and how to make our own out of clay. We also went on a journey to the past looking at artifacts people used to wear or use on a holiday to the seaside. Finally we were treated to a Punch and Judy show, which the children absolutely loved.





Water Fun Day.

We had a fantastic time introducing our new topic ‘Do you have a drop to spare?’ to the children on Friday. We had such fun, finding out, what we can do with water.

We tried to melt things in the ice, splash in the paddling pool, make potions, make our own boats and build our own drainage system to carry the water down from the top to the bottom without spilling any.

We all got extremely wet, but had a brilliant time and luckily the sun was shining.

Summer Term.

Welcome back to the summer term. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and made the most of the sunshine.

We have a fun packed term ahead of us, with lots of exciting activities and experiences planned for the children.

Our topic this term is all about water and we will be looking at how we use water and where it come from.

Please find attached the medium term plan and letter I sent home to show you what we will be learning.

curriculum letter water

Medium term plan


Jobs fair.

On Thursday we held a jobs fair for children to come and find out about the different jobs we have been learning about this term. We made leaflets and spoke to the children about what it takes to be a builder or a police officer.


Truro Cathedral

We had a fantatsic visit to Truro Cathedral learning about St Piran and the importance of the Cathedral in Cornwall.




Visit from the PCSO

We were really lucky to find out what it would be like to be a police officer. We got to try on the uniform and had our finger prints taken. We also found out what they do to help people every day.

Visit from the paramedics.

We were really lucky to have a visit from a paramedic today. We learnt all about being a paramedic and what they have to do. We also got to have a look inside the ambulance and find out what equipment they use to help save lives.



Down on the farm.

We had a fabulous time at Woodland Valley Farm. We learnt what it would be like to be a farmer for the day. We met the cows, pigs and horses and learnt about how to plant crops. The day was a little muddy but we all had our wellies on.



Who would you like to be?

We had a fantatsic day on Monday. Children looked amazing in their outfits. We had a variety of aspirations and ambitions, which included  farmers, ballet dancer, jockey, police force and a game programmer.

We had an amazing day testing out different jobs and looking at what we need to do those jobs. We also looked at different equipment and how it works.




  Retail workers


The children loved learning about different professions and has enthused them into learning about more over the coming term.


Spring Term.

Happy New Year and welcome back to the spring term. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are ready and raring to go.

Our topic this term is all about jobs. We will be working with Kier and finding out about what it’s like to be a builder, carpenter, electrician etc… We will also be learning about jobs in Cornwall and the emergency services.

I am looking forward to lots of exciting workshops and visits.

Please find a copy of the letter I have sent home and the medium term plan to show you what will be happening.

curriculum letter jobs

Medium term plan


Library Visit

As part of our topic we went down to the library to retell our story to the general public. We also took down our information texts that we wrote and presented them to the library as a book.



As part of our topic about toys, we have been learning about materials. We have been thinking about making a coat for teddy in this cold, wet weather and which material would be best.

The children decided that we needed to test the material to see if it was waterproof so we went out into the playground to see who stayed dry the longest.


The children discovered that the tissue paper didn’t last very long in the rain.


The metal and the wood kept us drier but wouldn’t be very comfortable to wear.


The cardboard lasted a little longer but started to let the water through slowly.


Our winner was the plastic. The children stayed dry and it could be coated onto fabric so our clothes would be comfy.


Old Toys

We had a super time last Friday, exploring and playing with toys that children years ago would play with. We discovered many were made of wood or metal whereas today they are made of plastic.

The children really enjoyed playing with them and finding out about new games to play with toys they already have, like the marbles.

Pick up sticks



Chinese Checkers


Welcome to another exciting year at Tregolls. Welcome to all the children in Fal class. We have made a fantatsic start to the term.

Please find our medium term plan and class letter below.




We look forward to our launch day a Teddy Bears picnic on Wednesday 14th September. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice for us.


Teddy Bears Picnic.

Just wanted to share some photos of the the children enjoying their teddy bears picnic as part of our launch day.

teddy-bears-picnic-1            teddy