Cober Class (2016/17)


Composing using our laptops.

This half term we have been experimenting with creating our own music using the program Isle of Tune (try it at home on  The children have been able to change pitch, create repetition by using loops, and add their own percussive effects.

Using mini learning mentors…

Kyla and Seth teach 5* group how to do the short method of division with great success,

and Mr Watts leads a lesson on using grid references with OS maps.



Talk the text.

From the teacher reading the text – this time of Harry Potter (notice the hanging candles and broomsticks), to the class learning it and telling it with great expression. (video to follow!)


Photos of learning our explanation text about Why dragons became extinct…

Welcome back to the Summer Term

We can’t believe it’s already the summer term but are looking forward to even more exciting learning in the weeks ahead.  Please see below for details of the summer curriculum and key information.

The Cober Team

May I take this opportunity to remind you of the Y4 team for this academic year: Myself, Ms. Scott, Mrs Barnett our TA working Weds-Friday, and Mrs Lynes TA Mon-Tues. We are also very pleased to welcome Mr Watts who will be teaching too.

Project and Science

Our new project will be about the fascinating world of animals – a suggestion which came from many of the children back in July but was saved for the summer as a better time to get out and about. Cober also asked for links to Harry Potter and lessons like ‘potions’ so we are combining it all.

We are going to kick off our project by attempting to create our own Gryffindor Common Room in the classroom and will have a special launch day this Friday where – if they wish – children can dress up as anything to do with Harry Potter, ‘normal children’, wizards, strange beasts etc.  Lessons will be varied of course!

This time our topic is science and geography based.  Classification of animals and looking at habitats and considering endangered animals (obviously dragons) will be a large focus, as will studying the continent of Europe – where our dragons will be living. We will also study human digestion, teeth and foodchains- I wonder what dragons eat?!

With the 50 year anniversary of the Torrey Canyon, history will include research on this environmental disaster. IT will include creating a sound track, perhaps to a Harry Potter inspired clip.

Literacy and Numeracy

Following our Harry Potter theme, we will be starting off literacy with a fantasy tale based on Harry Potter.  This will be a talk the text unit, so expect to hear your children reciting it. Other genres covered will be explanations, persuasive texts and poetry forms.

Numeracy will continue to focus on improving the speed and recall of number facts (7,8,9,12x tables), the mastery of problems involving the four operations, perimeter and area, reading co-ordinates and problem solving for our Friday Discovery maths lessons.

MFL – French, RE and Music

In French, Cober Class will be taught by Miss Martinez, getting up to scratch on lots of every day French vocabulary.

In RE, we will be focusing on the New Testament written in Cornish.  We will also look at special events for Christians such as baptism and weddings and Christian values.

In music, we will continue to have whole class guitar lessons with the option for small group lessons @ £3.50 for those who wish to progress more quickly.

PE days and kit

Our sports coach, Patrick, will be teaching rounders, tennis and athletics with our main PE day on Wednesday. Please ensure that the children have all of their kit clearly labelled in a PE bag each week.

Please read our curriculum information below:




Cober Class authentic outcome

We have had a fascinating time working on the National Bloodhound Rocket Car challenge.  All the children worked in groups to create their own cars to very stringent dimensions.  It tested the adults too as we tried to help by drawing the minimum dimensions on the foam blocks.


Then came the day of reckoning.  We asked Barry Williams, a Land Speed record enthusiast, to come in and share some of his collection of very valuable Land Speed models and explain some of the technicalities of the race to us. As a mechanic and engineer, he gave us some valuable tips and even restored one of our cars after someone (who will be nameless – but not a child) accidentally pulled a bit off!


We were only booked in to race  5 cars so there were some anxious moments as the cars were scrutinised by Barry to see if they would meet the requirements for the race and some disappointments to be had and lessons to be learnt for next time…

and then to the race… on a very wet Monday last week..

All in all we raced 7 cars – as the nice army men let us squeeze two extras in!  The fastest car made it to 28.8mph but unfortunately we haven’t made it into the final but great effort Cober Class – next year we will be more prepared and experienced (and we’ll get Barry in to help earlier!) .


Science week was a blast, please see the Science page to find out about what we’ve been doing.

It was great to see so many parents in on the Open Afternoon and enjoying their science too.  Thank you for all your lovely comments.


Aliens and astronauts on Wednesday:


Cober Class were brilliant dressing up for World Book Day.  We had great costumes for Fantastic Mr Fox, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many more.  Spot them all below:





Anyone fancy a cream tea?  Cober have been learning how to entertain with Veronica by making a cream tea – the Cornish way of course (cream on top!)


It’s been a busy term since Christmas! Natural Disasters has been an inspiring project and after a visit from a Volcanologist from Exeter University, Macy has decided that that is what she is going to be when she grows up!  It did sound amazing as she had been to Japan, New Zealand, Mexico….  

In class our project has definitely contributed to some very exciting witing.  Please read Caspar’s wonderful story.

Caspars disaster story 3

Maths continues to provide many opportunities for real life discussion.  In the photos below, Cober are helping me to do an order for Science resources – within a strict budget.  Their outcomes were that we need to have more money to buy all the exciting things in the catalogue – a lot of life lessons learnt there!!


Although Cober have worked on money problems before they are only just learning about decimals as an area of place value and initially struggled to get to grips with it.  Look at these photos to see how mastery helps the children to link areas together with diagrams, pictures, tables etc.  Our children are very resourceful and using their 4Bs – brain, board, buddy, boss – we all got there in the end.


Launch Day

Project launch for Cober and Truro class saw children role play a real disaster situation- choosing their roles as doctors, scientists, relief workers, nurses and reporters on the scene as well as victims of a natural disaster- with wounds and injuries to match! Pupils had a taste of what it might be like to be caught up in a real situation like this and how they might respond and/or help people. This was to launch our projects of “Is our planet alive?” and “Speed, good or bad?” in years 3 and 4 respectively.

In the afternoon pupils took part in science experiments making volcanoes and watching them erupt (using baking soda, vinegar and food colouring!) as well as making tornadoes in a bottle! They also created “volcanic” inspired pictures- painting and using oil pastels to create some wonderful pieces of art.


Don’t forget it’s our launch day on Friday this week and children can come dressed ready for a ‘natural disaster’ day – outfits which look like they’ve escaped from a tornado or earthquake would be excellent, plus emergency services, scientists…

A very warm welcome back and a Happy New Year! We hope you have all had a lovely holiday and are rested, ready to go for the new term.

This term our new project will be about the very topical theme of Speed, with the Bloodhound land speed car shortly to be trialing at Newquay Aerohub. When I told the class this they were full of enthusiasm for building their next project about speed and all the ideas came from them especially finding out about the speed of hurricanes and tornadoes, and looking at world records for sprinting – that was before we even talked about jet planes and sonic booms! It ties in nicely with our science units of Sound and Electricity, and our Science Week theme of Space (13 March+)

Following the theme of our new project, we will be starting off literacy with a story based on a disaster scenario. This will be a talk the text unit, so expect to hear your children reciting it. Other genres covered will be sci fi stories, letters and reports.

Numeracy will be focused on improving the speed and recall of number facts, the mastery of problems involving the four operations, fractions, decimals, shape and problem solving for our Friday Discovery maths lessons.

In French, Cober Class will be taught by Miss Martinez, getting up to scratch on lots of every day French vocabulary.  In RE, we will be focusing on the religion of Sikhism and its key beliefs and traditions.

We will continue to have guitar lessons with the aim to put on a concert for parents by the end of the year. We will also complete some listening and composing linked to our project.

And finally, our sports coach, Patrick, will be teaching tag rugby this term with our main PE day on Wednesday.


On our Open Afternoon, our parents were more than happy to join in mummifying tomatoes.  It was incredibly messy but we loved every minute of it!  We’ll be looking at how the Egyptians did it next when we visit the Royal Cornwall Museum next month.

p1060032   p1060033

p1060035   p1060037  p1060038

Being in Ms Scott’s class means we have to do lots of amazing science.  Here are some pictures of us being solids, liquids and gases:

p1050970                          p1050975

p1050973                    Can you guess which one is which?

This month Cober class have had the pleasure of starting their new guitar lessons.  First of all Steve Harris from Cornwall Music Service Trust came in to introduce himself and gave us an amazing demonstration of all the different types of guitar music he can play.


Then the fun began!  Everyone had a guitar and after 28 guitars were tuned by myself and Steve the children began by learning a bass riff – maybe one of the parents could remind me which song it was from!  We hope to put on at least one concert before the end of the school year.  Watch this space!

p1050999                               p1060002  p1060004       p1060003

And then…. Steve introduced us to his singing partner Jenna who sang some Taylor Swift songs with Autumn-Lily. She’s actually sung at Boardmasters so we were very impressed!


Welcome back to another new year at Tregolls and to wonderful Cober Class! Below you will find details of the curriculum we will be following this year and a copy of our class letter.  Please note this is an updated letter as we now have PE on Tuesday and will be having swimming for the term on Wednesday mornings (letter to follow). 


We have already had a fantastic start to the term with our Launch Day for Ancient Egypt on Friday.  Thank you so much for encouraging the children to dress up they looked so authentic as pharaohs and archaeologists – surprisingly no mummies!! Our first activity was to go back in time in our time machine and work out how long ago the Ancient Egyptians lived.  Ask the children – we were surprised.  After this they were set the challenge of making a pyramid only using cubes….a number of them used their initiative and bent the rules a little, look at the photos below.

img_1652                          img_1656                                            img_1648  img_1647    img_1643

img_1665   img_1671   img_1669

Sayf was allowed to bring in some beautiful Egyptian wall hangings from home.  Do come in and see them.

img_1677      img_1683      img_1684

Interesting start by Sayf and Tia, Reis thinks it’s easy although his base is an oblong…. and Josh and Zeke have given up on the cube idea.  “Oh was it supposed to be cubes!” said Matthew and Seth.  Meanwhile, Charlie and Rupert seem to be building Hadrian’s Wall.

img_1689      img_1685     img_1687 Charlie shows resilience!

And finally, the girls make it in a rather unique way…

img_1690         img_1691