Cober Class

Cober Class Trip to The Baptist Church

We had a wonderful trip to see Lynda and her team at Truro Baptist Church on Thursday last week. The children loved the workshop that Lynda put on for us…the children were so lucky to be the first ever group of children to enter their baptism area. We have a great relationship with Lynda and I would like to thank her personally for all of the opportunities she provides for our children…thanks Lynda – see you at Christmas…Mr W.


Cober Launch Day with Radnor the Viking.

The photos speak for themselves, it was a fantastic experience for our children and their costumes were brilliant, thank you so much for supporting them.

As always Adrian Chapman, provided a day full of learning and excitement.   I’m sure the children enjoyed the battles the most, especially when they were attacked by Radnor and Mr Watkins!  Enjoy.


Cober (year 4) Class trip to the Maritime Museum

We had a great time at the Falmouth Maritime Museum on Tuesday. The first thing we did was to look at all the artefacts from Viking times. We talked about where the Vikings sailed to and Seth told us that they did actually stop in Cornwall for provisions. We also learnt that they came from Scandinavia and didn’t just go to Britain, but went to many places around Europe for trade. They even went as far as the Middle East which none of us knew.

We then traded jewellery – there was amber and necklaces, animal skin and precious metals. There were also tools for trading – an axe and warm clothing made of wolf skin. We also made some special Viking coins which had special patterns on them – they were used for trading and we can trade with them too. I also remember that the Vikings never actually had horns on their helmets – this was made up for some opera that the English invented. They weren’t all savage raiders either – many were fisherman and farmers who had a peaceful life.

Their boats were called long boats too and we practised sailing our own boats on their lake – this was great fun. We learned about the different parts of the boat – the keel (which kept the boat stable), the figurehead (which scares the monsters away and strikes fear into their enemies), the mast (which holds the sail)…also we now know that they used wind power as their main way of travelling, however, they also used oars (muscle power) when there was no wind.

The coach was travel was great too and we arrived safely and in comfort – thank you to Cornwall Heritage Trust for their support with this.




Thursday 5th September 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

Cober Class Autumn Term Welcome Letter

A very warm welcome back to school. We hope you have all had a fabulous break and are raring to go for the new term. Please see below for details of the autumn curriculum and key information.

The Cober Team
May I take this opportunity to welcome our new team for this academic year: myself Ms Scott and Mr Watkins will be leading the teaching in the class, with Mr Watkins teaching on Thursday and Friday, whilst I lead the start of the week. We are ably assisted by our talented TA – Mrs Barnett who brings a wealth of experience to the team. We are all looking forward to working together and working with you.

Project and Science
Our new project will be based on The Vikings, with our open-ended authentic question: Could you have survived life as a Viking? This fascinating historical topic was greeted warmly by the children and we can’t wait to learn about them.

We are going to kick off our project next Wednesday 11th with a special Viking visitor to take us back to when they lived…the children are more than welcome to come dressed up as anything Viking-like. This of course is optional; normal school uniform otherwise.

In science, we will be focusing on states of matter and how physical changes occur, such as the water cycle. This may involve some messy homelearning – please forgive me!

Literacy and Numeracy
Following our Viking theme, we will be learning about Beowulf and how he defeated the monster Grendel. Prior to this we will start with some poetry – learning about rhyme and rhythm, then eventually moving on to non-fiction, where the children will be potentially writing a non-chronological report about the Vikings or a modern day Viking Newspaper report about an invasion.

Numeracy will be focused on improving the speed and recall of number facts and x tables, the mastery of maths involving place value, and the four operations using our new scheme Maths No Problem.

MFL – French, RE and Music
In French, Cober Class will be learning about colours, body parts and adjectives amongst other things. Mr. Watkins will teach RE, where he will be focusing on Christianity in the autumn term, particularly a focus on Jesus and his teachings. In music, we are looking forward to learning how to play Japanese Taiko drums. There will be a concert at the end of term where you can have a go too, if you wish!

PE days and kit
During the Autumn term Cober class will be having PE on Friday afternoons. Mr. Watkins expects the children to have their correct PE kit which is clearly labelled or with a name written on every item, including pumps or trainers. We will start with invasion games and it will be outside depending on weather.

Homelearning Requirements
As per the Home Learning Policy, children in year 4 should be spending 45 minutes on their literacy and numeracy pieces each week. Where possible, these two pieces of home learning will reinforce skills being taught that week in class. The children will be set home learning which challenges them and tests their resilience. Please support your child by offering tips and advice for each piece.

The children will also be required to learn all of their multiplication facts up to the 12x table. They will be tested weekly on them and so, please support them by writing up tricky facts around the house for them to view regularly. There will also be a national test for Y4 on their tables in the summer term.

In addition to the weekly literacy and numeracy piece, the children should be reading for 15 minutes every day. Please question your child on what they have read and then sign their homeschool reading records. This is SO important and will we can’t wait to celebrate the great daily readers in the class. Thanks for keeping their diaries signed and up to date.

Homelearning will be sent out on Thursdays and expected in on Mondays. Spelling will be sent out on Fridays and tested the following Friday.

Open door policy
As you will be aware by now we operate an open door policy at Tregolls, and therefore myself, Mr. Watkins or Mrs. Barnett should be on hand before or after school to discuss any issues you may have. Building up good communication links is going to be crucial for your child’s year to be a success.

Our ultimate aim in Cober Class is for your child to enjoy coming to school and for them to achieve more than their potential!

Many thanks

The Year 4 Team.

Autumn term letter 2019