Mylor Class (2017/18)

Spring term

Welcome back to the Spring term. We hope you had a fantatsic Christmas and are ready to continue our journey of learning in Year 1.

Would you sail the Seven Seas?

This is our question to get the children excited about learning about Pirates. We will launching our project on Monday 8th January, so don’t forget your pirate costumes.

We have exciting trips planned as well as lots visitors coming into the school to enhance the children’s learning and really engage them in their project.

Please see the attachments below for details of what we have planned throughout the term and the letter sent home with key information about this term.

As always if you have any questions, concerns or queries please don’t hesitate to speak to one of us.







Medium Term Plan

curriculum letter pirates




What a great day at the Eden Project. 

Our first big trip as year 1’s was a fantastic adventure. We all boarded the coach and our fantastic learning was loaded on to the coach mounted on our new ‘mobile’ display boards. A big thank you to Mr Long for working so hard to make the boards of us to display what we have learned. The coach trip was a great chance to start learning the Christmas play. When we arrived we were met by Robin from the Education team, he showed us what the Eden project does and where our food, clothes and even materials for buildings comes from. After that we set up our display in the main restaurant and while we ate lunch we started sharing what we have learned with members of the public. People started scanning the QR codes that linked to our videos that we made about the solar system. Lots of younger children were very interested in what we do in year 1 of big school!

We took it in turns to man the displays and talk to members of the public while other groups took tours of the amazing biomes. There were pineapples, real life birds and waterfalls in the tropical biome. Sculptures, herbs and flowers blooming in the mediterranean biome. So many great questions! some of which Mr Thomas and Mrs Grace could answer but lots more to think about.
Phew what a day. We all made our way back up in the lift (Mylor class all fitted at the same time). We got back to school tired but full of stories to take home. Well done every body a super successful trip. I wonder where we will go on our next adventure?



Launch Day

Space 2017

WOW WEE. What a day!! An alien space craft crash landed in the school grounds!! PCSO Deborah and PC Andy rushed to school and helped us investigate the strange events that fell upon us. Cracking codes and deciphering messages lead us to an erie meeting in the hall. An Alien tea party and interplanetary rock, papers, scissors tournament (strictly in the interest of planetary relations of course). Many questions have been left unanswered and a mystery story map that the aliens secured in a padlocked chest to learn. We certainly have an amazing journey on the way to discovering the truth behind the unexpected visit.

Medium Term Plan autumn-letter

Autumn Term 1 – 2017

Welcome to Mylor Class – Year 1

We hope you enjoyed your summer holidays and are ready to start the exciting journey into Year 1. Weather you are joining us for the first time or moving up from reception we are looking forward to getting to know you and are very excited about what we have in store this year. Miss Fields and I have formed a new class in year 1 and we are proud to have joined the team. Please ask if you have any questions about your child in Mylor Class.

We have an amazing new building and we hope the children enjoying being in it as much as we do. We have lots to look forward to this coming term as we begin our new project:

Is there anybody out there?

We will be looking at Space including the planets, stars, astronauts, rockets, space stations and black holes. We have an exciting trip lined up but will reveal more details next week. Please can we kindly ask for donations of junk modelling that the children can use to make space objects. If you have any space resources that you would be happy for the children to use, then any resources will be gratefully received.


We will be having PE lessons on Wednesday, so please can you make sure your child’s PE kit in school for these days. The kit should include a T-shirt, shorts and trainers/plimsolls all with their name in them.

Reading books:

It is essential that your child brings their reading record and book into school each day. Every child should be reading for 10 minutes each day. Please make sure that you sign their reading record to show that you have heard them read for 10 minutes as this will earn them a tick on our reading chart. This does not have to be their reading book from school; it can be a newspaper, magazine, comic etc….We are now encouraging your child to choose their own reading book.


Your child will be coming home with a list of spellings to learn at home ready to be tested every Friday. Like the spellings in Reception, please have fun learning the words and make sure your child can write them as well as read them. They will have a special red spelling book, but please make sure you don’t write in it as this is only for school use.


Homelearning will be sent home every Thursday and is to be handed back in again on Monday. The home learning will be linked to class learning and is on top of the expected daily reading.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact either of us at school should you have any queries or concerns you wish to discuss.


Yours Sincerely

Mr D Thomas