Camel Class (2017-18)

Primary Engineer – Cornwall Celebration Event at RNAS Culdrose

We were delighted to be able to take 4 teams to the above event, to showcase their amazing cars shown below alongside a number of other schools.  The children in Helford, Camel and Cober, class along with their teaching staff, Sam (an engineer from Culdrose) and Barry (an engineer from BT) worked so hard on their projects with great resilience and determination.

The children in Y2 , made push along cars which had to be launched down a ramp with the distance measured. They were also linked to a theme and ours were all about catching rabbits! They looked excellent, complete with nets and camouflage, and flame thrusters!  They were interviewed by the judges (officers at Culdrose) who asked some quite in depth questions.  Well done Camel team who could talk about thrust and had some idea of aerodynamics but not quite the word! They do now.  They were delighted when they won runner up for best themed car (Helford), and overall best communicators (Camel).  Well done!

Scarecrow day!

We had a fantastic launch day on the first day back to school.  We all dressed up as scarecrows and gardeners and spent the day doing lots of creative scarecrow activities.

We made huge scarecrows in teams which we will be positioning around the school so keep an eye out for them.


We each made our own wooden spoon scarecrow.

We drew pastel pictures of scarecrows guarding their crops.

We learnt the song ‘Dingle Dangle scarecrow and in groups used musical instruments to create exciting performances.  Watch the children’s news and you might just see a sneak peek of one performance!


Summer Term Project – How Would Your Garden Grow?

This summer we are looking forward to learning all about how plants and humans grow.  We will be having our very own raised beds in the school grounds which we will be planting and filling with all sorts of fruit, vegetables and flowers…watch this space! We have also got an exciting trip to The Lost Gardens of Heligan booked in too!

Here are our plans for the term and our curriculum letter.  These have been sent home but please have a read so you know what we are learning and when!

Summer term boxes

Summer Camel Launch Day letter

Project Outcome

To finish our project learning about inventors and inventions we invited Sam the engineer back to school to work with us again and assist us in adding wheels and axles to our amazing ‘were-rabbit’ catching vehicles.  Sam judged our vehicles and predicted which one he thought would travel the straightest, fastest and furthest.  Here we are testing our vehicles and working with Sam to build them…

Some of our Spring Term learning…

Some special visitors


Egg drop TASC afternoon and Easter bonnets




Hinduism Workshop and Open Afternoon

On Friday 23rd February it was open afternoon at Tregolls and the children from Camel Class had a visit from Daya.  Daya came to give us a workshop all about Hinduism and worship as we have been learning all about Hindu worship in our RE lessons.  We got dressed in traditional Hindu clothing, we tried Bangra dancing and we learnt how to meditate.  Daya talked to us about Hindu temples called Mandir and about the ways in which Hindu people worship.


Camel and Helford Class had an amazing ‘Inventors’ launch day! A huge thank you to all our parents for the fantastic ‘Mad Inventors’ outfits- what an amazing effort!
Also, a massive thank you to Sam from the Royal Navy who came in to help launch our project. We loved working with him and we are looking forward to working with him throughout our project.

Sadly, a creature (we suspect a Were-Rabbit!) has been digging up the plants and vegetables in the EYFS area. After studying Wallace and Gromit’s cracking contraptions, Sam gave us our task: to invent a machine that would ‘catch that rabbit!’ We would be entering the ‘South West leaders Primary Engineer Competition’ so our machines have to have special design specifications, including having four wheels, in order to go the furthest and the straightest.

During the morning, we carried out science investigations that would help us to design our machines. We investigated friction to find out which materials would be best to use for our wheels that would make our machines go the furthest. We investigated weight distribution so that we could equally balance our machines in order for them to travel in a straight line. We also investigated air resistance to find out what would be the best shape for our machines to make them go the furthest.
During the afternoon we used the findings from our investigations to design our machines in order to be able to ‘catch that rabbit!’

Spring Term Project

What Invention Could You Not Live Without?

For our new project we will be learning all about inventors and inventions.

To launch our topic, we will be having a Mad Inventors Launch Day on Tuesday 9th January! Throughout the day, we will be working together (using our 6Rs!) to complete fabulous forces science challenges in order to help us design and invent our vehicles to enter in ‘The South West Primary Engineer Competition.’

Please could your child dress up as a Mad Inventor for the day. Please do not go to any expense! We will be wearing oversized shirts, sunglasses/ googles with crazy hair!

project map 2017-8 T2


Spring Camel Launch Day letter


Year 2 spring-term-overview-2017-8

Amazing Authors

We had  a very busy autumn term in Camel Class and we have enjoyed mastering  addition, subtraction and place  value in maths.  In our project we learnt all about fossils and dinosaurs  and have  completed some amazing writing an art based on this topic.  Our brilliant story writing  has been  combined with some of the great learning from Helford class and we  are now waiting for the proof of our  very on published book  to arrive.  We can’t wait to share it with you so look out for an  invitation to our next class assembly.  Until it arrives, here is a sneak peak of some of our stories!

jacob story

miya story



Lyme Regis!

It seems like a long while ago now but here are a few pictures from our amazing trip to Lyme Regis.

Here we are just after arriving.  In the back ground you can see Charmouth beach which is a great spot for finding fossils.  We made our way down the cliff steps to Lyme Regis where we paused for some lunch in front of the lovely, colourful beach huts.

When we were all refueled we made our way to Monmouth beach and began hunting for fossils.  Here are some of our finds and us searching.





Thank you to all the parents and carers who made it to our class assembly yesterday.  We enjoyed sharing our learning with you and welcoming you into our classroom.  It was brilliant to have a real audience to tell our story ‘The Fossil Girl’ to.

Here are some examples of our fantastic dinosaur and fossil learning so far this term.

We have painted pictures of dinosaurs…

We have excavated fossils…


and now we are looking forward to finding some real fossils at Lyme Regis!



Welcome to Year 2 and to Camel Class

During our transition sessions last term the children decided that they  would like to learn about dinosaurs and fossils.  We have got lots of fantastic learning opportunities planned for the term and can’t wait to get stuck in!  Please look at our plans for more details of what we will be learning about.

MTP boxes autumn

Autumn term letter 2017

We will launch our project properly with A BIG DAY OUT on Friday 22nd September when we will travel to Lyme Regis to find out more about Mary Anning and go for a guided fossil walk along the beach.  We are so excited about this amazing experience!

Keep checking back on the website for pictures and information about our brilliant learning.