Helford have their chocolate designs judged by a chocolatier

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For their authentic outcome, Helford travelled to Kernow Chocolate and showed their final chocolate designs to be judged by Alex, the owner. We learned about how they “remake” chocolate at the factory and that most of their supplies of cocoa come from Africa. See our pictures below. Our pupils did themselves proud and showed what they knew about chocolate growing, …

Helford become Chocologists

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Helford Class become Chocologists! On Thursday Helford went to the Eden Project to take part in a chocolate workshop. We met Clare who was an expert when it comes to chocolate! Pupils discovered who first took chocolate back to Europe (Cortez). And about the ancient Mayans and Aztecs who first grew cacao trees in the rain forests. We went on …

Helford receive a special message from a chief scientist

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Helford class sent their newspaper reports to Dr Hans Von Bergin- chief scientist at the Otzal Institute in Italy as their authentic outcome-These will be displayed in the Tyrol Museum alongside the Otzi Mummy exhibition! The children were so excited to recieve a special message from Dr Hans…   #helfordclass #authenticoutcome #OtzitheIceman a special message for the pupils Posted by …

Helford Class investigate forces at Penair

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Helford Class investigate forces at Penair To kick off their learning about forces and magnets, Helford class visited Penair school and took part in an investigation about forces. Mr Brown asked lots of questions about what happens when we drop something and about how  the children thought magnets work. There were lots of different answers like: ‘magnets stick together’ ‘ …

Tregolls perform magic at Kea School

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On Thursday, Truro class visited Kea School  (9 children stayed and performed for Mrs Warner’s class)and entertained the year 3 class with magic and magnets. The pupils have been busy honing their magic skills- including card tricks, magic coins and disappearing pennies! This was our final outcome to finish our project with the essential question being: “How real is magic?” …

Upcoming Sports Events

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Week commencing Monday 19th February Small Schools High Five League starts Penair School 3-5pm Tuesday 20th February Cross Country Peninsular Finals at Pool School Friday 23rd February Year 5/6 High Five Netball Tournament 12pm – 3pm at Penair School Monday 26th February Year 3 & 4 Continuous Cricket at Redruth School 1pm – 3pm

Truro Class launch their project with a chocolately day!

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Truro Class launched their project: “How could you write like Roald Dahl?” The class dressed up as their favourite Roald Dahl characters- we had lots of Willy Wonkas, Matildas, Charlie Bucket, The Enormous Crocodile, Fantastic Mister Fox and many more! We started the day with a fact finding mission- pulling golden tickets out of Willy Wonka’s hat to find out …

Year 3/4 Quad Kids at Carn Brea.

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Eight children from Tregolls school-An Academy attended the Quad Kids 2017 athletic event for Years 3/4 at Carn Brea sports track on Wednesday 24th May. The children – Victoria, Sree, Lexi-Leigh, Macy, Caspar and Stan from Year 4 as well as Callum and Billy from Year 3 – participated in 4 events: 400m race; standing Long Jump; 50m sprint and …

Billy and Finley’s football success

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Billy and Finley, brothers from Year 3/4 competed in a football tournament last weekend. Billy told us that both him and his brother scored goals when they played in Newquay. The results were: won 2, lost 3 and drew 1- not a bad result..check out Billy’s shiny medal.