Tregolls Active Travel Challenge

Lisa Butterly Sports News

We are excited to announce that Tregolls School is launching a new weekly travel to school scheme. This inter-class challenge involves pupils getting to school by active and sustainable means. Any journey made to school by either foot, scooter, bike or park& stride (driving some of the way, parking well away from school and walking the remainder of the journey) will count towards the class total.

The challenge will run every Thursday starting this week on February 28th.

Student Parliament members, who make up our Active Travel Crew will collect the class totals each Thursday and the results will be announced in assembly on Friday.

The class with the most active journeys to school each week will be awarded with Charlie, the active travel bear, to keep for the following week.

There will also be a half- termly reward of extra playtime for the class which has had Charlie the most number of times.

There will be a wall chart for the challenge outside the doors of the new hall where pupils can see their class’s progress.

We are asking parents/carers to support the school with this. We hope that you will help the school get more children active on the journey to school. It’s fun, healthy and the roads around school will be calmer with fewer people driving.

At Tregolls we encourage active travel to school whenever possible-not just on Thursdays!

Any queries about this-please contact Mrs Butterly

Many thanks for your support with this.