Join us to Cycle and Scoot to School on Monday and get a free bike or scooter check!

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Cycle/Scoot to Tregolls

Monday 11th February      

With FREE Dr Bike/scooter safety checks                                                                                                      

As part of the ongoing promotion of Active Travel to Tregolls Sustrans, in partnership with Cornwall Council, are running a cycle/scoot to school day on Monday 11th February.

Sustrans is the country’s leading sustainable transport charity, and helps more pupils to be able to walk, cycle and scoot to and from school.

We think active travel is important for children as it is good for their health, good for the environment, and it helps to develop independence and resilience. We focus on making cycling, walking and scooting as safe as possible, and by reducing the number of cars around the school, we can help to make the neighbourhood a quieter, safer and less congested place.

On the day Sustrans will be doing free Dr Bike safety checks on bikes and scooters that have been brought in.  A typical check will involve checking/adjusting brakes, handlebars, saddle and pedals, tightening/replacing cables, inflating tyres, tightening nuts and bolts and oiling components.

This is not a substitute for a full service. In order to safety check as many bikes/scooters as possible we will not be able to repair bikes requiring large amounts of work. Each bike/scooter will get a report stating what has been checked and whether further work is required.

Please can all pupils ensure they have permission from an adult before cycling/scooting to school.

If your child wants to cycle to school remember that it is your responsibility to:

  • Check their helmet fits them correctly.
  • Check their bike is working properly(tyres pumped up & working brakes are especially important)
  • Make sure they know how to cycle/scoot to school safely, maybe accompany them a few times.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday!