Helford Class investigate forces at Penair

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Helford Class investigate forces at Penair

To kick off their learning about forces and magnets, Helford class visited Penair school and took part in an investigation about forces. Mr Brown asked lots of questions about what happens when we drop something and about how  the children thought magnets work. There were lots of different answers like: ‘magnets stick together’ ‘ they push away’ ‘gravity is force that keeps us on the earth’.

Mr Brown helped the children to understand the forces of friction, pushes and pulls, attraction and repelling.  He explained how gravity is a force and that we are all attracted to our earth!

The children went on to investigate magnets strength by using different types of magnets and paperclips to see how many they could make in a chain- with differing results! After the investigation we discussed their findings and offered suggestions as to why they might be different.

Pupils then were asked: “Are all metals magnetic?” Which they investigated using different types of metal. We were shocked to discover that it is only a few metals that actually “stick”!  Photos to follow!