Year 3 and 4 Have a Blast at Badminton!

Lisa Butterly Sports News

Recently a group of ten very excited children from year 3 and 4 took part in a badminton festival at Richard Lander School run by the Sports Leaders. They enjoyed developing different skills linked to badminton in a series of fun and challenging activities. The leaders encouraged them to work on their timing, agility and control; recording scores at each station, finally culminating in a team score.

As the afternoon progressed so too did the children’s badminton skills. After the event the children talked to me about how they had enjoyed the experience. They felt proud to have taken part and even more so to have totalled up high scores at some of the activities whilst working as a team.  We talked about how the activities helped their badminton when they played doubles and they put this in to practice at after school club.  Throughout the festival some of the children showed real support for each other and when tasks were a bit tough they showed their resilience by sticking at it and eventually succeeding.  Thank you to Richard Lander for a great event and well done to our children who took part.