Tregolls gain The Healthy Schools Award for E-Safety

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Healthy Schools Award certificate 2017 – 2019

To qualify for this award, the school decided to focus on the area of online safety  following an assembly which flagged up gaps in pupils’ knowledge of esafety. We had a visit from our local PSCO officers, and children were unable to answer questions such as: “What do you do if you are worried about something you see online?” with great confidence. As a result the PE co-ordinator and Computing Leader conducted an esafety survey and found there were indeed gaps in children’s knowledge of how to stay safe online and thus unable to act in the appropriate way should they come across difficulties or questions when on line.

We also discovered through consultation that some children were accessing sites like facebook and that are intended for older children.

We set out to make every child in school aware and equipped to be able keep themselves safe and know how to behave online. We worked as a team- Headteacher, our Computing Lead Ms Whitehouse and PE Co-ordinator, H Hatch and our local Community Support Officer and our Safeguarding Leader. Esafety has become a priority in school.

Ms W hosted a parent workshop to support this.   The session enabled parents to raise any concerns they may have had about their pupils’ safety on line- discussions were held about how parents can become better informed about cyberbullying, inappropriate browsing, parental controls, age-appropriate APPS and grooming on line. As well as this, the benefits of online learning. This is supported by our Computing Action Plans for 2016-17 and 17-18. Our lead governor Sam Walker has supported this action plan and ensures that actions are being carried out successfully.

As a school we are making sure regular esafety lessons are delivered. There will be parent workshops held twice a year, as well as esafety days .  Two lessons per term for each year group will be delivered in esafety and this will now be part of our non-negotiables for our school.

We are confident that pupils now have a clear understanding of how to keep safe (including radicalisation) This doesn’t mean that the work we do will stop; we will continue to work closely with parents, pupils and the local community officers to sustain and develop this for the future.

Heather Hatch